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Different types of Gamblers must think about Online Casino Games



Whats the difference between online and live casino?

Online casino gaming was an electronic casino play. With the advent of the Internet, online casino games have gained popularity since the mid-1990s and it is a multi-dollar market. Online casinos offer players the privilege of playing from home comfort, with real experience and reward, as in a land-based casino.

Online casino gaming types

Online casino games are available for three different types of players to take advantage of the warmth of their home or during their holidays. All you need is a machine and a reliable network. Casino games are now also available with handheld computers, laptops and other portable gadgets with the advancement of technology.

  • Web-based casinos

Those are internet-based casinos in which a player has to sign in to the individual internet and start-up to engage in a casino. To play in these casinos, no program must be downloaded to your machine. The browser plug-ins of the owner symbolize the play, but bandwidth is incredibly necessary to be able to experience the music, pictures, and graphics.

  • Download-based online casinos

Users must download the program for the online casino onto their machines to play the casino games. Without browser support, the app can connect directly to the casino operator at iGamble247. The app casinos run more easily than the web-based casinos, as the device itself includes both animations and programs. The main downside to mobile-based casinos is that it takes time to access the app and can even raise malware and spyware threats when downloaded. The deployment in your machine of a reliable anti-vibrate program will in a way defend against these threats.

  • Live-based casinos

Such casinos allow players to encounter themselves in real-time as though they are in a brick and online casino games are best at IGM247. The gamer will engage in real-time on the tables with other players and live dealers, and even in a live casino.

Casino Game Resources

Below are some of the tools of the casino game, take a look.

  • Slots

The same experience that you had in a real brick and mortar casino is given by electronic slot machines. That is, instead of the actual one, you position the bet and pull the simulated trigger, and the number of drums starts to spin. When the drums stand in line with the different images on them, the different image settings provide the lucky winners with bonus payments. Each group is responsible for over 90% of online casino activities at igm247 link alternatif, which can then be subdivided into the next categories.

Video slots–these are contemporary games in which cool graphics, modern technologies, and styles are filled.
Classic slots–these are timeless titles with more options to play. Fruit machines or other classic slot machines of the modern period are used in slots.
Egalitarian Jackpot Slots–The egalitarian slots, which is the best aspect of electronic slot play, are also inspired by internet slots that frequently hit millions of gamblers.

  • Blackjack

This casino game is considered to be one of the first modern table games in Europe. The object of the game is to draw play cards, with a face value of 21 with the royal cards 10 and the ace 11 or 1.

  • Baccarat

It’s a game that guesses and the opponent will only win by deciding whether the adversary has a stronger deck.

  • Roulette

This game is also called King of Casino Games and is pure chance. It has a wheel on the inner rim, black or gold, with various spaces. The bet is on the amount that a player thinks a player can end up with. The dealer spins the wheel and drops a silver ball into the spinning wheel and rest as the wheel slows down, which is the winning figure.

So, if you want to play any of the above casino games from the convenience of your home, Slotty Vegas is the place for you. Over 2000 online casino games and video slots from over 40 casino game providers allow you to access a vast portfolio of online casino games.

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How might the major sporting leagues finish their seasons?



Top 2 Weapons on Tom Brady's New Team

Sports are a central part of life in the US and indeed around the whole world. From baseball to soccer and football, we all love to follow our favorite team and catch up on the latest action. With sports betting now legal in some US states, many people also love to make money from predicting how games will finish. This is a growing sector within North America, as the popularity of Pennsylvania online sports betting sites shows. We are now living through uncertain times though due to the spread of coronavirus, and sports have not escaped Covid-19’s far-reaching grasp. 

As the virus is thought to spread through close physical contact between people, it has made playing games or completing seasons as planned nigh on impossible. But what exactly has been the impact on major sports seasons, and how might they decide to finish things?

Basketball – NBA affected

As with all major sports in the country, basketball has been hit in a major way by the spread of the virus. With the risk of players and crowds coming into close physical contact being too great, the NBA decided in mid-March to suspend the 2019/20 season until further notice. In terms of what happens next, it is a tricky call. 

With measures to help protect people from the virus in place until April 30th 2020 at least in the US, it seems that many pro teams are expecting the season to resume again around summertime. This would allow players to get back to full fitness and also give the NBA time to arrange how the rest of the season would look. It may even be the case that they end the regular season with the standings as they are and then fit the post-season games into the rest of the year. 

Hockey sees a halt to the action 

Covid-19’s spread around the world has also affected the NHL season. This is a real shame for fans as it was coming to its climax before being suspended in mid-March 2020. But how might the people in charge of the NHL plan to finish the season? As with basketball, they will not be able to resume anything before April 30th at least due to social distancing measures. 

When it is possible for fans to travel to games and for players to mix again, it would seem that they may simply try to play out the remaining regular-season games and then move quickly into the Stanley Cup round of games. This should not be a problem in terms of timescale as there are not actually that many games left in the NHL season to get through. As with the NBA, you would expect the main focus to be on getting this season completed in time to start the next one as usual.

Soccer also affected by a virus spread 

Soccer is another major sport in the US that has been left in a quandary with current events. The 2020 MLS season had only just got going when play was suspended on March 12th 2020, and it is in lockdown for 30 days as of now. As the season is at such an early stage, it is not really possible to leave the standings as they are. It would seem that the most reasonable course of action would be to simply resume play again when allowed – even if the number of games played is reduced.

What will baseball do? 

The MLB season should have started on March 26th 2020, but the coronavirus outbreak initially saw Spring Training games cancelled and a two-week delay applied to the start of the 2020 season. This has now given way to an indefinite delay to the whole season. Many think that the simplest thing would be to write off this season and resume again in March 2021 when the virus should be well under control. If this does not happen, then the MLB season may be played over fewer games to help get it completed in time. 

Big decisions for major sports leagues 

From the NBA to the NHL, MLS, and MLB, there are some major sporting leagues that need to work out how their seasons will finish after this outbreak is controlled. For some, it could be ending as the current standings show or fitting in remaining games when back in action – others, however, may decide to cancel seasons if this looks a better bet. In some ways, you have to think that the NFL is in an enviable position here – as it is not due to begin again until September 2020, it should not have these tough decisions to make.

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The night Corey Maggette got the best of Kobe Bryant in a head-to-head battle




Fourteen years NBA veteran Corey Maggette had plenty of memorable games in his NBA career. Known as a consistent scorer in the NBA, he had three seasons in which he averaged 20 or more points a game.

One game, in particular, sticks out from the rest. It just happened to come against one of the all-time greats in a rivalry game late in the season. Maggette’s night on April 12, 2007, was memorable, as he showed the league he could battle with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as an all-around threat. This is a look closer look at that memorable night.

Clippers-Lakers rivalry

To most basketball fans, the Los Angeles Clippers have always been viewed as the younger brother to the Los Angeles Lakers. The two franchises have shared the Staples Center since 1999, and the Lakers have traditionally always been the better team.

In the 2006–2007 season, Both Los Angeles teams were pretty average. The Lakers would sneak into the playoffs with the seventh seed, while the Clippers found themselves on the outside looking in. It certainly wasn’t for lack of effort from Maggette, as he knew that the team needed to find a way to snap their three-game losing streak heading into the fifth to last game of the regular season against the Lakers. What ended up happening was arguably the best game of Maggette’s career.

Battling Bryant

Kobe Bryant was in the middle of a two-year scoring binge for the Lakers. He won back-to-back scoring titles, and had multiple games of 50 or more during the 2006–2007 season. The strategy for a lot of teams going against the Lakers involved letting Bryant score his points, and shutting everyone else down.

Maggette and Bryant didn’t match up exclusively against each other, but the two battled in the ways they were putting points up. Bryant was taking a lot of difficult shots, while Maggette was a lot smarter with his shots, relying on contact to get to the line as well.

The first half was solid individually for Maggette, as he scored 22 points while grabbing five rebounds and dishing out five assists. His team, however, was trailing by four. A loss to the Lakers would virtually eliminate them from any playoff contention down the stretch, so the team needed to find a way to shut down some of the other players putting up solid stats for the Lakers.

The relentless attack of the basket by Maggette helped him pick up a lot of easy points. He was 17-24 from the free-throw line for the game, including 6-7 in the fourth quarter. More importantly, he spent some quality minutes guarding Bryant down the stretch, helping to contribute to a pretty mediocre six-point fourth quarter for Bryant on poor shooting.

A final look at Maggette’s Night

Corey Maggette ended the game with 39 points, nine assists, eight rebounds, four steals, and a block. He played all but five minutes of the game, and receive considerable help from his teammate Elton Brand to close out the win.

Bryant might have finished with 50 points and nine rebounds, but he was fatigued in the fourth quarter after playing the entire game. He couldn’t figure out the changes made by the Clippers, and Maggette helped limit him just enough. For that night, Maggette showed that he could compete directly against one of the all-time great’s and get into a legitimate scoring battle during most of the game. Today Maggette being the family man that he is has taken over in Southern California giving back to those in need and is a top player in the BIG3. 

A look at advance metrics shows that this was Maggette’s most complete NBA basketball game of his career. He not only scored efficiently, but he said career highs for points and assists on the same night. Not too many players in NBA history can say that, and it was a pretty comprehensive look at Maggette playing at the peak of his powers in basketball haven Los Angeles where he and the other NBA star lived at the time. A well-rounded gameplan allowed him to do a little bit of everything, and his ability to get to the line offered up some easy points that led to a victory.

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Top 2 Weapons on Tom Brady’s New Team



Top 2 Weapons on Tom Brady's New Team

Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on March 20th, 2020. New England Patriots fans, along with legions of NFL fans, were shocked. Tampa Bay seemingly came out of nowhere to win over Brady.

Many anticipated Brady going to a major-market team like the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers recently cut ties with their storied quarterback for over a decade, Philip Rivers. This seemingly freed up the team to acquire the best quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady. The Los Angeles Chargers also were supposedly interested in Brady because they will be playing in a new $2 billion+ stadium next season and they need to sell tickets.

In any case, the Chargers did not land Brady. Many analysts said that this could be due to the fact that Brady wanted to be in close proximity to his loved ones, who currently live in New York City. Tampa is a much closer flight at around two hours compared with Los Angeles, which clocks in at around five hours.

It turns out that Tampa Bay landed Brady. NFL fans are suddenly mesmerized with the possibilities. In fact, NFL fans are already checking out how the NFL odds have changed for the 2020 season after Tom Brady’s recent signing with Tampa Bay. Fans have so much information at their fingertips nowadays, that’s for sure!


Photo // CC BY 2.0

Does Tom Brady have any new weapons on his new team? Why yes, he does. He has several amazing weapons. Tampa could also add some excellent pieces in the NFL Draft. In some circles, people are even saying Tom Brady will win his fourth MVP award with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he has so many weapons around him now. In fact, we think he could have one of his best seasons of all time statistically. We are going to outline his top two weapons in this article below. Let’s get started.

1. Chris Godwin (Wide Receiver)

Chris Godwin played for the Penn State Nittany Lions before he got to the NFL. His breakout season was as a sophomore when he gained 1,101 yards and scored five touchdowns. He was drafted after his junior season. The 2019 season was Godwin’s breakout year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after gaining 842 yards on 59 receptions in 2018. In 2019, Godwin finished with 86 receptions and 1,333 yards. On December 17th, 2019 Chris Godwin was selected to his first NFL Pro Bowl. Godwin was also named to the second-team All-Pro team.

Godwin is an explosive athlete and could become the best wide receiver in the NFL with Tom Brady at quarterback. He is only 23 years old and he is already a second-team All-Pro. He has tremendous speed and is a phenomenal playmaker. Tom Brady may not have played with a wide receiver like this since he played with hall of fame Randy Moss in 2007.

2. Mike Evans (Wide Receiver)

Mike Evans is a 6’5″, tall, extremely reliable wide receiver. He played college football at Texas A&M and was drafted in 2014. He was ranked as the NFL draft’s best wide receiver by Sports Illustrated. He has gone on to have a very solid NFL career gaining over 1,000 yards in each of his six NFL seasons. In fact, he holds an NFL record for the most 1,000 yard seasons by a wide receiver (6), tied with Randy Moss. He is also the youngest player to reach both 6,000 and 7,000 yards.

In 2019, Mike Evans had an excellent season. He had 1,157 yards and scored eight touchdowns. He also was named to the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl. Evans has stated he is extremely happy to have Brady as his quarterback now. He said it’s “surreal” that Tom Brady signed with Tampa Bay. Evans acknowledged that he has never been to the playoffs in six seasons, and marveled at the fact that Tom Brady has been every year of his 20-year career, winning six Super Bowls. Evans will be a tremendous wide receiver for Tom Brady.

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The very best golf holidays in Belek



golf holidays

Beyond the outstanding golf courses, Belek offers some of the most luxurious ultra-all inclusive hotels in the world for great golf holidays in Belek. Belek’s golf courses were once a well-kept secret, but this beautiful coastline is now one of Europe’s most popular golfing destinations due to the array of championship courses and luxury 5* all-inclusive resorts.

Turkey offers an abundance of luxurious golf resorts with world-class golf on-site. Take the Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa, for example, a spectacular 5* resort with a championship 27 hole golf course on-site designed by Sir Nick Faldo. The Cornelia Diamond is a perfect definition of what a 5* hotel should be. The resort is huge boasting 571 beautifully designed rooms with the option of villa’s also available. With a staggering 13 bars on the complex and 9 Al A Carte restaurants, over a 7-night stay you can experience a mixture of international cuisine and commend the efficient service of the Cornelia Diamond chefs and waiters. Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa is the perfect break whether you are a golfing group or a couple as there is something for everyone. Enjoy the three huge swimming pools on-site, escape to the pier bar for a mid-afternoon cocktail or even visit the spa for a massage! Turkey is the host of the Turkish Airlines Open in the association of The European Tour. Every year the world’s best golfers compete on one of Belek’s most reputable golf courses for the 8 million pound purse. The Montgomerie Course is a regular host as it offers a test for all golfing standards. A round of golf on the Montgomerie will provide you with some of the best greens in the game and immaculate fairways. For any golfer who books a trip to Belek, be sure to make the Montgomerie Course part of your itinerary. A fun fact to finish… the Montgomerie Golf clubhouse is the only clubhouse in Belek to include an all-inclusive basis. In other words – unlimited food and drink throughout the time you spend in the clubhouse. 

No matter where you live in the UK, there are direct flights with Easyjet, Jet2 and Turkish Airlines to name a few. Take advantage of the Turkish Airlines FREE golf club carriage for any flight to Antalya! Due to the time difference of 3 hours ahead in Turkey, our team at Golf Holidays Direct recommend a minimum of 7 night’s stay in order to maximise your time in paradise.

To summarise, whether you are a couple or a group of golfers, a trip to Belek offers something for everyone making it a location for the perfect holiday. Contact Golf Holidays Direct today for your very best golf holiday in Belek.

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The Premier League: Arsenal updates amidst Coronavirus and possible departure of captain Aubameyang



The Premier League: Arsenal updates amidst Coronavirus and possible departure of captain Aubameyang

The Coronavirus has caused mayhem all over the world in terms of physical health, education and the economy. Unfortunately, this highly contagious virus has also interfered within the sports world and has brought many major sports events to a halt, such as the world-renowned Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, etc. With Europe now as the epicenter of the disease and the fact that the virus hasn’t even reached its peak yet, what’s happening regarding the Premier League?

The virus has ravaged through Europe and continues to spread very fast among the European nations. Thus, UEFA has decided to postpone its Euros until next year to allow clubs to finish their fixtures. The Premier League has the option of continuing its matches in closed stadiums with no fans or postponing until the Coronavirus subsides. Although nothing is confirmed, many things can happen due to the suspension of the Premier League.

The transfer window would have to be changed perhaps forever, the window is usually between June and August, but this outbreak would likely make the season run into June and that would mean that the transfer window would have to come later.

Contractual issues are also beginning to arise due to the delay since playing any games after 30 June could be enormously complicated because most player contracts end on that date, and questions would arise as to who was liable if a player was injured in a match played after that date. Also, players are unhappy at playing games right at the end of their contract since that would raise the issue of financial support if a player is injured at such a time.

Amidst all this crisis, many important figures in football have been tested positive for COVID-19, such as Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager. He was diagnosed last Thursday and since then the team’s London Colney training center has been closed. The Gunners are still training in self-isolation as the coronavirus pandemic takes hold of the footballing world. Arteta is recovering well though, and reports suggest the north London side could be back in training next week ahead of a possible resumption of matches.

The Premier League is set to resume on the 4th of April after which the north-Londoners will face relegation candidates Norwich City upon their return to domestic matters if all goes according to plan. In other news, Arsenal are resigned to losing captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona this summer and are demanding a €55m (£51.5m) fee.

Aubameyang has been the Gunners’ standout player this season, scoring 20 goals in 31 appearances in all competitions. He has 61 goals in 96 games since signing from Borussia Dortmund in January 2018. He also hailed praise from ex-Arsenal legend, Nigel Winterburn who claimed: “Without a shadow of a doubt, Aubameyang will be Arsenal’s most important player this season.”

However, the 30-year-old having rebuffed attempts to tie him down to a new contract at the Emirates Stadium is now prepared to make a move to Barca. Barcelona will seek to agree on personal terms with Aubameyang before making an approach to the Gunners, in the hope of driving down the asking price once they are certain the player wants to make the move to Camp Nou. With Arsenal facing another season without Champions League football, they are hopeful he will.

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Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores



Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores

When it comes to mastering Golf, you cannot pass through the goal without mastering the putting skill. Putting is the deciding factor with any style of play you may have if you want to dop your score. Bombing the ball to 350 yards has less impact on lowering the score, compared to perfect putting. Being able to hit the ball that far will draw people’s attention for sure, but putting is the thing that lowers your score.

Practicing the putting will help you achieve the goal of the score. Practicing the wrong way won’t find you a way in; a set of professional advice can get you better. Here in this article, you will find that tips and hacks that’ll take your putting skills to another level.

1. Get a perfect Strike

Striking the ball for putting is the foremost crucial part of getting it in the hole. The aim here is to hit the ball right in the middle of the club. If you can hit the ball correctly right in the middle, the chance of getting the ball in the hole is higher. It gives you firm confidence and more control over the ball. The amount of the force you are putting on the club will decide how fast or slow the ball will roll over the green. While perfecting your strike, caveat your aim or alignment and focus on the center strike.

How to practice the strike?

For a significant penetration on the strike and firm control on the hit, you need to practice a lot. You can follow these steps to perfect your center strike:

  • Take two tees and stand where you want to strike the ball from. Put the two tees with a slightly larger gap of the width of the putter club you are using.
  • Now put the ball in between these tees and attempt to strike the ball without hitting the tees. It will help you get more control over the club and hit the ball steadily.
  • Furthermore, put the ball precisely in the middle with the tees a little behind and hit the ball. It will let you hit the ball accurately in the middle of the club and get a more efficient hit.
  • Stick some tees parallel, making a gateway for the ball to the hole. Hit the ball from the opposite end and try to get it inside the hole without hitting the tees. You will notice the improvement over the time if you can hit it center.

2. Master the Pace

When it comes to monitoring the pace or as it called distance monitoring, it’s the easiest thing to master. When you practice enough to get the perfect strike on the ball, it’s easier to get the idea for the pace. You can eye-measure the distance from your striking point to the hole and decide how much of force you need. After getting the measurements right and striking it with the center of the club, it’s not much of a problem to get the distance.

How can you practice

As I mentioned earlier, getting the pace correct is not much of a problem if you get the strike correctly. You can still sharpen your measurement ability by following these steps:

  • Stick a tee peg past the hole, and the distance could vary with your choice. My choice of ideal distance for beginners is about 5 feet across the hole.
  • After sticking, get back to your striking place, and now you have two targets in front of you. One is the hole itself, and the other is the tee peg with a little more distance.
  • Strike the ball and see how much of the distance you are passing the hole. You can always higher or lower the distance and get it correct until every strike is filling the hole.
  • You will find a pattern of your own, note that down, and practice that a lot. It depends on how long or short your body and hand are.

3. Correct the Start line

The start line in putting the golf ball is the key to find the ball in the hole. If you get the start line correctly, you will be able to get the hole as your finish line for sure. Once you’ve got the reading of the green correctly and start striking, you will realize that your start line sucks. If you cannot get a correct start line, the ball isn’t going to find its way to the hole. A perfect club helps you get a perfect starting line comfortably. The weight and other features of the club will manipulate the line. You can get a pick in this post on the best putter under 200 to get the best understanding of the club.

How can you get the starting line correct?

You can practice your starting line a lot and get better. However, if you use this method, the process will push you to perfection combined with the striking and pace:

  • Stick a putting gate about a foot ahead of your striking point and set your ball on strike.
  • After sticking the gate, strike the ball through the gate, aiming at the hole. It will help you get perfect shots with a great starting line.
  • If the first few attempts get you betterment, now harden the job by putting another gate with a foot distance from the first.
  • You can use tee pegs instead of putting gates, make a pathway for the ball, leading to the hole.

4. Reading the green

The aim of correcting the starting line is not to touch the gate but get the hole with the ball. Reading the green follows the same thing combining with the pace control. You get the starting line correct, and you have a great pace control. If you get a wrong green reading, it will miss guiding the ball and let it run off the pace. To get better at green reading, I recommend using multiple gates and keep track of what angle you are striking at.

Bottom line

When you practice and try to follow the strikes the professionals get, don’t get too obsessed to develop perfect skrikes like them. Don’t pay too much attention to the professionals how they strike off-center, but the ball ends up in the hole anyway. They developed it with years of practice, and you should mind your own strike. Synchronize between all the skills to get your putting skills up to the mark and lower your score.

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Asia’s Biggest SBOBET with eGaming



Through an alternative link, you can log in and register the official SBOBET site (mobile and desktop). You can now bet on your favorite sites without the need for an agent.

SBOBET is the biggest site for betting in Asia and a must for every serious player. Repeatedly won the eGaming Review “Asia of the Year” title. The SBOBET website is blocked in Indonesia but can be opened via our alternative link.

SBOBET agents are highly respected bets, with loyal customers. They are on good terms with all clients – winners and losers. They are always very helpful and provide assistance via live chat or email support.

Where SBObet really wins in betting odds is their Asian Handicap opportunity. As you might expect from an Asian bookie, they have quite a number of industry-leading choices, offering players good choices and great opportunities.

The possibility of SBObet, in general, is very good, almost as good as their Asian Handicap odds. In comparing our betting opportunities with other major betting makers, you will find that their odds are competitive on all fronts, no matter the type of sport.

Betting offers its clients a large number of bonuses and promotions, including the first deposit.

The SBOBET Link mobile site is a lightweight and practical device, compatible with most devices. You can bet through it without the need for additional applications.

In addition, the SBOBET WAP login sbobet site is available, which is a lightweight version and is designed for players with weak mobile phones or expensive traffic. The WAP version of this site is located at (replaced with an alternative on our link) and, like the main site, supports Indonesian.

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How The Internet Changed Sports Forever



Sport has been around forever. Much before we could even remember.
Ancient types of games popular today, such as Soccer, has been reported thousands of years ago. And while some of the most popular types of sports have relatively recent rules for them. We are still talking about decades of years where the most popular kinds of sports such as basketball or Soccer, hasn’t changed all that much.
That’s until the internet came to existence.

What happened since the internet was introduced

These days, people are no longer fans of only their city’s team, no. People from all around the world are fans for some of the biggest sporting clubs out there. That can happen much with the help of the internet.

How many people do you know that went to see a sports match in another country? This kind of awareness was never around in the world.

ESports and Online Gaming


Another crucial change that has happened during the last 20 years or so is the rise of ESports. ESports are a group of games that are incredibly high in popularity and offer the opportunity to reach very high levels of experience. This enables players to compete with one another in a way that we couldn’t even imagine.
These days games like League of Legends or CounterStrike have dozens of millions of players every day. Every day.
These games attract people from all over the world. They also enable thousands of repetitions due to high complexity – that takes a long time to comprehend.


iGaming is another form of entertainment available these days – the possibility to place wagers around specific outcomes of games from the convenience of your home with the help of the internet. No more driving for hours to a bookkeeper, these days are gone.
You can play the best online casino games on the web, place bets on sports, and much more.
The way these websites work is based on high levels of security for the credit card system. And complex algorithms that monitor the activity of such sites to ensure fairness and honest gaming.

Dream League

Another imaginary new hobby that millions around the world partake in is Dream Leagues. All around the world people choose the players they believe will have the best performance during the year and they receive points as if this player was in their team, based on what he has done in real life. There are entire websites where people from all around the world can create their imaginary team and take part in the action

Whats About to Come?

We honestly don’t know. Many new technologies are always adding up to the sum of things that can and could change in the future. It is hard to keep track. All we know for sure, things are about to be very interesting.

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Football is a powerful faith that can unite Africa



Top 10 Football Goals of 2013

Football great believes that the beautiful game will create peace through African nations amid the continent’s numerous challenges Four-time African Player of the Year Samuel Eto’o hopes that football will bring the region together, given the many international challenges faced.

The 38-year-old had an outstanding career in the top levels winning many titles while representing Cameroon at four world cups with Barcelona and Inter Milan.

“There is no ideal continent or country in the world (and) I believe this lovely game will unite the people of Africa like nothing else.”Football has the massive power, out of discord, to build harmony, happiness out of sorrow and to turn a multi-cultural society into one. Check out the best Agen Bola Terpercaya.

“I do know politicians, who know that it is important to fulfill people’s expectations and that football gives them the opportunity to connect with them. Eto’o was the youngest player to the 1998 World Cup after the Cameroon team was 17 years old.

He was unable, before calling on a time in his trophy-laden career for 22 years, to win any medal at Anzhi Makhachkala, Chelsea, Everton, Sampdoria, Antalyaspor, Konyaspor, and Qatar SC.

“Football is a powerful faith-peace, slavery, and love are taught,” BBC Sport said.

“It also offered other African leaders the opportunity to contribute to empowering young people, building up their communities and providing something for the next generation to aspire for.” In Africa, we play football like kids everywhere, without any knowledge of what the future holds.

“We have to make proper use of this game to educate our young people, unite people and invest in football strength.”

Any players are able to hire their own personal chefs. A few years ago, Harry Kane started working with his own chef. “The football career is so short, kind of clicked in my head. It’s going so fast, you have to count every day, “he said in 2017. “I’ve got a chef to eat the right food at home to help recovery. When you have so many sports, you can not train as hard as you would like, so you have to make the little gains elsewhere, including food. He’s every day from Monday to Saturday, and he’s ready for Sunday in the refrigerator. I hardly ever see him because I’m studying, but he’s going to cook the food and leave it in the refrigerator. We’ve got a good opportunity to go. “Manchester-based players are amongst Kevin de Bruyne, Ilkay Gündogan, Luke Shaw, Paul Pogba and Phil Jones, who make use of the talents of Jonny Marsh, a private chef trained before working with billionaires and on luxury boats by Raymond Blanc. Marsh began to play football after calling Manchester City to ask him if he would have dinner for Christmas with De Bruyne.

De Bruyne especially likes carbonara, so Marsh has spent a few months preparing a dish that tastes well but has no common ingredients. “The players love plain food. The favorite dish of Kevin De Bruyne is the’ Kevin Carbonara’–which is not bad for you, “Marsh writes for Mirror in his food column. “The attention to detail in something so basic is immense. Making sure that in certain days, I am using natural anti-inflammatoryand nutritional regeneration agents allows players to recover faster, making sure that players with certain shortcomings are able to eat regular food without having to serve other foods. I ensure that in their day sweets, desserts, breakfasts, water, healing and support.

“The way it works, I ask you what it wants, and then my chefs and I start to prepare for everybody on a Tuesday. Then we supply to players throughout the world. But it is insane–word gets out when someone plays well and everyone immediately wants to eat what they have.

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Corey Maggette Ranked Number 1 in NBA Dunk Contest




When Corey Maggette hit the NBA, he instantly became known as one of the most athletic players in the league. After having a standout career at the high school level in Chicago, he exploded onto the scene for the Duke Blue Devils. It only took him one year to show off his athleticism that turned him into a lottery pick, and although he was a bit raw early in his career, his size and jumping ability helped him quickly evolve.

While he was still evolving as a player in the NBA, it was no surprise to anyone that he was picked to participate in the 2001 NBA Slam Dunk Competition. It was only the second season of his professional career, and the first with the Los Angeles Clippers. As a rising star, many wanted to see what he was capable of. 

Renewed interest in the NBA slam dunk competition

After Kobe Bryant won the Slam Dunk Contest in 1997 (#kobeinthecommunity), the NBA opted to cancel the Dunk Contest the following year. After that season, there was a lockout that canceled All-Star Weekend altogether in 1999. There were those saying that the dunk contest was dead altogether, but a performance for the ages by Vince Carter proved otherwise.

Thanks to the highflyer from the Toronto Raptors, many players were eager to get the opportunity to participate in 2001. The NBA actively sought young, promising players in the league who routinely threw down outstanding dunks and games.

Corey Maggette was having a solid season as a role player for the Los Angeles Clippers. He average right around 10 points per game at the All-Star break, and he was always good for a highlight or two in each contest. Expectations were high for him going into the dunk contest, and he didn’t disappoint with some pretty impressive dunks.

Magette’s performance

In the first dunk, Magette did a front flip during his approach to the rim. He then caught an alley-oop and threw it down with two hands to score a 46.

The score tied him for first place after the first dunk in the competition. With a very close competition, he knew that something impressive was necessary for his second and final dunk of the round.

Magette approached the second dunk looking for a massive windmill to get the crowd going. Although he pulled off the dunk, he was disappointed with the level of height and power he achieved. People could visibly see him frustrated that the ball slipped out of his hands after the dunk, which took away points in the scoring.

With a respectable 42 as a score for the second dunk, he found himself on the outside looking in to reach the finals. He only needed three more points to reach the finals, but it just wasn’t meant to be. He got plenty of recognition for his performance, but ultimately came short of the top price.

Lasting memories

Today he’s sponsoring kids toy drives and being there for youth basketball players in Southern California. Despite not winning a Slam Dunk competition, the dunks in 2001, as well as in his career, caught the attention of many. He will always be remembered as a great dunker not only in competitions, but in games as well. Even later in his career, he still had the athleticism to pull off a fantastic dunk once in a while.

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