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8 Easy Ways of Increasing E-Commerce Sales Fast

Are you looking to add revenue to your e-commerce business? Well, after polishing your ecommerce website, you ought to differentiate your business from the competition.  You may be selling products like your competitors, but you can beat them to more customers.  Here are the tips on how you can incr

Magento eCommerce Development
Magento eCommerce Development

Are you looking to add revenue to your e-commerce business? Well, after polishing your ecommerce website, you ought to differentiate your business from the competition.

You may be selling products like your competitors, but you can beat them to more customers.

Here are the tips on how you can increase your ecommerce sales.

#1. Simplify Your Ecommerce Shop

For starters, a cluttered website can make you lose customers with lots of bounce rates. Generally, the appearance of a website can be a deal-breaker.

If the primary navigation tabs and product pages aren’t designed well, there is a high probability that customers will turn away and buy elsewhere. The best thing is to look at the website from the perspective of the customer.

Build a friendly user interface where customers won’t have a hard time tracing areas, navigating, reading, etc.

#2. Choose the right Marketing Strategy

Finding the right approach may be hard, but it is not impossible. You can quickly get over the blockade by studying the market to understand the needs of your target audience and the competitors. Proceed to compare with your current activities to identify the gap. With this, you will be able to craft a profitable marketing strategy. You should also know which platforms to market your business best, especially the right digital channels.

The bottom line is to do extensive research and make a measurable goal to improve your sales.

#3. Implement SEO Tactics

SEO, search engine optimization, is the current buzz in the digital world. It refers to strategies to push your site to the front page of search engines. You do this to increase visibility hence the pace of your ecommerce growth.

There are many ways to improve SEO. You can create content on your site and use the right keywords that prospective clients would use in the product search on Google. Keyword phrasing should factor in things like geographic, age, and knowledge differences, among others, in your target market.

Try to answer the questions of your potential customers in an informative manner to win over their hearts. Yes, if you want conversions, you must give your audience something in return.

There are other SEO strategies you can use to build your ecommerce business, including the likes of link building, churning unique content, etc.

#4. Refine Product Information

There are so many factors that cripple sales in online shops, such as- low-quality images, inadequate information about the products, or irrelevance in the market.

Customers expect you to provide all there is to know about a product such as uses, dimensions, variety, and prices.

If it is scanty, most customers switch to other sites instead of asking. So, refine your information to give the customer the best possible experience in the online shop.

#5. Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and customers are becoming tech-savvy and aware of this. You ought to assure them of the safety if they are to use your online shop. If you are new to the world of web security, then the first thing is to define the type of transactions that you will be receiving. That way, you will be able to identify the right security measures to implement.

One of the simplest ways is to buy COMODO SSL certificate for ecommerce websites and install it. COMODO is trusted and most popular Certificate Authority. SSL stands for Security Socket Layer, a digital certificate that protects data shared between the user and your ecommerce server. That means, if customers enter their credit card details through your site, hackers will not be able to access it easily. If you don’t have an SSL installed, such data is sent in plain text. Thus, it can be monitored and intercepted by hackers.

There are different types of SSL certificates based on features and website requirements. For example, if you are the owner of multiple domains, then you can install Cheap SAN SSL Certificate to secure different sites that saves your time and money.

There is also an option of using what’s known as a wildcard SSL certificate. This type protects a site along with multiple sub-domains of the main domain.

Other than building trust with customers, search engines rank secure websites better than those that are deemed insecure. In other words, having an SSL is good for SEO as well!

#6. Improve Customer Support

Excellent communication can do some magic to your sales when implemented well. Therefore, incorporate a fast way of communicating with clients, such as using live chats, and they will find more reasons to buy from you. You can even include a customer support team if you are handling many queries to ensure you give the customers the best possible service

#7. Publish Testimonials

The number of scammers online is worrying, and with this kind of business environment, even genuine sellers suffer. Nonetheless, you can break through by encouraging customers to publish testimonials about the service and the products. This will show users that you are authentic, and they can use the testimonials to make decisions. The testimonials can also help you improve your products and services.

#8. Retarget Existing Customers

When your business is facing hard time, do not conclude that you do not have adequate customers. It is misunderstanding. You should focus on customers’ retention strategy as they are satisfied customer rather than putting your whole efforts on acquiring new customers.

Because, loyal customers or returning customers may put more products in Add to cart and have higher conversion rate. The ecommerce store will generate more revenue when such type of customers purchases the product/services.

Try to bring loyalty or reward programs that can provide discounts and incentive to retained customers when they shop on your store.


These are but a few ways to increase your ecommerce sales. The bottom line is that as an online entrepreneur, you can improve your sales with the right approach both in your site and from a business perspective.

So, get creative, differentiate, solve your customers’ needs, and you will increase your ecommerce sales faster than you can imagine!


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