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Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores



Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores
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When it comes to mastering Golf, you cannot pass through the goal without mastering the putting skill. Putting is the deciding factor with any style of play you may have if you want to dop your score. Bombing the ball to 350 yards has less impact on lowering the score, compared to perfect putting. Being able to hit the ball that far will draw people’s attention for sure, but putting is the thing that lowers your score.

Practicing the putting will help you achieve the goal of the score. Practicing the wrong way won’t find you a way in; a set of professional advice can get you better. Here in this article, you will find that tips and hacks that’ll take your putting skills to another level.

1. Get a perfect Strike

Striking the ball for putting is the foremost crucial part of getting it in the hole. The aim here is to hit the ball right in the middle of the club. If you can hit the ball correctly right in the middle, the chance of getting the ball in the hole is higher. It gives you firm confidence and more control over the ball. The amount of the force you are putting on the club will decide how fast or slow the ball will roll over the green. While perfecting your strike, caveat your aim or alignment and focus on the center strike. It also helps to have good equipment at your disposal, so make sure you have the best golf shaft available.

How to practice the strike?

For a significant penetration on the strike and firm control on the hit, you need to practice a lot. You can follow these steps to perfect your center strike:

  • Take two tees and stand where you want to strike the ball from. Put the two tees with a slightly larger gap of the width of the putter club you are using.
  • Now put the ball in between these tees and attempt to strike the ball without hitting the tees. It will help you get more control over the club and hit the ball steadily.
  • Furthermore, put the ball precisely in the middle with the tees a little behind and hit the ball. It will let you hit the ball accurately in the middle of the club and get a more efficient hit.
  • Stick some tees parallel, making a gateway for the ball to the hole. Hit the ball from the opposite end and try to get it inside the hole without hitting the tees. You will notice the improvement over the time if you can hit it center.

2. Master the Pace

When it comes to monitoring the pace or as it called distance monitoring, it’s the easiest thing to master. When you practice enough to get the perfect strike on the ball, it’s easier to get the idea for the pace. You can eye-measure the distance from your striking point to the hole and decide how much of force you need. After getting the measurements right and striking it with the center of the club, it’s not much of a problem to get the distance.

How can you practice

As I mentioned earlier, getting the pace correct is not much of a problem if you get the strike correctly. You can still sharpen your measurement ability by following these steps:

  • Stick a tee peg past the hole, and the distance could vary with your choice. My choice of ideal distance for beginners is about 5 feet across the hole.
  • After sticking, get back to your striking place, and now you have two targets in front of you. One is the hole itself, and the other is the tee peg with a little more distance.
  • Strike the ball and see how much of the distance you are passing the hole. You can always higher or lower the distance and get it correct until every strike is filling the hole.
  • You will find a pattern of your own, note that down, and practice that a lot. It depends on how long or short your body and hand are.

3. Correct the Start line

The start line in putting the golf ball is the key to find the ball in the hole. If you get the start line correctly, you will be able to get the hole as your finish line for sure. Once you’ve got the reading of the green correctly and start striking, you will realize that your start line sucks. If you cannot get a correct start line, the ball isn’t going to find its way to the hole. A perfect club helps you get a perfect starting line comfortably. The weight and other features of the club will manipulate the line. You can get a pick in this post on the best putter under 200 to get the best understanding of the club.

How can you get the starting line correct?

You can practice your starting line a lot and get better. However, if you use this method, the process will push you to perfection combined with the striking and pace:

  • Stick a putting gate about a foot ahead of your striking point and set your ball on strike.
  • After sticking the gate, strike the ball through the gate, aiming at the hole. It will help you get perfect shots with a great starting line.
  • If the first few attempts get you betterment, now harden the job by putting another gate with a foot distance from the first.
  • You can use tee pegs instead of putting gates, make a pathway for the ball, leading to the hole.

4. Reading the green

The aim of correcting the starting line is not to touch the gate but get the hole with the ball. Reading the green follows the same thing combining with the pace control. You get the starting line correct, and you have a great pace control. If you get a wrong green reading, it will miss guiding the ball and let it run off the pace. To get better at green reading, I recommend using multiple gates and keep track of what angle you are striking at.

Bottom line

When you practice and try to follow the strikes the professionals get, don’t get too obsessed to develop perfect skrikes like them. Don’t pay too much attention to the professionals how they strike off-center, but the ball ends up in the hole anyway. They developed it with years of practice, and you should mind your own strike. Synchronize between all the skills to get your putting skills up to the mark and lower your score.

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