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Investing in People is the Reason for this VC’s Success (Amit Raizada of SBV)



Invoicing Impairments - Why Templates Are Ideal For A Quick & Easy Solution

Nothing about the venture capital industry is easy. Between the long hours, the pervasive risks, and the feeling of not knowing whether a certain venture will yield a return, life as the head of a VC firm is often a combination of calculations and stress. At times when I’m overloaded, I find it helpful to pause and reflect on the reasons that I chose to become an investor – and to think critically about the common principles behind every one of my ventures. 

I encourage all aspiring investors to do the same. Without having a clearly defined set of principles, it’s easy to get lost as a venture capitalist. When you’re approached with hundreds of potential investments each year, how do you decide which to fund and which to discard? How do you know whether a venture will fit well within your portfolio or act as a headache-inducing outlier? Sure, statistics, data charts, and graphs answer a great many of these sorts of questions, but there’s no substitute for a concise set of values when faced with these decisions. 

Here is the essence of the investment philosophy that underlines the success I’ve had as founder and CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures

I always invest in people. 

I pursue investment opportunities that enrich consumers’ lives and change the world for the better. Before engaging in a venture, I find it helpful to think about the fundamentals: What do people really need or want in life? And how does the product or firm in question help them attain it? 

Through this strategy, I’ve financed ventures that develop groundbreaking cancer treatments and revolutionize sinus-care procedures. I’ve even helped companies that launch satellites into orbit and contribute to NASA missions. 

I invested in critical warehouse space in the vicinity of major airports to facilitate same-day online purchases deliveries. And I’ve always sought to create unparalleled entertainment experiences, which I believe is just as essential to the human condition. I have introduced innovative models to retail and hospitality, investing in cutting-edge restaurants like Tocaya, Bounce, and Catch LA that diverge from conventional restaurant wisdom in favor of pioneering new experiences.  

But when I say I invest in people, I don’t just invest in the consumer – I also seek to invest in the people developing the product. In examining investment opportunities, I never consider failure a disqualifier – instead, I see it as a prerequisite. While I engage innovators with proven track records of success, I believe that true innovation is a process and that the best strategic partners are those who have experienced—and learned from—past failures. 

I invest in the products, services, and opportunities that change the course of consumption. 

I’ve always been an avid observer of business trends, and I closely watch the behavior of Gen Z and Millennials as indicators for future markets. I use their preferences to craft long-term investment strategies that pursue the products and experiences that will dominate the market in the coming decades. 

This principle has played a significant role in many of my investments. Tocaya is perhaps one of the best examples of this. Serving fast-casual food with a plethora of vegan and low-calorie options, Tocaya plays directly into the preferences of the health-conscious younger generations.  

This strategy also spurred my investments in esports. After watching my teenage sons become fascinated with online gaming, I began to wonder whether there’d be a viable market for this new fixation. After doing some research, I invested in an esports franchise and eventually helped build out the esports market as a whole. When I first invested in esports, this nascent industry was often ridiculed by pundits. Now, esports has its own section on ESPN’s website.

I’m focused on the consumer of the future – and I’m often willing to accept short-run losses to seize a foothold in the industries that will define the economy of the 2030s, 2040s, and 2050s. 

I take risks in pursuit of bold ideas 

My firm, Spectrum Business Ventures, stands by its long-standing motto, “We see the world differently”. When evaluating investment opportunities, I encourage my team to look past conventional wisdom. Some of my most successful investments have come from this approach.  

One key way to do this is to look for the peripheral investment opportunities that a major new industry may create. Take gift certificates, for example, which created a boom as they transitioned from paper to plastic. Rather than invest in the gift card industry itself, I invested in a company that provided myriad services to the businesses that wished to issue gift cards. I found a market ripe for innovation and financial-return within a wider market. 

My decision to purchase warehouse space follows similar logic. Online shopping now reigns supreme, but rather than found my own online venue and try to compete with the likes of Amazon, I decided to look to the periphery. No online supplier like Amazon (and especially smaller players) could get by without warehouse space, allowing my firm to take advantage of a market within a market. 

My investment philosophies are by no means universal. These principles have guided me through nearly two decades in the venture capital industry and into many of my most profitable investments, but the whole point of having an investment philosophy is to have guidelines that work for you. 

I encourage aspiring investors to reflect on the principles they hope that their portfolio will mirror. To do this, you’ll need to consider a few questions: 

In what kind of industries do you wish to invest? What products or services do you think people need? How do you wish to seek out new opportunities? How do you hope to choose between those opportunities once you find them? 

Formulating answers to these questions is integral to one’s development as a venture capitalist. 

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Key-Points You Should know Before Starting a Towing Business



how to start a towing business

Starting a towing business could be a golden decision for you as towing Services are in huge demand in Canada and all around the world. They are in demand as road accidents keep happening every day and towing companies are required often. Moreover, towing services are required for automobile towing due to unauthorized parking violations that keep happening daily. Not only that, hundreds of vehicle breakdowns occur every day, and hence, people keep calling tow truck companies frequently.

My journey: Setting up a towing company in Surrey

The fun fact is that due to such high demand and professional service, towing companies make a lot of money. If I talk about me, I live in Surrey BC and I analyzed the business model of every single towing company operating in Surrey. I figured out that I could also start a towing company in Surrey and start earning heavy bucks. Having determined that, I started my own tow truck Surrey company and now I am earning around $20k+ monthly. If you want to start your towing company, here are some of the fun facts you need to know first. If you guys also want to start a towing company, here I am going to share my own experience with you for setting up a tow truck company. Here are some of the key factors that account for the overall success of a towing business:

Who can own a tow truck company?

Most of the roadside assistance companies are owned by private individuals. It is beneficial to start a towing company near small roads and highways where the flow of traffic is good and the density of service stations is less. If you are a vehicle rental company or simply, an automobile servicing company, you can start your own roadside assistance company along with that.

You can note that in some areas especially near highways and toll junctions, state authorities have their own towing services. Police and other firefighter authorities can also establish their own towing services.

How Towing Companies Operate?

Owners of tow truck companies allot dispatch centers in specific areas. The dispatch centers are further authorized to tow truck drivers. Usually, there are a number of tow trucks available at the dispatch units so as to meet urgent towing demands all at once. Tow truck drivers are given instructions and towing consignments regularly.

Whenever there is a call placed to the towing company, it is redirected to the nearest dispatch centers. Further, a tow truck driver handles the towing project along with his tow truck.

The communication between towing companies and dispatch centers is placed through mobile radios and other mobile devices. Some big companies also communicate through GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. With more technical advancements, a number of wireless communication devices can be used.

Towing Equipment Required

One of the most important towing devices used in towing industry is the navigation system. Some big towing companies make use of Automatic Vehicle Location systems to navigate the closest tow truck to the position of the client. It saves a lot of time to reach the proper location.

Additionally, along with tow trucks, the tow truck company owners also keep a mechanical tool kit in order to deal with any kind of car breakdowns and mechanical failures.

Can I Start A Towing Company too?

Yes, you can. However, you need to plan the stuff properly before making any investment. The first and foremost thing you need to worry about is the capital you will need to invest in the business. If you ask me how much money I need to start a towing business, I’d say near to $10,000 and $50,000 is sufficient. 

After you have figured out the investment, the next thing you will need to think about is to gather class B licenses and the legal permits to start a tow truck business. You’ll need to check your local details for exact prices and procedures to gather the license. Also, remember to check for the insurance policies for your business. They may cost you some money for the first few months of the premium.

After setting up with all these things, you need to sit with your team and discuss small but crucial elements like the charges, the locations, the management, the dispatch centers, and other such activities. After deciding about these little and important things about your towing company, you’re good to tow!

The Takeaway

A tow truck business can earn you a lot of bucks if you know every know-how of how to start a towing business. However, starting a towing business is not an easy task at all. You will need to prepare an efficient towing system to provide fast and professional towing services to your clients. Setting up dispatch centers and arranging tow trucks will incur some investment from your pocket, but it’s totally worth it if you operate it well.

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Key Disruptions Rocking the Franchise Space




puzzle 1487340 640Like veritably all businesses in the post pandemic era, those operating in the franchise space are experiencing a wave of major change—as is the franchising trade at large. Accelerated and elevated adoption of technology; consumer demand for more efficient and on-demand service; and employee appeals for greater flexibility are among the many industry pivots that are evolving seemingly by the day.

These and other kinds of changes and challenges each have their own implications within the franchise space—a sector projected to open more than 26,000 locations and nearly 800,000 new jobs, employ nearly 8.3 million people and contribute $477 Billion to the U.S. GDP by 2021 year end.

“Amid all of the economic upside and the changes that are propelling the sector into new territory on multiple fronts, there are also numerous disruptive trends that, if not aptly adapted to, can become make-or-break factors for a franchise-based business,” cautions Jimmy St. Louis, Chief Executive Officer at—the franchise business MLS that connects franchise buyers and sellers globally.

According to St. Louis, here are a few key disruptive trends reshaping the space.

Transparency Takes the Lead

Now more than ever, accurate data and transparency is no longer a request, but rather has become a foundational requirement. The franchise development industry has never experienced the collective and global transparency of franchise data that is now underway. Franchise brokers, consultants and online franchise portals currently dominate the franchise development industry, but these outdated methods do not adequately meet the needs of modern investors. No matter the investment, buyers expect transparency and comprehensive data to facilitate the vetting process. Franchise buyers do not just want to be sold something, but rather they want to invest in a business that will best assure they will thrive financially, professionally and personally. Proper franchise selection has the biggest impact on whether or not a franchisee will succeed in any or all of these areas. Brokers and franchise portals not only limit the options available, but may also guide a prospective buyer towards a brand that is not right for their goals, objectives and sensibilities.

Industry Portals are Perishing

Specialized industry lead generation and business development portals have long been the connector between franchisors seeking to engage with potential franchisees, and they are dying on the vine—and rightfully so. Although consumers may not be aware, portals can be doing them a disservice. This is because of the fairly ubiquitous business model where portals are compensated for leads created—inherently creating a bias and weighting interests toward the portals themselves versus prospective buyers. That means that, as a franchise investor, a portal makes money off of you whether or not you are actually interested in—or suited for—the brand you merely clicked on to check out. Beyond this dynamic, there are a myriad of other problems with franchise portals. Brands are looking to these portals to find qualified and interested buyers, but often feel that they are wasting their time, energy and marketing dollars on unprepared leads. Those that are often not pre-qualified, vetted or properly funneled toward applicable brands. In addition the prospective franchisee is then often prematurely bombarded with phone calls even prior to their understanding of the brand. In turn, they are also left to their own accord to organize their thoughts, perform their own research and make their own investment decision. Thus, franchisors have been lamenting that they are paying too much per lead and heeding very limited results—eroding business development budgets that are stressed and waning post-COVID-19.These dollars are now being allocated toward other lead generation methods with a more demonstrable ROI.

Mass Entry Mishaps

Also in the wake of COVID-19 people are more wary than ever. Many have lost their jobs and, with it, their sense of stability in a traditional career path. Suddenly a 9 to5 job and promise of a bi-weekly paycheck does not feel reliable and, income aside, many people are also seeking more professional autonomy. The recent pandemic has accelerated the mass exodus from traditional careers and fueled the transition to freelancing, gig work and entrepreneurship. With this, franchise businesses have become a very popular option for people looking to pursue a more entrepreneurial route while absorbing less risk. This wave of new buyers are seeking to capitalize on the engrained support—and to leverage the power of an already established brand—as they embark on their entrepreneurial path. However, this eagerness and enthusiasm can lead to hasty or high pressure-driven decisions and avoidable mistakes—with selecting the wrong franchise for their goals and personality paramount among them.

Biz-Busting Legislation

Industry insiders indicate that new legislation will soon be proposed that threatens the profitability of the franchise broker business model. Franchise brokers count on being paid a portion of the initial fee that a new franchisee has paid to the brand up front, before the unit opens. By example, if a franchise investor pays $99,000 for the rights to open five locations, a franchise broker is typically paid 50% or more of that as their commission, regardless of the amount of locations the franchise opens. However, the newly-proposed legislation allows brokers to be paid the franchise fee as each franchise unit actually opens. This payment paradigm changes the entire sales process and cash flow for a broker. Compounding the concern is the fact that there are thousands of franchises soled each year that never open. With the current system, brokers are paid for their efforts of successfully bringing a new franchisee into the fold whether or not a unit actually opens—a post-sale situation out of their control and sphere of influence. This entire dynamic can put both the broker and the franchisor in a more compromising position, strain professional relationships in the process and potentially undermine a franchisee’s ability to obtain adequate broker assistance when desired. In simple terms, this new legislation will align the interest of all parties, but the broker network will surely not like it.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Franchising?

“These disruptions in particular are prompting key concerns for all contingents: inadequate access to mission critical information, cost inefficiencies and misaligned interests among them,” notes St. Louis. “Franchisors are having immense difficultly finding qualified franchisees due to misaligned interests of portals. This as brokers, and the tidal wave of prospective new franchise buyers themselves, are lacking a means to procure qualified information and efficiently connect with the right franchisors. This sector exemplifies the need for innovation and we expect to see several technological solutions manifest over the next few years. Transparent and self-guided sales processes have already begun to dominate a multitude of industries, including everything from buying houses on platforms like Zillow and cars on Carvana to shopping for insurance and more. Franchise development is long overdue for change; namely to establish a more innovative sales method that truly aligns the interests of franchisors and franchisees, alike, to the drastic benefit of all parties.”

Perhaps anything less than what St. Louis describes would be akin to shopping for a home without access to meaningful online data, leading to wholly inefficient and uninformed decision making that only exacerbates risk. In today’s marketplace, and the hugely impactful franchise trade in particular, that kind of result is entirely unnecessary, avoidable and will surely be regarded buy industry pundits as wholly unacceptable. Today, one couldn’t even imaging buying a home without suitable online resources.

Toward this end, St. Louis is pioneering change with–a first mover in the franchise development space. By providing a platform that allows prospective franchisees to independently access all of the information they need, on-demand and at their fingertips, they can make a fully informed and unbiased decision about the franchise that will best meet their needs and help them achieve their goals as a business owner.

As an equitable, multi-sided business platform, allows prospective franchisees to connect directly with franchisors. This structure allows for both franchisors and franchisees to manage and store their respective custom data associated with franchise buying and selling, and to even execute the transition online. The vast amount of tools that are provided to both franchisors and franchisees are intuitive and can demonstrate critical value to the investing experience. This first-of-its-kind platform is well-poised to become the benchmark standard for any franchise investor and seller.

The process is comprised of three easy, user-friendly steps that do not require any prior experience with franchising.

  • How does a prospective business owner know that franchising is the right path for them? provides a thorough breakdown of franchising and what all it entails in an objective format, never pushing a user toward a brand—or franchising at large—if it’s not the right fit.
  • allows buyers to view company information such as investment requirements, franchise fees, royalty fees, how long the company has been franchising, how many locations are currently open, potential earnings and more. The platform offers thousands of Franchise Disclosure Documents available through the site that may be viewed at no cost. Users can even do side-by-side comparisons of franchise statistics with a convenient comparison tool.
  • Once a buyer has narrowed down their top franchise choices, they can work their way through the entire buying process right from their dashboard, including direct communication with the franchisor. No need for a middleman to slow or sway the process.
  • Franchisors can claim their brand, update their company information, access information on their franchise leads and engage directly with prospective franchisors. As an added service, they can also opt to have take care of the entire franchise development process for them, from start to finish.

“Because of the franchisee journey we’ve created, franchisors can rest assured that the leads they receive from our platform are high quality and truly interested in their brand,” St. Louis said. “This will be a welcome change from the wasted time and money spent chasing after the poor-quality leads provided by franchise portals. And the benefits for buyers equally abound and starts with free access. Anyone can create an account on Franchise123 and begin exploring franchise options at no cost. Our intention is to completely transform the industry and make a significant, quantifiable impact in franchise sector growth. Toward that end, franchisees can rest assured that they have adequate investment tools to make the best, most accurate and informed decision for their interests, needs and goals.”

According to one report, assuming control of the COVID-19 pandemic is forthcoming this year, FRANdata predicts that by year-end, franchising will have recovered to nearly 2019 levels in most metrics: business growth, employment, economic outlook, and contribution to the GDP. The report also cited that total franchise output is projected to grow by 16.4% and contribute a total of $780 billion to the U.S. economy. All this largely founded on antiquated systems and processes rife with shortcomings. One need only imagine the economic upswing were the franchise development space to operate in a more efficient and equitable manner. This St. Louis is apparently hell bent on making happen.


Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist who reports on noteworthy industry change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all B2B and B2C categories. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events. Merilee is Founder, Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List” as well as Host of theSavvy Ventures” business TV show that airs nationally on FOX Business TV and Bloomberg TV and the “Savvy Living lifestyle TV show that airs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta and other major markets on CBS, FOX and other top networks. As a prolific business and consumer trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme—also delving into the minds behind the brands. Her work reaches multi-millions worldwide via broadcast TV (her own shows and copious others on which she appears) as well as a myriad of print and online publications. Connect with her at and / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN



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8 Things You Should Know Before Developing A Hybrid App




8 Things You Should Know Before Developing A Hybrid App

A great deal of new applications is built each day. There are in excess of 6 million applications accessible in the App Store and Google Play. Considering that users lean toward mobile phones to connect with the Internet, everybody needs to integrate a mobile application on their digital platform. Be that as it may, not every person knows why or how to design an application. In this way, numerous applications fail when attempting to prevail available.

Think about a solution for an issue 

This is presumably the main benefit that will define if your application will be effective. Save that load of thoughts you have and dispose of the ones that don’t fit the goals you need to accomplish with your application.

Think about your users and come at the scenario from their perspective. In case you were one of them, what might you expect this application to offer you? To assist you with finding this solution, you can ask yourself questions like these:

What is the fundamental capacity of the application?

What is the reason for its design?

What issues does it tackle?

What essential and optional capacities will it give to users?

Do a statistical surveying

You might be extremely convinced of the worth that your mobile application development services will have for users. Be that as it may, you can’t trust your instinct blindly.

You need to explore the chances and capability of your application in the real market. In the event that you have the cash to employ a hybrid app development company to do market research for you, congrats! Doubtlessly you will have many opportunities to succeed.

Sites, mobiles, or desktops? 

Albeit React Native App Development Services are more well known it doesn’t need to be your ideal arrangement and you ought to think about different choices. What are the primary advantages of a site, mobile or desktop application?

Web application

Web applications are viable with any platform, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS. If you definitely realize that you will update frequently, it’s likely best to start by developing a web application.

Native mobile application 

If you expect that users will utilize your application a few times each day, then, it is better to pick the development of a mobile application.

Desktop application 

A desktop application is most likely the best solution for security. All information is privately saved and there is no compelling reason to send them through the Internet.

Android or iOS? 

If you’ve settled on a mobile application, there’s one more significant choice to make: what platform do you pick? Obviously, the best arrangement is to create applications for all platforms to cover the whole client base. Some of the time, nonetheless, there is no time or cash, and you need to settle on just one of those two.

While picking a platform, contemplate demographics first. iOS users make up a minority of the worldwide market, they have higher incomes and spend more on applications. On the contrary, android application users generally belong to South America, Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe and the value execution proportion is more critical to them.

The next thing you ought to consider is development time. It by and large requires some investment to create and test an Android application.  The same is applicable in hybrid app development services too.

There is one more critical contrast between platforms in the issue of approvals and delivery. On the Android platform, it is easy to get help within a couple of hours when an update is made. In an analysis, approval time in the Apple store is 2-3 weeks in length and surprisingly more if the application is dismissed.

Make your first draft 

Presently you as of now have a few measurements that will direct you to begin your application development. So it’s an ideal opportunity to make the main draft of your application. Right off the bat, think about the usefulness before the vibe of your application. The thing to remember is if users don’t find what they need in your application, they won’t actually like an extravagant look.

In this draft, you will design the elements of your application: where you will put the menus, the pursuit field, the catches, and so on Relax, this won’t be the authoritative rendition. Later you can refine the subtleties, including an alluring hope to spruce up your application.

Contemplate care of your application in the wake of delivering 

An effectively completed development of an application isn’t the finish of the game, you need to think more ahead than that. Your application is something living and the interaction doesn’t end by just tallying downloads. You ought to be ready to contribute 20% of the expense of introductory development to keep up with measures. Keeping up with a period of an application incorporates practical, regulatory, infrastructure, and IT administrations. Other than this, you need to advance your application in application stores.

Pay attention to the users 

Your application has been delivered to the market and the primary users will begin making surveys. These feelings are truly important to work on the principal variant of your application or right bugs before the negative assessments increment. Remember to utilize apparatuses, for example, App trace or Flurry to screen the download patterns and client commitment.

Continue to work on your application development 

An application resembles a child. You need to deal with it and continually focus so it becomes solid. Assuming you need your application to be fruitful, you should follow and work on your application capacities continually. Continue dispatching new forms as indicated by what the users need. That is the key for your application to become beneficial.

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Salesforce Development – How Is It Good For Business



distributor management solution
UBQ Outreach

Sales force automation software (SFA) has already remodelled many industries to the advantage of consumers and the organization. Yet when it concerns how the sales team management software brings in a positive experience for the organization, SFA starts its outset phase. Today we can chat, support strategy, manage, and obtain real-time insights into what’s happening in the field sales area and precisely how are a few of the marketing tasks tracking compared to the previous stats? Nonetheless, also in its onset of the SFA transformation, it is clear that the means the customers involved with the organization is most likely to change basically.

Understanding field force automation CRM

Communication Bridge

Mobile-based sales force automation software or distributor management software uses a bridge for continual and unified interaction flow between the supervisor and the field team. The field group can create, upload as well as different share papers filed. Pdf material and also even video clips with the SFA app for area sales. They now don’t need to wait on their manager to be free to take the call. Interaction currently is essential and also obtainable in both methods utilizing the sales force tracking software. There are alternatives to send out informs and also notices which make the job much easier.

The Field Team A Lot More Organized

The sales force automation software application makes the field sales team more organized and effective. They can gain access to kept data (historical data) regarding the lead and, based upon their information, can be provided targets. This SFA app promotes sped up efficiency in much less time as well as with highly reliable data.

Sales Field Performance Monitoring Anytime -Anywhere

Despite just how large your Sales Force team is– tracking their performance is straightforward. Manual monitoring has constantly been a troublesome initiative as well as incorrect. However, sales force automation software aids exceptionally by inspecting and bookkeeping the data fed and cross-checking the development live in the field. The supervisors can currently access the data quickly and lower the report generation time by 95%. The manager can even send out reminder alerts and notifications as and when called for.

Brand Understanding And Promotion Is Just A Click Away

The best mobile-based sales force automation solution or in the world offers a solid base for them to sell effectively, considering that online application will open up for details instantly. Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers are now simply a single touch away. This makes them act in quick action time and also sustain their phone call with thousands of marketing projects, appealing plans without making the client delay, merely this gets rid of the need to lug hefty brochures for File’s sales calls as well as additionally conserve money of printing heavy and also colourful brochures, e-newsletter and even more.


Business needs the best mobile based sales force automation solution to send information about their everyday travelling allocation details and miscellaneous costs. All this information that earlier submitted manually for repayment objective can currently be updated on the app, making it less complicated for your financing team and assisting you in reconciling cash and cost appropriately.

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5 Simple Tactics to Brand Your Taxi Services



uber clone app

Taxi services are high revenue-generating platforms and flooded with many service providers. Getting a branded one among the competitive environment by providing high-quality taxi services as per expectations of the riders is the ultimate aim of all the service providers. 

Since the preferences of the riders are continually varying, an updated business model with all the essential options is an important requirement for the service providers. As we all know that the Uber clone app model is one such platform that includes the customized options and features to make the service providers offer the services in the right way.

Though this model is perfectly fit, high-brand value is also an important need for the service providers to receive more bookings from the riders. In this blog, you will find the simple tactics to create brand value for your taxi services. 


Ensure Online Presence

A first and foremost tactic is to ensure the online presence consistently. Since the needs of the customers are continually varying, being available on their time is the important criterion to create the brand for the taxi services. 

An uninterrupted online presence against any fluctuations is the important option for the service providers to identify the rider’s needs and offer the perfect services timely. Since social media usage is highly observed among the millennial groups, integrating them into the uber clone business model also ensures the online presence consistently. 

Open for Multi-Dimensional Trip Options

As soon as the online-based taxi services are emerging, not only the common people but also the corporate trips, official get together, outstation trips are also highly preferred online bookings. 

To meet those needs, the business model you selected includes the options for multiple trip bookings. With these, you can expand your taxi services in a multi-dimensional way. By offering unique services in these ways, gaining high brand value is the easy one for the service providers.


Feel-Free Accessibility

As we all know the participants of the on-demand taxi service are drivers and riders. Both of them need feel-free accessibility options.

To fulfill such needs, your app model holds multiple login options like email, mobile number, social media accounts. Due to these multiple options, drivers and riders can easily access your model anytime anywhere.

Drivers prefer simple onboarding options from the app model they partnered with. While you are building the app, you should mainly focus on these options. Prior to onboarding them, the validation of their skills and experience is also an important one. As the service provider, you can check the documents uploaded by the drivers prior to onboarding. 


Virtual Track Records

Location tracking is an important one for the riders to make the traveling arrangements in a comfortable manner. With the emergence of location-aware options like Google maps and smart navigation in real-time, instant updates regarding the location are provided to the riders easily. 

Due to the integration of location-aware options within the app models, the drivers can easily track the rider’s pickup location and the distance easily. With the pool of distance values, these newly added visual tracking feature shows the optimal distance where the trip can be made within the small-time period. 

With the completion of trips in the small-time period, the drivers now cover more trips per day. Covering more trips can also lead to gaining a high-brand value for your taxi services. This also increases the profit value and production value. 


Revenue Accelerating Schemes

One of the main concerns for preferring the on-demand taxi service app model is the instant revenue options for both drivers and service providers. Basic revenue schemes for the uber clone app business model are a commission for each ride, subscription, and cancellation charges. 

Commission on Each Ride: As soon as the new ride-booking request is confirmed, the commission from the rider’s payment can be directly deducted and credited to your account.

Subscription: In order to make the riders stay on the business model for the long tertum, the subscription plays a major role and it can be varied monthly and yearly. This is also helpful for the one who makes regular travels for their work locally or out of the region. 

Cancellation Charges: Within the specified time limit, the booked ride is canceled means, the specific amount is deducted and this will also boost the revenue value. 

In addition to the above schemes, the latest revenue options evolved in real-time are:

Booking Fee for Favorite Driver- If the riders feel the trip with a specific driver is comfortable and they need the same for future trips. A special amount deducted during peak hours will also boost the revenue value. 

Retaining Fee- Retaining the high-rated drivers in the top position will make them get more bookings from the riders’ side. To retain them at this position, a special charge is collected that also increases the revenue value easily.

With these multivariate revenue generation schemes, the number of drivers attached to the business model is more. Thereby, you can offer a wide range of services and also build your own brand easily. 



On-demand taxi services are getting many revolutions as per the rider’s expectations. Getting a high brand value in the competitive industry is the major expectation for every service provider. The tactics listed in this blog are very useful for the one who wishes to gain a high-brand value in the market easily. 

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Startup Business Ideas Post Covid-19



Startup Business Ideas Post Covid-19

It’s been more than a year since the world is going through this tough time. The arrival of Covid-19 has completely changed the way of the regular process right from business to education. This has created such unforgettable losses to several industries. The pandemic has made many of the business owners clueless. There are many who have lost their jobs and facing nervousness thinking about their future.

As the situation is now resting, it’s time to find a way to accept the situation and adopt the changes. We have to begin with the new idea as the world is resuming to this. In the coming time, the online platform is going to have heavy traffic. Many of the businesses are now growing on the online platforms, what makes them grow faster and unique is their respective custom labels. Custom labels on your product make them extraordinary and help a lot in advertising. Starting your business online will definitely be a win-win situation for you. To start a new business along with the pandemic is the only golden way to make use of the situation. You have to embrace yourself in such a condition and make yourself comfortable with the chances.

Thereof number of ways to start your new business: Start making custom labels for brands, start a website development business, make an app and sell healthcare products, etc.

Here’s what you should do to start your business staying at home.

  • Set a goal: The most important thing to start a new business is to look after the startup idea which you are most interested in. You should not be wrong in this step.
  • Look for its benefits: Make sure you find out the idea which you are thinking is going to be profitable for you. There’s no point in starting up with something which is not going to give you any benefit.
  • Make it strong: Think of ideas to make it more robust.

Here are some Startup Business Ideas Post Covid-19

Custom Labels Business

A large number of products are entering every day, so it’s important to stand out in the crowd and we need to get attention to our brand. Your product should be impactful and eye-catching. To do so, it becomes important to get an attractive label for your product. The better your product appears, the better result it gives.

What you can do to start up a new business is to start making custom label and personalized stickers for the brands. Approach to the companies and you can start selling custom labels for the brands. This is one of the innovative startup ideas you can think of.

The point to remember while starting with the custom label is, you need to know for what product you are making a custom label. After knowing the product you can look for the perfect size and material to use for making the label. Set a budget and be creative about designing the label. The label should be informative about the product, perfect tag line, and correct image and background color. Consider the visual appeal and design the custom label. Get more precise about the shape of the label, material, color, and text alignment.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancers are the person who works for themselves and not for the company or organization. You don’t need to go to the office, you are under the control of any boss. You just have to search for clients and work for them.

Firstly define your services, what are you best at and what you will be able to do for the clients.

Here are some freelancing Start-up Ideas:

  • Content Writing: A content writer writes content for the website, blog, or articles. According to your preferences, you can choose your area of interest and start writing on it. You get paid for the content you write. You can also buy a domain and start writing blogs on your own website.
  • Social Media Marketing: In this era of social media awareness, advertising the brand on social platforms is something every business owner needs. If you have skills and knowledge about social media marketing, you can search for such small business owners and ask them to help them advertise their services.

Start Fitness & Wellness App

As the Covid-19 arrived, everyone got more aware of their physical and mental health. Staying home and increasing immunity power with exercises has become the new normal for many of us. After hitting covid-19 everyone want’s to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay fit. To maintain the perfect balance everyone’s trying to work on their body and utilize this time to make their body the way they want. As the gyms are shut off, the only way to take fitness classes is from an online medium. The covid-19 pandemic has fueled the rise in the fitness and health sector.

Many people have started giving online classes on wellness and health which has lead to sudden bloom in the health industry. You can start taking tips from yoga trainers and gym instructors and start using them in your online training period. Get an app developed and create a custom label that can define your services. This startup Idea is anyway going to make you a worthy start. As every age group is now interested in maintaining their health, most of them take the help of online yoga and exercise courses.

Website designing business

We all know every small and large business is closed during the lockdown. To find another way to keep running the business is to start it online. Many of the business owners have shifted their business to the online platform. Website is something which becomes important if we are starting our business online. Business owners are in search of someone who can help them make a website for their business. So to start this business in this period is the best idea to make money. Search for small brands, communicate with them, get to know about their services and products, and develop a website. Increase your network on social sites to find more clients. Provide valuable services and gain more profit.

Starting an On-demand Cleaning Services

The fear of Covid-19 has made everyone aware of hygiene and cleanliness. Everyone wants to be surrounded by safe and healthy spaces. This gives an amazing idea to start up a new business of cleaning services. Making an app and promoting it will surely give a rise in business in this covid situation. Make a custom label for your service to make it stand out in the crowd. It is seen that there is about a 95% increase in the demand for cleaning services. There are high inquires from hospitals and medical care centers for cleaning services. Restaurants, schools, and colleges are now reopened after a long break, so they are in need of cleaning facilities. Finding such cleaning services through the app is an easier way to approach big organizations and hospitals. Looking up to this idea will definitely going to help you in making a good start of a business.

Launch Online Home Service Business

As most of the shops and industries are closed, everyone is working from home. Because of lockdown, homemade products are in high demand. There are many people who have started home-based businesses and are relying on that. You can start your home service business which can be done by staying home and will give you profit as the home-based services are emerging in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Selling Healthcare Products

Homemade masks are in demand as there is a shortage in the stores. You can start this business with some investment and help people in such a tough time. Make an app, give it a name, make a custom label and showcase different varieties of masks and this business would anyhow make a big difference as there is a scarcity of face masks and protecting shields. You can also add on other products which are in high demand during this pandemic such as hand sanitizers. Printing the custom label of your brand on products will help in advertising your business.


Stay positive and don’t lose hope. Think of the ideas which are easier to find in such a situation and are more likely to be used by people. Even the smallest business can help you grow by putting in the effort and some creativity. Your business can bring you more opportunities in the future. Try unique and innovative ideas to make your business more stable. Make this lockdown a period to learn new things and have self-progress. Have patience, there is a number of startup ideas which you can think of.

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How to Apply Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana



Cover 1 1

Seeking a detailed article on Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana how to apply? Well, you have arrived in the correct place to seek answers. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana was launched back on 8th April 2015, by the honorable Prime Minister. The Mudra Mission targets achieving financial protection and economic prosperity. It works towards creating a valuable and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in collaboration with other institutions. The Mudra yojana offers loans up to 10 lakhs to establishments like non-farm micro-enterprises. The loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana are popularly known as ‘Mudra Loans’.

The vision of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is to enhance the social and economic development of the non-farm establishments by rendering financial support. The Mudra Loans are offered by almost all the commercial banks of India. One can approach any of the loan providers mentioned above or can also apply on an online portal – as per convenience. However, to know more about the How to apply Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, continue reading. The article ahead elaborates on every minute detail about the yojana. Also, you get a step-by-step guide on how to get a mudra yojana loan.

How to apply for the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana?

You need to follow some easy steps to apply for Mudra loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. To apply you need follow the below-jotted steps:-

  • Step 1:-First and foremost, you require some essential Mudra loan documents to apply for the Mudra loan.
  1. Identity proof like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, Driving License. etc.
  2. Business proof like the business registration documents for the analysis of Mudra loan eligibility.
  3. Address proof like telephone bill, water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, etc.
  • Step 2:-Pick a financial institution of your choice and apply for a Mudra loan. Most of the commercial banks of India, as well as financial organizations, offer Mudra loans.
  • Step 3:-Fill the request form to apply for the loan. Every applicant requires filling up business and personal details in the application form to apply for the Mudra loan. The applicants also need to ascertain the loan amount before applying for the Mudra loan scheme.

What is Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana?

The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is an initiative by the Indian government that offers MSMEs, individuals, and SMEs. The full form of MUDRA is, Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency, which, in turn, indicates the objective of the initiative. The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for startups is offered under three loan schemes, namely Shishu, Tarun, and Kishor. The maximum loan that one can apply for is 10 lakhs. Though, there is no minimum amount. To avail of Different Types of Mudra Loan, no security or collateral is asked by the financial institutions or banks.

The objectives of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana 

Some of the prominent objectives of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana are listed below:-

  1. To lay down guidelines of the policy for rendering funding micro-enterprises and small businesses.
  2. To render help to small trades such that they develop and further grow.
  3. To offer funding preferences to Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.
  4. To render monetary assistance to small income groups and businesses such that, they can expand and build their startup.
  5. Having various Microfinance Institutions registered and regulating.
  6. To create an eased out access for the unbanked and help them lower the cost of their funding.
  7. To regulate the several Microfinance Institutions that deal with services, trades, and manufacturing.

What are the different Mudra Loan Types?

There are 3 kinds of Mudra loan types that you can apply for:-

  1. Shishu:-The Shishu Yojana covers up to INR 50,000 for businesses in the early stages. This yojana is a specific Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for startups. Shishu deals with micro and small businesses or individuals who require funding to start something on a smaller level. The yojana works towards allowing the unfunded trade ideas and bring a business idea into a formal monetary system.
  2. Kishor:-The Kishor Yojana covers up to INR 5 lakhs for enterprises that require additional funds. It works towards giving a financial push to businesses that seek extended monetary help to expand operations. It helps businesses to prosper that lack funding but are full of potential to make it huge in the future.
  3. Tarun:- The Tarun Yojana covers up to INR 10 lakhs for the already establishes businesses. The Tarun Yojana offers a large sum for already established businesses. The loan allows trades to expand to another level. Also, these businesses require fitting some specific eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for a Mudra loan?

The Indian government has launched Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana to offer Mudra Loans to small business owners and micro companies to meet their monetary requirements and operating costs. Any individual who runs a micro business is eligible to apply for the Mudra loans. However, there are certain criteria for a person to apply for the Mudra loan. Let us take a look at them:-

  1. To apply for the Mudra loan, you need to be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 65 years of age. An individual falling under the mentioned age bar is eligible to apply for the Mudra loans.
  2. The applicants must be engaged in associated agricultural services since April 1, 2016.
  3. Any non-farm economic trade, services, and manufacturing businesses can apply for the loan.
  4. The applicant must have a 10 lakh or lesser loan requirement.

Is Mudra Yojana for Women?

The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana supports female applicants. The government has suggested several banks and financial institutes to consider extending extra facilities for women entrepreneurs. Lower Mudra loan interest rate is offered to women entrepreneurs. Presently, Micro Financial Institutions (MFIs) and NBFCs extend a 25 BPS (basic points) reduction to female applicants.

What are Mudra Loan Documents?

Once you know the answer to Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana how to apply, all you need is, to compile all the necessary documents together and wait for approval. The documents that you require to apply for a Mudra Loan are listed below:-

  1. A detailed business plan which is self-written
  2. KYC documents of the applicant or applicants in case there are more than one.
  3. Identity proof – PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving license, Passport.
  4. Proof of business tenure and business address, in case it is applicable.
  5. Registration documents, Certificates or Licenses, if any.
  6. Mention of belonging to any special category like SC, ST, OBC, or any other minority.
  7. Passport size photos of the applicant/applicants
  8. Proof of income with financials like registrations, Sales Tax Return, licenses, ITR, etc.
  9. Proof of residence – Aadhar Card, Passport, Bank Statement, Voter ID Card, Telephone Bill, etc.
  10. A duly filled application for the specific Mudra loan category that you plan to apply for.

What is Mudra Loan Interest Rate?

The Mudra loan interest rate in 2020 is 8.05%. The processing fee varies from nil to 0.5%. The mudra loans render a maximum of 10 lakhs loan for 5 years.

The interest rate starts at 8.05% and when applying for the loan you can compare the rates of various options and apply as per your convenience. Also, no collateral or security is demanded to get the Mudra loan.

Let us have a look at the interest rate offered by some of the financial institutes:-

  • HDFC Bank:-The interest rate offered by HDFC bank varies between 10.99% to 20.70%, and the processing fee is up to 1.5%.
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce:-The interest rate offered by Oriental Bank of Commerce varies between 10.65% to 11.65%, and the processing fee is up to 0.5%.
  • ICICI Bank:-The interest rate offered by ICICI bank varies between 10.99% to 17.99%, and the processing fee is up to 2.25%.

Is Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for Startups?

Absolutely! The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana renders financial aid to startups.

The Government of India is a very progressive one when it comes to supporting startups. It takes initiatives of funding schemes and granting loans to entrepreneurs and startups in the nation. Often, entrepreneurs and small businesses require funding for their unique ideas. Owing to the same objective, the Indian Government came up with the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. It offers Mudra loans to small businesses, startups, micro agencies, etc., who require funding for their growth and expansion.

To apply for a Mudra loan, startups must first figure out the category they belong to. Once they categorize their requirements, they can apply for the Mudra loan. Once the startup decides a category, the following step is to decide which financial institutions the loan should be availed of. Once decided, the applicant can apply for the loan from MFIs, Banks, or NBFCs.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana helpline number

The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana customer care number is 1800-180-1111. There is another alternate Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana customer helpline number– 1800-11-0001. These are both toll-free numbers, and you can contact customer care for any queries.

The following table lists the state level helpline numbers:-

Andaman & Nicobar Island 18003454545
Andhra Pradesh 18004251525
Arunachal Pradesh 18003453988
Assam 18003453988
Bihar 18003456195
Chandigarh 18001804383
Chattisgarh 18002334358
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 18002338944
Daman & Diu 18002338944
Goa 18002333202
Gujarat 18002338944
Haryana 18001802222
Himachal Pradesh 18001802222
Jammu & Kashmir 18001807087
Jharkhand 18003456576
Karnataka 180042597777
Kerala 180042511222
Lakshadweep 4842369090
Madhya Pradesh 18002334035
Maharashtra 18001022636
Manipur 18003453988
Mizoram 18003453988
Nagaland 18003453988
Delhi 18001800124
Orissa 18003456551
Puducherry 18004250016
Punjab 18001802222
Rajasthan 18001806546
Sikkim 18003453988
Tamil Nadu 18004251646
Telangana 18004258933
Tripura 18003453344
Uttar Pradesh 18001027788
Uttarakhand 1 8001804167
West Bengal 18003453344

What are the specific segments that the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana emphasizes?

The Finance Minister emphasizes helping women, minorities, tribals, backward classes, and Dalits via the Mudra loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. The yojana targets to render monetary help to those who have otherwise been in the lack of adequate opportunity of receiving funds.

What is Mudra Card?

Mudra Card is issued to the applicants who apply for the Mudra loan, and their loan gets approved. It is a debit card for convenient use. Once the loan is approved, the financial institution opens a Mudra loan account in the name of the applicant and issues a Mudra card with it. The amount of the loan is issued in the Mudra account of the applicant. Additionally, the process helps to track the applicant’s credit history.

Purpose of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

One can avail of the Mudra loan under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for several income-generating activities listed below:-

  1. Commercial Vehicle:-buying any vehicle for commercial transportation use like tractors, taxis, 3-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, tillers, e-rickshaws, goods carrier vehicles, etc.
  2. Food and Textile industry activities:-activities involved in the textile and food industry. Service sector activities:- for startup businesses like salons, tailoring stores, repair shops, photocopying shops, gyms, medicine shops, dry-cleaning stores, etc.
  3. Equipment fund scheme for small units:-a loan of maximum INR 10 lakhs.
  4. Service sector activities:-for startup businesses like salons, tailoring stores, repair shops, photocopying shops, gyms, medicine shops, dry-cleaning stores, etc.
  5. Trading activities for shopkeepers and traders:-setting up service enterprise, trading activities, and non-farm activities that generate income.
  6. Agriculture allied activities:-activities associated with agriculture businesses, poultry, grading, agro-processing units, bee-keeping, livestock-rearing, fishing, sorting, pisciculture, and agro-clinics.

Benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana’s Mudra Loan

Several benefits of the Mudra loans are listed below. Let us take a look:

  1. Mudra loans are offered to render monetary help to vendors, shopkeepers, businessmen, traders, etc. for trading, and service sector tasks.
  2. The Mudra loans are offered by the Government of India under Credit Guarantee Schemes.
  3. Debit cards called Mudra Cards are offered for easy usage.
  4. Non-firm businesses,i.e., micro firms can avail of Mudra loans and engage in income generation.
  5. Women are given lower interest rates.
  6. The loan amount can be used as overdraft facilities and term loans.


The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana’s Mudra Loan is designed to help micro-businesses and individuals who are otherwise not given adequate funding to grow in life. The government of India has begun this yojana to help the people of the country to economically grow and prosper. Since 2015, the yojana has offered loans to numerous applicants.



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How to Improve Your Taxi-Hailing Business with Advanced Options?



How to Improve Your Taxi-Hailing Business with Advanced Options?

On the basis of getting taxis’ inconvenient time schedules and advanced booking options, taxi-startups are familiar in the transport industry. Knowing the customer demands and upgrading the services accordingly will make the taxi-startup owners lead a top role in the competitive market. After a thorough analysis of the taxi-industry, we are getting aware of the following things:  

  • The on-demand taxi service acted as a big interface among the customers and technology. 
  • As soon as the technology transformed, the demands from the customers changed in a rapid form that enables the new update for a taxi application
  • The penetration of taxi booking applications creates a convenient platform for customers while booking a taxi. 
  • The utilization level of private taxi services is increased and this makes the business the evergreen revenue platform. 

As per these observations, taxi-startup is the familiar and revenue-generating platform for various professionals in recent days. Every startup owner must be aware of some preliminary things as follows. 

  • Targeting region they launched
  • Customer’s traveling behavior
  • Make use of online apps to meet the customer closer
  • Attentive to traveling needs
  • On-time services
  • Easy payments

Many giant players like Uber, Lyft, etc focus on these basic things and additional aspects to provide timely taxi-services to various peoples all over the world. With the strong active user base, the top-level players have already participated in the business race and they become strong competitors for you. 

Since each of them registering its place in the market with specific revenue shares, the whole taxi-industry is becoming the competitive one in recent times. Hence, entering into the competitive market with basic things will not give you any options for high-revenue and good familiarity. 

Greeting your customers with specialized options and showing the differences in ride-hailing processes are the two approaches that make you stand top in the industry. It requires some advanced options to compete with them.  Let’s elaborate what are all the advanced options that need to be focussed on as the new taxi-startup owner to contribute your own share in the market. 

Fit into Customer’s Needs

Since the major players involved in your taxi-startup are customers, your application must be attractive and unique to them dedicatedly. Offering unique services to your customers via app includes the following aspects.

  • Tracking the drivers in an advanced way
  • Fulfilling the seasonal expectations with the offers and discounts
  • Engage with the fixed-price for common destinations like Airport and Railway Station
  • Showcasing the travel duration and the cost 

Attractive Options for Drivers 

The application must be equipped with the services for the drivers in the following aspects.

  • More earnings during peak loads
  • No investment cost for joining 
  • Getting payments quickly through payment gateways
  • Flexible ride schedules. 

With the above-listed metrics, your application plays a partner role in the dual side that makes you different in the market. This feature attracts huge drivers and customers that make your startup base strong. 

Focus on Specialities 

Nowadays, people show major concerns related to environmental protection and they expect such options in the taxi-startup. An eco-friendly taxi-application is a great business idea and it gets more attention from the customers. To redefine the structure, the application covers up the use of electric vehicles and includes the tree-planting donation into the fare estimates. 

When the taxi services are running through the electric vehicle, the location of the charging station to be updated in the driver’s portal is the necessary one. The GPS enabled in the taxi application allows the drivers to know the short distance between the current location and the charging station easily. With this, the searching time is to be minimized and the drivers also cover more trips per day. 

Make Fit into Advanced Niches

The next important one is to provide the bike-taxi services to the customers by your startup. The competition for the two-wheel taxi service is less compared to four-wheelers and probably they are running in big cities. Identifying such alternatives in the business platform and including the associated feature set in the business model surely make your startup a familiar one among the customers. 

Easy Expansion- Launching taxi services across the borders is a wonderful option to reach more customers and high revenue. Look for countries where uber or giant players are unavailable and make a plan to launch your startup in that country. 

Recently, the influence of social media on taxi-booking apps is highly observed. Integrating such aspects into the app-workflow premises, expansion of the taxi-startup with high-quality rating is achievable one in the market. 

For every year, the customer demands are changing one and these set several milestones for the tax-service providers. This in turn includes several options to meet the demands in order to make their startup the evergreen choice in the customer’s mind. 

As a new taxi-startup owner, you must know certain advanced metrics to compete with the giant players in the taxi-industry. When selecting the uber clone app for your taxi-hailing startup, make sure that your app includes all the advanced options. 

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SHE Can Do It All! In the Spotlight, Jami Amerine’s Journey to Be a Successful Wife, Mom, Author & Blogger



Jami Amerine's

Woman, a remarkable creation of God, whose strength and determination to perform well and achieve success in every sphere of life amaze man. Although today, women’s rights are equal in almost every sphere of life, the small sacrifices she makes for the people around her are often underappreciated and are not due recognition.

A woman is built to be a multitasker from the beginning of time. She is trained to balance multiple things at a time from a very young age. From being a helpful and caring daughter to a girl who has to follow her mother or grandmother’s footsteps to be a well-behaved young woman, the pressures of a woman are not acknowledged enough.

In this rapidly evolving world, the pressures of being a perfect wife, mom, and working woman all at once are making it difficult to survive as a woman. Despite this, she continues to do her best and excel in every phase of life. Whether a career-oriented woman or a house maker who single-handedly takes care of the entire house – a woman’s shoulders are loaded with responsibilities a man can never think of handling.

Such is the case of Jami Amerine. Born on September 26, 1971, and raised in Avenal in California, Jami Amerine is a religious author, blogger, full-time mother to six children, a loving wife to his husband, and a caring mother-in-law. Her books’ religious views are derived from real-life experiences and have managed to gain ground among the public.

Being a Supermom

Nurturing and raising six children is no joke. And caring for foster and adopted children is an even more difficult and sensitive task. Two out of Jami’s six children are adopted. Jami and her husband, Justin, foster kids until they find a permanent home and raise them to be kind-hearted and generous young individuals.

Upbringing foster children is a responsibility only a few can handle. There are many challenges that foster parents face while raising a child that is not theirs biologically. With her optimistic and loving approach, Jami had managed to raise those children with utmost care and maturity.

Foster kids come from a disturbed background. They often find it difficult to develop relationships and mingle around people. These children have seen the rough and unfiltered version of life at a very young age, and most of the time, exhibit self-destructive behavior. Handling such children requires experience and patience, and Jami’s personality was a perfect blend of these qualities.  Her website ‘Sacred Grounds, Sticky Floors’ has an array of experiences that she has shared over time for people to learn and be inspired.

Jami is a holder of an undergraduate degree in Family Consumer Sciences and is also a holder of three master’s degrees in Human Development, Counseling, and Education. She, along with her husband, are advocates for foster care, adoption, and foster reform. Jami, through her blogs, encourages people to raise foster children the right way. She advises people to be an active part of society to stand for those who are in dire need of support and love.

Diversified Religious Views

Born to a Mormon mother and non-religious father, Jami had seen the religious contrast from a very young age. On the one hand, she witnessed extreme love, devotion, and respect for Jesus, while on the other hand, her father was the complete opposite. Her exposure to two very conflicting viewpoints from the beginning of her life is why her thoughts are a unique amalgamation of logic and belief.

Her journey to find Jesus was flummoxing and complicated. Her life as a faithful Christian was full of question marks. She had, in her life, found different spins and variations of Jesus, being worshipped in different ways, which did not primarily make sense to her. Every person had built their image of Jesus in their mind. But according to Jami, Jesus was present everywhere and is always there with us to help us get through life. She believes Jesus can be found when a person is at their lowest. And her blog ‘An Open Letter to My Children: You’re Not That Great,’ she has expressed a similar message. It is due to this unique blog and her different approach towards finding Jesus that has made her who she is now.

This blog turned her into an overnight celebrity from getting only 69 views per blog to a whopping 689,391 views. She had never taken her writing skills seriously and had to start blogging as a hobby. But her interesting viewpoints and boldness to express her feelings without the fear of being judged are what made her stand out from the rest.

Today, Jami is the author of three best-selling books. ‘Stolen Jesus’ has received a decent amount of attention due to her frank and tell-like-it-is style of writing. Her book is full of self-deprecating anecdotes that strip all of her perceived notion of Jesus to discover His genuine character.  Her second book, ‘Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: How Less-Than-Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids,’ revolves around the idea of dealing with motherhood. She talks about her failures and fears of being a good wife and mother and still being loved by the Heavenly Father who guides every child of His through thick and thin.

Being an ardent believer of Christ, she incorporates Him in all of her books uniquely and interestingly, portraying her life experiences from a different angle. Jami has also written a third book called “Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey To Wellness.’ Her upcoming book, which would be her fourth ‘Rest, Girl: A Journey from Exhausted and Stressed to Entirely Blessed,’ which is due to release in the fall of 2021, also revolves around a similar idea, is much anticipated by her fans.

Amerine’s eccentric way of motivating and guiding the lost to rediscover Christ is truly commendable. Her relentless efforts towards making society a better place to live in will surely make her reach new heights of success!

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4 Simple Ways to Brand your Rental Marketplace Business



Artificial Intelligence

What comes to your mind if you are marketing a rental business service today – creating ads on social media where the target users present, filling out the online directories, and doing SEO for keeping the website or the app on top of the SERPs. That’s how normally the marketing plans are designed. 

But have you ever wondered about the old school methods of marketing? 

It may be old school but it still works out as it connects to the real audience. 

In this blog, you will find old school techniques in marketing the service with real-life examples. 

Billboard advertisement

You can easily spot a billboard when you are passing by to work or going someplace important. Some billboards ads are extremely funny and simply creative.

Billboard is an old dated advertising method preferably suiting for a newly launched product or a business service. As the billboard advertisement reaches a mass audience of all age groups, a newly launched product or a business service needs such hype to get their business started. 

Also, the billboard allows frequent exposure with the brand name, making it easy for customers to remember it. 

There are different forms of billboard advertisements – the printed form, painting on the wall, digital billboard, posters on a truck or taxi car, etc. Advertising in popular locations like highways, traffic junctions, bridges, and rise-high buildings has a better chance to attract more user’s attention. The user’s who are driving by the billboard on highways, or traffic junctions have a shorter span to notice the billboard. Make sure the billboard content is shorter and brighter to notice the brand’s name. 

Advertise in Newspaper, and magazines

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is still considered popular and credible. 

There are niche magazines suiting a specific audience whereas some magazines are for everyone. For instance ESPN The Magazine, Science World

Or Harvard Magazine operates for a specific set of audience whereas Time Reader’s Digest is for the general audience. 

Each magazine has a count of readership members and from that, we can decide where to advertise to reach a specific set of audience or to a mass audience. 

For instance, if your rental marketplace platform is concerning the rental of women’s accessories and apparel, advertising in the Women’s magazine reaches your customers base quickly. 

If the rental marketplace platform is about renting homes for a vacation like Airbnb, then advertising on the general audience magazine will convert more quality leads to your platform. 

The same applies to advertisements in newspapers. Adverting your rental service in a famous newspaper brand would garner more audience from your country. 

You can also advertise your rental marketplace service in a local newspaper making your brand name visible in the local. 

Distributing pamphlets 

Pamphlets are a great way of advertising your rental service in detail to the local community. Commonly we come across people distributing pamphlets on their newly opened services like a beauty parlor, bike repair shop, or a newly started office. We also receive pamphlets inside newspapers or magazines. 

Pamphlets can be a great way to advertise your business in detail with the set of instructions on making the audience 

Street art Marketing 

Street art is the unique arty and visually pleasing mural picture on the public platforms. Street art is one of the underrated marketing advertisements.

As the Mural Art and paintings are so visually pleasing and capture our immediate attention, it is good to use it for marketing purposes. 

For instance, Uber has used street art in India, to promote a marketing campaign for the hashtag #LeaveYourCarBehind for the Delhi air pollution. This marketing campaign also slightly benefits their brand’s name.  


Here is our list of old school advertising tactics to try in your marketing strategy. Take a page from this blog post and squeeze your creative juices into your marketing plan. 

To create a rental marketplace platform, approach a rental marketplace app development company for better control of your business.  

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