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Chuck Norris warns patriots that the U.S. COVID lockout will come up against marcial rule



Chuck Norris warns patriots that the U.S. COVID lockout will come up against marcial rule
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America is a country of moderate patriots that will fight against oppressive regulations like lockdowns and curfews, said conservative actor Chuck Norris, who on Monday released an op-ed asking him how long it would take to enact martial law.

The actor said that he was “careful and calm in the face of COVID-19, but he still had to ask” tough questions. “The actor said that he was very careful.

Norris said he was concerned with the introduction of oppressive lock-out and curfews, which limited the freedoms of residents.

“If there is a rising need for citizen containment and there are increasing constraints, where will it end? So how strongly was the burden of corraling just half of Americans (150 million) on law enforcement? “He said.” He said.

“What would authorities do with hundreds of millions of them, if the least transgression of restricted constraints ends up being a criminal offense? “Norris said the police officers could even get infected with coronavirus because they are expected to impose the curfew.

And if that were to happen, the prisons would be full of police officers, but the extremely unsafe lock-up would be conducted by less men.

But, as Norris said, what is much more frightening is that people will rise up and fight against the government that oppresses them if the lockdows last five weeks or more.

“How long will we allow Americans, who love democracy and patriots, to live in their homes without working in their own businesses? “He told Norris.

“Why how many scientists and analysts call the federal government to a nationwide lockout for five weeks now? Were we just waiting for the majority to meet? Do they have the resources and the resources to travel without resistance? “The headlines of the Westernjournal are alarming, but the truth is that Americans are accustomed to being free and are now exposed to oppressive rights restrictions.

The state governments have taken care of the lives of millions of people and asked us where we should go, where and what job is important for the society.

Taking control over such a country will normally require a fight, but none of us fired a shot and gave up all our freedoms.

In his Territory, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, whom you might be recalling from his promotion or blackface in nine-month abortion, closed churches.

Was there some American independence, whether and when do we want it, more important than the worship right?

No one claims that such regulations are needless, but all of us seem to have overwhelmed the government too easily.

The Americans are still playing along, but how long are they allowed to stand up against these violations?

So would the government « give » back all our freedoms after a month of kingship between the nation’s mayors so governors?

In America, it should never be a problem.

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