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Giorgini Armani did not start his professional life as a fashion designer; instead, he was worked at a military hospital. Stephen King, the legendary author, worked as a janitor at a high school. Mick Jagger, Harrison Ford, and Brandon Stanton are some other famous personalities that are successfull


Giorgini Armani did not start his professional life as a fashion designer; instead, he was worked at a military hospital. Stephen King, the legendary author, worked as a janitor at a high school. Mick Jagger, Harrison Ford, and Brandon Stanton are some other famous personalities that are successfully working in a career which they did not originally pursue. Another individual who changed his career, even after acquiring immense success in the first one, is Adam Baratta. Before becoming the co-owner of Advantage Gold, the highest rated precious metals firm in USA, Baratta was an award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer in Hollywood. He stepped into the investment and precious metals industry in the year 2013.

Baratta has brought his talents in storytelling to the investment world and has offered solutions and identified the weakness in the global economic system in a story not being told by the Wall Street. As a result, Baratta has become one of the most sought after voices in the world on the subject of gold and the global economy.

Since that time Baratta has been passionately telling the “true story of the world economy.” His first book Gold Is A Better Way became a national bestseller in 2018. His latest book, The Great Devaluation published by Wiley books is scheduled for an August 2020 publishing and predicts the global economic collapse occurring today.

A Successful Career in Showbiz

Adam Baratta was born in Philadelphia in 1969. Since his childhood, Baratta was passionate about building a career in showbiz. He graduated from the Temple University in 1991 after which he left his home to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. He spent three years training at the Los Angeles campus of American Academy of Dramatic Arts. One of his first appearances on television was in the movie “We Married Margo” in 2000. In the movie, he appeared as the third date. In 2002, Baratta appeared in “Cruel Game” as an actor, and he also wrote some of the dialogues for the movie.

In the same year he returned to Philadelphia for his next film, “Do it for Uncle Manny.” It was a highlight of his early showbiz career as he was not only starring in the movie, but he was the writer, director, and producer. It was a Swingers-inspired comedy which won the Best Comedy Award at the New York Film and Video Festival and was awarded Best Picture or Best Comedy in seven other film festivals around the country.

By the mid 2000’s Baratta turned his focus to production. He acquired the rights to infamous Miami cartel runner Jon Roberts of Cocain Cowboys fame and sold the picture to Paramount studios with Mark Wahlberg contracted to star and produce. He then partnered with the iconic superhero creator Stan Lee and formed a partnership with the National Hockey League to turn their 30 teams into superhoes. The NHL Guardians launched in 2011 as the highest rated kids project in the leagues history.

In 2013, Baratta was introudcued to the story that has become his passion. He realized it was a story not being told by Wall Street and one that investors everywhere needed to know. His books Gold Is A Better Way and The Great Devaluation have taken the financial services industry by storm as he has correctly predicted the pendulum shift in the investment sector as the global debt soars and currencies begin to lose their value. His first book was published when gold was only $1,194 per ounce.

Stepping into the Investment Market

When Baratta stepped out of showbiz, he began exploring the investment market. It was during these years he realized the importance of precious metals. In 2014, he founded Advantage Gold in partnership with Kirill Zagalsky. It was an attempt to introduce a lucrative investment option to IRA investors in the high-risk investment market. In an interview with Forbes, Baratta stated, “We decided to start Advantage Gold because we believed that we could do it better. The industry was so clearly lacking amazing customer service and top-notch education. So, we sought out to change that by providing the best in class gold IRA client services and by building long term relationships with our clients through education and one-on-one guidance not seen anywhere in the industry.”

Advantage Gold has became the highest-rated precious metals firm in the United States and a member of the Inc. 5000. In August 2018, Baratta published his first book, “Gold Is A Better Way.” It was Adam’s first book on Gold, and it received an overwhelming response by the industry. His book established itself as the highest-rated book to be written on gold that acquired 90% five-star rating. It was on the best seller’s list of both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. After receiving a positive response at such a vast scale, Baratta began working on his second book, “The Great Devaluation.” The book is set to be published by Wiley Publishing on 4th August 2020. The book is about the impending economic shift as Boomers give way to Millennials forcing a global monetary reset.

In addition to founding a gold firm, authoring a national bestseller, Adam Baratta. which is an educational member site. The online platform has thousands of subscribers as the webinar presentations by Adam were full of invaluable information about investment in precious metals.

Adam Baratta is an example for the world that one person can live with two passions and even establish a career in it. He not only established a successful career in Hollywood, but he also became the most dynamic voices in the field of investments and precious metals in the world.