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The Future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Pros Need to Understand



Future of SEO
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The digital market is on a rise, which has led to the rise of the digital marketing industry and SEO companies. As technology is evolving, the rules of the SEO game change too. In fact, there’s a continuous change and it is fast and evident. If any SEO company in India continues following outdated tips and tricks of the trade, they are bound to fail.

SEO is a serious business today with businesses investing nearly $70 billion in it till the last year and the figure is only rising. It is growing fast in 2020 to increase the visibility of every business, generate ROI. Today, you can find lots of SEO companies in every nook and corner of the country, but you should only look for the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, Bangalore or wherever you are planning to hire.

The main focus of SEO has always been to increase the visibility of a business in the virtual world by helping it achieve high ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Response Pages). Though the focus still remains the same, the tips and tricks of the game keep changing. Providing an excellent user experience is always of paramount importance in the SEO world, but how to achieve that keeps changing. This is because the users’ expectations keep changing.

Here is what will impact SEO and marketing in the near future.

Visual Content SEO Will Rule

It is no secret now that visual content engages the users much better. Many websites have thus started focusing on video content. Search engines, which always give an extra edge to the user experience, are getting better and better in knowing what a visual content on a particular page is all about. As Google algorithms have started analyzing visual content, the visual artists have to start thinking about optimizing it. Similar to textual content where the writers think about optimizing headings and keywords, video content optimization includes video length, tags, keyword targeting, descriptions, etc.

Think Beyond Web Optimization

With the deep penetration of mobile devices, SEO is not just meant for web browsing on computers. An average Indian spends nearly 3.1 hours per day on the internet using their smart devices. So, if you are not optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile devices, you will lose a big chunk of the market. The digital marketing experts need to focus more on mobile appliances because more and more people are shifting to them rather than sitting on a desktop and surfing. This has opened a market of mobile apps, but again, a user is quick to abandon an app if it’s not as per their expectations. App Store Optimisation (ASO) has emerged as a new vertical in itself and this is going to stay for some time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Here to Stay Long

AI is becoming more and more evolved and the machines are learning patterns and understanding content. Voice search is slowly taking prominence over textual search. It is no doubt more convenient as you can do your search while performing other tasks like driving and exercising. But, when voice search happens, a person doesn’t use the keywords that are used while typing. They tend to speak in a normal way and advanced AI helps in finding the accurate results.

With AI getting stronger and more evolved, black-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques will die. It is good in a way for the industry, but then you need to prepare yourself for the “age of the machine”. You will have to start concentrating on improving upon the white hat techniques, come up with informative and engaging content and start taking a search on an individual level. Voice search is fast making things more personal and the marketing professionals will have to define their strategies considering this.

Presenting Smarter Information

The future of SEO now lies in presenting smarter information. Google’s algorithms are getting smarter and in order to maintain its supremacy in search engines, it keeps trying to provide the best to its user. The focus now is to present information to the users without them using any query to find it. For this use of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the use of entities are encouraged. Again, as Google wants to find the answer to a searcher’s question, you need to make the video and audio files accessible to it to search. Thus, any SEO company in India must optimize the labeling of both files and pages, structured mark-up, landing page quality, page placement, etc.

It’s a digital age and things are changing at a fast pace. What you think of today becomes a reality tomorrow. The future of SEO is safe and secure, but the SEO and marketing professionals need to be on their toes embracing the new developments with open hands.

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