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Flutter 1.12 – Everything you should know about the latest one from Flutter



Flutter 1.12 what is new
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Flutter is the revolutionary cross-platform mobile app development SDK released by Google. The search giant is putting its weight behind Flutter and is releasing exciting new updates regularly for Flutter.

Flutter 1.12 is the 5th stable release of Flutter since December 2018. The developers working on Flutter have put in long hours to make this release one of the best to come out from the house of Google. They have closed more than 5000 problems that around 450+ contributors pointed out. Needless to say, every update from Google for Flutter has been looked at keenly by the flutter developers’ community. An expert Flutter App Development Company can efficiently cater apps, which would work perfectly across multiple devices, for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter 1.12 what is new

With Flutter 1.12 the developers gain access to a wide variety of functions like support for Android app bundles, Game controller and Rangeslider control feature. Let’s have a look at a few important ones among them.

A brief discussion on what’s new in Flutter 1.12

Ambient Computing

Ambient Computing is the concept of providing users and developers the freedom of using/developing apps and other software without thinking too much about the type of device that they are using. The idea is to make the digital experience so seamless, that you can easily access almost all the apps irrespective of the device you are using. This would provide the user freedom to use his/her favorite app on any device that is handy instead of wasting time and energy in remembering and finding the device on which the particular app works best.

Ambient computing is the latest buzzword in the developer community today and the main focus of this release for Flutter.

The major benefit for developers is that they won’t need to decide the type of device on which the app will be used before they start the process of development. With the Flutter framework, the developers would be able to develop applications for smartwatches, embedded devices, smart homes, smartphones, and desktops.

With the launch of Pixel 4, Google had made it clear that they were pushing their concept of Ambient computing. Flutter 1.12 is another piece in the Ambient computing jigsaw.

Dart 2.7

Flutter 1.12 will work on Dart 2.7, a programming language developed by Google. This new update improves Dart 2.5 and provides advance features to the developers by allowing them to access extension methods and other safe string handling capabilities. With the help of improved extension methods, the developers can easily add new functionalities to an existing class.

With Flutter 1.12, the developers can avoid errors when the variables have a null value. The null safety features of Flutter 1.12 will allow the developers to catch potential mistakes by marking specifically those variables that could be null. It will also allow the developers to accomplish things like a parse integer more efficiently.

Another feature worth discussing is the revised Dartpad. In this feature, the developers at Google have added the power of viewing and running the Flutter code along with editing it effortlessly. Google has even launched another special version of DartPad with null safety enabled.

Add-to-App feature

With Flutter 1.12 now the developers can add to any existing Android app or iOS using the ‘Add-to-App feature’. This feature can prove especially beneficial to the developers when they are thinking of migrating the app from Android or iOS to Flutter. The Android App developers can add Flutter to their existing Android project quickly by using the feature called ‘Flutter Module’ in Android studio.

iOS 13 Dark mode

iOS 13’s dark mode is an instant hit amongst iPhone users. The developers at Google have listened to the umpteen requests of Flutter developers to add this feature in Flutter. With Flutter 1.12, there will be complete support for dark mode in iOS 13. This feature is in addition to the support for dark mode in Android 10 already provided with Flutter.

Fluttery Web

With iOS and Android conquered, the web remains the last frontier that Flutter intends to capture. In the last year’s conference called Flutter live, Google’s developer team showed a preview of building apps for the web using Flutter. The project was named Hummingbird.

In pursuit of web glory, the Flutter team has also released the macOS alpha version that is aimed at making the lives of macOS developers easier. With 1.12 Flutter developers can now directly build applications for macOS.

Flutter 1.12 has keyboard navigation support that helps in making the UI widgets of Flutter desktop friendly. In 1.12, the developers can also change the app’s visual density so that the app can easily acclimatize itself to the screen size differences between desktop and smartphone.

Although still in alpha, the feature is a promise that in the near future a stable release will come out.

Along with the above-mentioned features, another add-on in the latest Flutter update is that Google has allowed the developers access to the Google Fonts package. This font package includes 1000 font families that shall allow the developers to add wonderful calligraphy in their apps.

Summing up

With a horde of new features, it is evident that Google is solidly backing flutter. Many App developers think that this is the best Flutter release to date. Flutter is an important cog in Google’s digital dominion strategy and further releases will prove it.

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