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Should You Sleep on the Hammock for a Longer Time? Benefits of Hammocks

Sleeping on a hammock provides more comfort and rest than a usual bed does, as what most users would claim. In fact, the image of a hammock depicts lazy summer afternoons and long comfortable sleep on a windy day. Because of this, a lot of people have taken advantage of the comfort it gives and […]

Benefits of Hammocks
Benefits of Hammocks

Sleeping on a hammock provides more comfort and rest than a usual bed does, as what most users would claim. In fact, the image of a hammock depicts lazy summer afternoons and long comfortable sleep on a windy day. Because of this, a lot of people have taken advantage of the comfort it gives and now utilize the material in different situations like book reading and recreational activities like hiking, climbing, etc.. Others also have seen a way of replacing their bed with a comfy hammock for deep-sleeping purposes.

The Questions

But people have been asking if whether or not, sleeping in a hammock is comfortable or healthy for the body. There are many differing opinions about this, both from medicine and common men, but the answer is yes. Sleeping on a hammock even provides some benefits to your mental state and physical body. Millions of people in South and Central America are using the hammock as their bed every night. And it is not because these families cannot afford a bed, but because the hammock is both convenient and cheap.

The two probable reasons for bad hammock experience

Why do some people have a negative experience in a hammock? One prominent source mentioned that it boils down to two reasons: first, some people purchase a hammock that is not made of good quality materials and is not properly structured. The design can make it difficult for users to have a comfortable position when using the material. Second, even if they purchase good quality and well-built hammock, the problem arises when it is not properly installed or used.

What The Experts Say

Many doctors have postulated the therapeutic effect of lying on a hammock. According to Dr. Steven Park, a head surgeon and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, lying on one’s back, with the head slightly elevated between 10 to 30 percent, can give one’s brain optimal blood circulation. Aside from this, the position induces unobstructed breathing.

Amanda Miller , who have been reviewing hammocks for over 3 years now, always suggest people to set an alarm clock whenever you plan on taking a nap in a hammock to avoid lying in an unergonomic position in an extended period of time.

Hammocks have been used in the medical field. For instance, medical hammocks are used as a therapy for premature babies, and other diseases like sleep apnea, autism, acid reflux. Hammocks are even used to treat stress and to provide healthier, deeper sleep.

To elaborate on the experts’ claims mentioned above, the following advantages of the hammock are explained in details:

Sleeping on a hammock makes you fall asleep quicker than the bed does

This is based on a current study done in Biology: that you fall asleep faster when you are in a hammock and being cradled by it than lying flat on your bed. This study monitored twelve subjects who took naps in different sleeping equipment: one was a stationary bed, and the second was a swaying bed (hammock). The results suggest that the subjects fell asleep faster on a hammock than they did on the bed. This is attributable to the sleeping position that a hammock provides, where your body feels comfortable and is conditioned to sleep.

  1. Sleeping on a Hammock Induces Deeper Sleep

The hammock makes you fall asleep deeper. In contrast to a typical bed, the hammock provides a greater effect in conditioning your body for sleeping. Hammock user does not just fall asleep faster but they are also able to maintain this deep sleeping condition effectively than they do on typical beds. There are many benefits of a deep sleep including sharper memory, a more improved mood, better mental performance, and others.

  1. It Provides Relaxation

Beds are made for sleep and relaxation. However, hammock users will claim that hammocks provide more. The swaying hammock and its slow oscillation induce a more relaxed state to anyone on top of it. It is said that the oscillations alter the brain waves, which effectively makes the brain stronger. However, this claim is made by the users and not further proven by science and experts.

  1. It Cures Insomnia

It was already mentioned that sleeping on a hammock makes the user sleep faster and sleep deeper. When the user experiences this type of comfortable sleeping system on a daily basis, this might help anyone with insomnia cure a destructive sleeping pattern or disability. This claim is supported by many hammock users who also acclaimed to have experienced insomnia.

  1. It Provides More Comfort

This is the most obvious advantage that a hammock can provide. On the one hand, mattresses can make pressure points that can strain our bones, muscles, or our whole body. On the other hand, sleeping on a hammock does not create pressure points because the user is suspended in the air.

  1. It Induces More Concentration

Using a hammock is claimed to provide more concentration to anyone who reads a book. This is why a lot of people use hammock when reading something. When you read, your body makes a certain position, which your bed may not accommodate. The hammock, in comparison, can provide you a good position ideal for reading a book. In addition, the hammock does not require you many pillows to support your back and upper body.

7.Provides Better Overall Health

When the above-mentioned benefits of hammock both on your brain and body, using it on a regular basis can improve your overall health. When a person falls asleep quickly, the longer the hours he/she will have for rest. Aside from this, it also entails that he/she is feeling more comfortable in her sleeping position.

The hammock also induces deeper and longer sleep. This kind of sleep can boost your immune system, improve mood, and prevents stress – the leading cause of mental health disorder.

The Answer

Many people are asking, “is sleeping on a hammock for a long time is good?” The answer to this is yes. With the several benefits it provides, it is surely advantageous to sleep on a hammock than on a bed. It provides mental and physical benefits, which are also proven by experts and science. To experience the optimal benefit of using a hammock, a good quality hammock and a proper usage of this material are important factors. The users need to purchase hammock made with good material and build in a good structural design, and to install and use the hammock in a correct way.


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