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Survivor of Elderly Coronavirus:’ Hysteria is out of balance’



Survivor of Elderly Coronavirus:' Hysteria is out of balance'

An elderly survivor of the coronavirus speaks about his past and claims that she feels that the COVID-19 pandemic “has just fallen out of the hold.”

Jerry Jorgensen from 65 years, taken ill on board a Diamond Princess cruise ship, explained in an interview with “Fox & Friends,” how mild the illness is. He admitted she felt “a little off” a few hours while she was on the cruise ship despite getting a little fever.

He will not check COVID-19 positively any longer and says the paranoia in America is shocked because the disorder itself is diagnosed.

Jorgenson wrote, “Hysteria just got out of hand.

“I don’t have the toilet paper, everything is gone. I don’t know, “she said.

Speaking on Jorgensen said that she was bombarded with kisses from relatives and strangers as she returned to the gym during her rehab.

Jorgensen said the gym management told her to stay away after she returned home to keep “senior citizens” safe. The gym management called her.

“I’m a senior man, I’m going! No, but what about me? How about me?said Jorgensen.” “If it’s time for me to go to quarantine to check that more than twice negative,” she said. “So I’m the safest one in school, maybe the safest in Utah since I have checked that over the period of quarantine.”

She was hospitalized with none of her symptoms and Jorgensen — who contracted the infection on a Diamond Princess cruise ship on Japan.

“My situation was, the night before they had pulled me out of the cruise ship, I had a little fever— very low, it didn’t even hit 100 degree,” Jorgensen said. When Jorgensen was examined and checked by the doctors on board, she never was required to take any drug on board the Princess Diamond. » “In two to three hours I was not able to do anything about it, and that was my only symptom all the time–the whole quarantin until now.

Jorgensen described her quarantine experience quite positively in a hospital. He said that those who live for protection in their homes would do “things you enjoy,” including reading and exercising.

Jorgensen said, “I was in a hospital quarantine and they didn’t have anything for me, particularly those who don’t speak English.

“I got a mat for yoga,” she said, “and staying active is so important.”

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