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7 Ways to Stay Warm for Winter Camping



Winter Camping
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Winter camping can be one of the most precious adventures that you can experience or gift to your loved ones. People may think of winters as a non-ideal condition to go camping, though winter can surely enhance your whole camping experience to another level. There is so much to explore with the scarcity of population around you like the cherry on top during this season. Snow, dreamlike fog, beautiful landscapes, and, best of all, voiceless serenity are the ingredients to a memorable camping trip. If you too are a true wanderlust soul that wishes to enjoy the best of nature through camping in the winter season, then you must know a few tips among which, keeping yourself warm tops the list.

Winter camping comes up with a common concern that usually leads the people to give up on this magical experience, and that is maintaining warmth. Although non-winter seasons lack this hassle, they also lack tranquillity, so it is only valid to compromise a little comfort in exchange for an exceptional adventure, right? Fortunately, not anymore. We have compiled a list of seven ways to stay warm for winter camping that will allow you to enjoy your camping without compromising your comfort. So let us get started!

Choose your sleeping location wisely:

It is necessary to choose a site carefully while setting up your roof rack tent as the location can help you dodge biting cold. Look for a spot that acts as a shelter from the wind. The selection of camping locations can affect your camping experience widely, so make sure you do not end up near a high area, which is prone to catch the chilly wind or a shallow spot where cold air settles.

  • Don’t stay low on food:

Throw away your concerns and the will to maintain that waistline cause winters are a time to munch on your favorite snacks that are high in calories. You might feel guilty while indulging though it will help you a lot to stay warm in harsh temperatures. Constantly burning calories inside your body act as heat units to keep you warm, so don’t forget to keep a packet of your favorite high-calorie snack beside you at night.

  • Layer your bed:

It is impossible to sleep on a cold bed isn’t it while naturally, our body lowers the temperature when we fall asleep. This phenomenon can interrupt your sleep and make you catch a cold very quickly, so it is better that you layer your bed before. Use an electrical heating blanket underneath your bed and use two or more layers of the blanket upon it. This simple method offers you a comfortable, warm bed to rest.

  • Layer your clothes too:

Just like you layer your bed to make it warm and comfy, layer yourself with warm and fuzzy clothes to trap body heat. Layering is also trendy among people nowadays, so at the same time, you will get pretty pictures without compromising your comfort. Coats, jackets, sweaters, beanie, socks, and gloves, deck yourself with every warm piece of clothing to the extent that it does not suffocate you and you are good to fight the weather!

  • Gather your heating equipment:

Heating equipment comprises significant devices that provide you with extra heat when your body heat and clothing are not enough to fulfill the need for warmth. Pieces of equipment such as disposable heating packs, electric kettle, and heating quilt are some of the most equipment that people bring with them to a winter camping trip. You too can use such devices to make sure that you don’t fall ill before the biting cold and enjoy your camping thoroughly.

  • Keep your water bottle handy:

A surprising trick that only a small amount of people know is using water bottles to trap comforting heat inside your bed. You can perceive it as a DIY heat pack. Fill up a hard plastic or stainless steel bottle with warm water and place it inside your bed under a blanket or two. The heat radiating from the water bottle will keep you warm thoroughly and will last longer too.

  • Use your body heat:

Your trapped body heat is what keeps you warm under the layer of blankets or clothes, so why not use it smartly to enjoy even more warmth? You can actually reuse your body heat very smartly through this simple trick. Keep the clothes that you plan to wear the next day under your bed or blankets. It will allow you to keep the clothes warm and comfortable for you to wear the next morning. It is a simple method though you will thank yourself later for warming up the clothes.

These are some of the best ways that you can and must use while camping in the winter. Do not let the fear of chilly nights scare you away from this enchanting experience. Pack your bags, invite your loved ones, and get ready to spend a marvelous winter camping experience filled with love and warmth!

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