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How To Personalise Your White Granite Worktop



granite kitchen worktops in London
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The granite worktops, which are compatible with any kitchen style, are the best available in the market. They give a simple yet beautiful look to your kitchen. Since they are common these days, it’s important to personalize your kitchen using innovative personalizing methods.

A white granite worktop gives a timeless appeal to your kitchen. It’s compatible with any kitchen style, traditional, modern or contemporary. The countertop’s snowy look brightens your kitchen, bringing the sense of cleanliness and lightness.

Apart from giving your kitchen an inviting look, the white granite kitchen worktops in London are resistant to bacterial contamination, heat, and scratches. Also, they require low maintenance as compared to other marble worktops. They are easy to clean and likely to last the distance if adequately cared for. Granite marble worktops do not require frequent sealing as other marbles do.

Because of their increasing popularity, granite kitchen worktops of London are becoming the top choice of people, which is why it is essential to maintain some uniqueness in your kitchen.

In this article, we will discuss various ways to personalize white granite worktops and make your kitchen look different and attractive.

1. Choose Dark-Coloured splashback

A splashback or backsplash is the material that protects the wall from oil, grease, and splashes that occur while cooking. You can also use other items as splashbacks, such as tiles, marble, metal, brick, glass, and window. However, a glass splashback is the best option. Besides protecting your walls, a glass splashback has many other benefits to offer. A glass splashback is more hygienic as compared to other materials. It gives a clean and straightforward color and is available in both dark and light colors to match your countertop. Glass splashback is easy to clean, as you can easily wipe the stains on the glass with a cloth. Apart from being heat-resistant, glass allows you to use it in cooking and other tasks, without worrying about breakage and maintenance. A dark-colored splashback will give your kitchen an exclusive look and look good with the white countertop.

2. Install the Perfect Sink

The sink is the heart of the kitchen. There is a wide variety of sinks available in the market to create a kitchen of your dreams. A Silestone Integrity Sink or Integrity Top is a seamless one-piece, undermount single bowl kitchen sink, which gives a luxurious finish to the kitchen. It is easy to install and goes with a white marble countertop.

3. Invest In Best Taps

The best kitchen tap not only supplies water to your kitchen but also gives your kitchen an appealing look. Though the purpose of different taps is the same, yet different taps have been designed for different spaces. The tap that looks good in your bathroom will not look good in your kitchen. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best tap for your kitchen that not only adds a finishing look to your kitchen but also goes with the white marble countertop. You can choose from designer kitchen taps, gold kitchen taps, grey kitchen taps, and contemporary kitchen taps. The base material of the tap can be brass or stainless steel. Some of the best kitchen taps are Courbe Curved, Curvato, Fontaine, Single Lever, Grande BS, Grande CH, Novanta, Pluie Angled, Ruscello, Spruzzo, and Treforo.

4. Shape The Countertops

Granite is sturdy and non-porous. But that doesn’t mean you cannot cut it to your specifications. Feel free to personalize the shape of your granite countertop and create an inviting ambiance. Flat, curved or rounded, the edges can be carved into any shape to suit any décor and taste. That’s just another advantage that granite countertops bring in, besides imp-roved aesthetics, durability, and hygiene. However, do not take granite reshaping as a DIY activity. Or else, you might end up harming the otherwise perfect countertop. Instead, rely on some professional help.

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