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Adding The Magic Of Artificial Intelligence In Dynamics 365 App For CRM



Dynamics 365 for finance
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Microsoft values new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. Therefore, the company is adding these new technologies in a lot of its products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. Several useful and interesting AI add-ons are included in various applications, like the Dynamics 365 App for Sales, Dynamics 365 App for Marketing as well as Dynamics 365 for finance App for CRM. The addition of AI features in the CRM is definitely a great move. And, this move has made Microsoft one of the favourites of the world. Dynamics 365 provides out-of-the-box insights to the businesses. The insights are a result of the unification of the data. The data is analyzed to generate high-level insights for the businesses. Basically, insights empower the companies to make better strategies and decisions for the betterment. AI is a fantastic technology. And, Ai is expected to touch the massive $3.9 trillion mark by the year 2022, therefore, there is definitely a lot that we use this technology for. In this article, we will explore the use and benefits of AI for customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service improves the performance of the CRM reps. It uses a lot of data that is being generated by the tool All the data is analyzed and valuable insights are churned out from it. The insights help the businesses to take necessary actions to improve the quality of the customer service. It empowers the teams to carefully understand the actions that they need to take in order to offer better service. The users don’t have to write any codes as it works through the virtual tools. In the future, Microsoft is planning to offer a domain-specific bot. And, needless to say, the bot will be powered by AI. With the help of AI, useful customer service data is being turned into automated insights. And, the insights play a major role in guiding the employees to take strong actions. As, at the end of the day, the actions have to be meaningful. Therefore, if the teams want to improve their performances, there is nothing better than using AI-based features.

How to make the most of AI?

Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service utilizes natural language processing. It is done to understand and forecast the main customer service-related issues. The outcomes or the insights are further used to enhance the quality of the customer experience which the company offers. Basically, the AI-powered insights give the teams the right direction to improve. Also, it makes it easy for them to plan intelligently.

You can easily make the most of the virtual agents. You don’t even have to write any code, as they are automated. Also, the support cost is reduced to some extent. And, the quality of the service is improved.

Most importantly, you can easily get the right support through the insights. You will be able to make the right decisions and move in the correct direction. Also, your response to the queries of the customers will be quick and better if you make the most of AI.

Study the key areas for improvement/ Also, you can even get a lot of knowledge from the performance indicators as well as the customer service scores etc. All this will help you to improve your performance.

Gain access to real-time customer data. This data and the insights will help you to understand the customers’ way better and thus, you will be able to offer improved support to them.

There are several useful interactive charts and dashboards that make it easy for you to understand the customers. Also, you can use the visual filters in order to gain complete visibility into the support operations data.

Artificial Intelligence is a fanatic technology that empowers companies in a lot of ways. Therefore, technology is being added to a wide range of products. Technology allows people to get valuable insights that help them to know things better. The same happens in the customer service field as well. With the help of the insights, they can know the customers better, thus, they can provide better experience and support to them. In the coming years, we may even see increased use of AI-powered bots as well. Therefore, this is just the beginning, and later on, we may see more and more use of AI in the customer service world.

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