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Ex Fisherman Slaps Bernie’s Connection with’ Illegal Acts’



Ex Fisherman Slaps Bernie's Connection with' Illegal Acts'
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According to The Herald in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a picture of the local Quinn resident was used with a “criminal activities” video of Bernie Sanders. According to The Herald it is called “5 reasons the Border Wall does not deter trafficking.”

Yeah, I can see how some people would value that title.

Today, Quinn sues Sanders and his presidential run in 2020, according to the source.

The campaign was still a complainant and it was not entirely apparent that the video, dating back to 2018, was produced prior to Sanders unveiling his 2020 presidential bid.

“The Herald states that for more than 20 years, Quinn was a professional bassfishing boat used by Evan Williams Bourbon as part of the sponsorship agreement.

Anyone think Quinn is going to win his prosecution?

In the complaint Quinn said that “[t]he representation of Quinn in the video of alleged drug trafficking has been affected.” “The case demands that there be a immediate restraining order and a definitive injunction banning the use of Quinn’s name by Sanders and the campaign. The case also seeks damages, “the Herald reported.

The complaint was filed when Sanders was the chief of pledged members in advance of the big one in South Carolina, and the date in sale definitely looks a little old.

Nonetheless, without your permission, if you’re convicted of substance trafficking by the Sanders campaign, you could even fire weapons. You never can need all of those things, don’t worry!

“The defendants did not seek consent to Quinn to use his name or likeness or threaten to acquire consent,” says Quinn’s complaint.

“The complainant takes this action to reaffirm a video creating an egregious, intent misrepresented organization in which the defendants proposed that the plaintiff was in any way linked to criminal activity and that in any way he had been associated in illegal drug trafficking.” “The plaintiff takes this action in order to vindicate an obvious and malicious false association created by a video whereby the defendants suggested that the victim was in any way associated with violence, and in particular that in any way was associated with the illegal drug trade.”

Quinn seems to have won the award as he used his identity while he “associated himself with conservative motives and candidates for the Republican Party,” The Herald wrote.

That’s not sarcasm, it’s true to say that the ship from Quinn has so to speak arrived.

The outlet told Zach Merritt, an attorney in support of Quinn, that “this disgusting video created by Mr Sanders and his campaign, which millions have seen, depicts Mr Quinn in an incredibly visible and dangerous manner— as a thief and a drug smuggler.

“Mister.-Mister. Quinn is a democrat for a lifetime who supports Mr. Sanders ‘ policies. Mr. Sanders ‘ family were saddened to pursue Mr. Sanders’s campaign and his positions by unauthorised use of his face and image. The purpose of the case was to “recognize the malicious harassment generated by defendant Quinn, a party which clearly clashes with Quinn’s political and social beliefs,” and I have concerns about whether or not this suit would go anywhere. This depiction is entirely contradictory to Mr Quinn’s position as a human being. Yet Sanders will think about this one more thing as he clings to his Oval Office–expectations that grow even more.

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