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Things to Remember while purchasing Solar Panels



Solar Security Camera
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The trend of using solar panels to meet the energy required of home and business motives rising each year. Solar panels reward their holder by providing feasibility to transport the surplus power pack to the utility and make money.

Solar Surveillance camera

There may be many of the reasons why solar panels, as an energy sources for your camera, it will be a good alternative option. To grow the cause that would favor the use these types of product, some particular situations that may elaborate the purchase and use of solar panels for surveillance camera like:

  • Your desire to place the camera where there is no power
  • Your present is not working and you need a safe and authentic alternative

Solar Security Camera

A solar surveillance camera is a camera that has no wire simply mean wireless camera. We found some brands of the camera are Arlo, Ring or Canary and we can use one of them.

The good thing about solar panels is that suppose if you miss charging the battery for a long time, then do not worry about it. Normally the solar panels will work 365 days without any obstacle, of course, it will work far better in sunlight.

  • Waterproof
  • Ecological
  • Installation and Removal is Easier

Once you have placed your solar panel in sunlight, especially facing south, then it will be charged automatically. The solar panels soak up the sun’s rays by using their cells. A solar cell generates direct current supply that sent through an inverter. Almost 12 volts are required to work with a solar panel.


Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Some Important points to remember

There are many factors should be clear when you are thinking of installing a solar security camera. The main thing is that you read the instructions carefully before installing it otherwise you get disappointed with the purchase.

What are characteristic?

To function flawlessly, the solar panel must receive as much light as possible. You must be taken care of that your solar’s most of the part should be in the sunlight.

You may found data and internet storage problem

Being to Place a surveillance camera absolutely anywhere, top of the roof, remote mountains with the solar panels is a very big thing. Now, think how could you access the data over there, but without data access, you will not be able to view captured data or direct access. Storage is the main factor which we have to should keep in mind while installing the surveillance camera without this you may not able to capture live access so we do not have many options to do with it but the things we can do are.

  • Make sure you have a WI-Fi network that will cover the surveillance camera.
  • The camera you are using must have a SIM slot so you can have a data subscription.

Battery Backup

Nowadays solar panels suppliers provide high-quality battery backup panels. It is very necessary if you are thinking to install the solar camera so you should know the size of the batteries before installing it which must be adequate to work in all circumstances. For this motive, it is better to buy a battery 5 times higher its normal use.

Size of Solar Panels

The normal size of the solar panel is used for the installation of the rooftop is nearby 65 inches/39 inches or 5.4 feet/3.25 feet. Some time the size may vary, it depends upon brands, if you are installing a solar panel for business purposes or a large scale then you need to install close to 6 feet long. Each solar panel individually made by PV (Photovoltaic) cells. PV cells usually come in 156mm/156mm and we can say 6IN long and 6IN wide. Mostly solar panels for rooftop installation are made up of 60 cells and for commercial installation are made up of 75 and vary up to 98 cells.

Table 1

Featured Residential Panels Commercial Panels
No. of Solar Calls 60 75
Average Length (In) 65 78
Average With (In) 39 39
Average Depth (In) 1.5-2 1.5-2
Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Voltage for Solar Panels

Voltage makes electrical charges move it is a push that causes charges to move in wire or another electric conductor, Voltage is also known as electromotive force.

The formula of the Volt is V=IR

The 12 volts rated terminal voltage required solar panels almost 10.0 volts, but the use of regulator voltage is almost reduced by 13 to 15V which is needed to charge batteries.

Voltage at Open Circuit

The size of solar panels to generate 220V is 12ft*24ft=288 sq  ft. It also depends like where do you live, what is powering, and what kind of solar panels you are using. To power your equipment and light at night you required a battery 7 days backup provides good convincement
Suppose 7*24 *1. 2117=203.57kWh which is similar to 2 Tesla motor car batteries.

Table 2

Nominal Voltage VOC-Typical VMP-Typical No. of Cells in Series
12 21 17 36
18 30 24 48
18 33 26 54
20 36 29 60
24 42 35 72

AC and DC Importance

The main difference in Alternating Current and Direct Current is the AC is bidirectional current and DC flows in one direction, as you know DC is continual with time while AC changes at each and every instant of time.

Power Factors

AC always lies between 0 and 1 and in DC it will be always 1.

Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Almost any type of solar panels can produce 220AC solar panels that don’t produce any electricity at all, a panel never covers wiring in between the PV panels.

DC is perfect as compare to AC and has fewer lines losses than AC lines, AC current travel on the skin of the conductor, but DC flows entire conductor not only a conductor, so DC has fewer losses of skin. Ac is more dangerous than DC it has more things to do with the human body.

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