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Threats to medicine cutback in China; Push America into ‘ Coronavirus Mighty Sea ‘



Threats to medicine cutback in China; Push America into ' Coronavirus Mighty Sea '
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The essay on “Be Bold: The World Owes China a Thank You,” released on March 4, based most of the Chinese Communist Party propaganda, on how the world ought to be grateful for China’s response to a pandemic, has been a major threat to Chinese government Xinhua to curb exports to its own countries and its populations in China.

The Chinese government is now eager to remove from historical pages the first months of the coronavirus epidemic. The Xinhua article shows how China leverages the United States and Europe, as the availability of vital drugs that had been outsourced to them in the heyday of globalization can be limited. reports: Chinese paper specifically warned that if Americans and Europeans were to condemn the response to the coronavirus or move too slowly to lift travel restrictions and other constraints that the Chinese government dislikes, it then cushioned the challenge in the normal slowness of the Communist Party by insisting that China is so loved by the world that it never will.

One of Xinhua’s insults was that for Wall Street Journal, on February 3rd, Walter Russell Mead opted for’ China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia,’ a book which prompted Beijing to expel journalists from the Wall Street Journal and to start complaining unceasingly that Mead’s work was insulting and racist. Mead, the column and the whole publication of the Wall Street Juror have been “infamous” according to Xinhua’s March 4 editorial. While much of the commentary centered on the “mighty sea of coronavirus,” this report is also noteworthy as an example of an early Chinese communist propagandists ‘ cross to present the coronavirus as originating in the U.S. The state. Army. The US “returning from Wuhan, China” just before the epidemic erupted, Xinhua murmured darkly on March 4, moaning about the unfair and disrespectful US imposing a travel ban on China.

Fox News on Food and Drug Administration’s announcement on Friday that at least one undisclosed medication effective for care of coronavirus patients is not available because components of the medication are not easily accessible from China. Fox News has published this story on Friday.

“It’s a scary thing,” Tucker Carlson, Fox News said on Wednesday. “What’s more, they tried to kill us, and we all stand back like,’ yeah, you know it’s a little bit less.’

In his Fox News interview on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) cautioned that “only 80% of the active ingredients of certain important medicines come from overseas,” and that 80% of them are made in China. “Rubio and former House Chairman Newt Gingrich addressed China’s control over the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. economic market, in optional words. As Peking, Americans see vital parts of global supply chains, including drugs and medical products, caught. Close to 80% of the active prescription ingredients of US products currently come from overseas.

Now, faced with a pandemic, the lack of national capability in key medical industries has put the United States and our economies in critical danger. The failure to significantly expand production of critical materials such as operating maskings, surgical gowns and stunning and medications restricts our potential in this current epidemic and any possible pandemic to minimize the worst impacts of the outbreak.

Chinese dependence on the public health and economy of America, all critical components of our national security, is unreasonable. That is why, when global supply chains are on the move, and the world economy is at the bottom, we recommend that the U.S. act to increase our production potential.

Rubio and Gingrich recommended that U.S. companies, especially from aggressive countries such as China, be supported and pushed to carry back production from overseas and enforce steps that could have seemed unacceptably dangerous or costly at the more comfortable periods, using the current turmoil in global markets.

“America needs to prioritize the restoration of our own domestic supply chain,” they wrote comparing their proposals with Beijing’s concerted tactics for pharmaceutical industry capture.

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