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‘Giving Bookshelf’ family sets up in yard to share supplies during COVID: ‘We’re going to be OK’



'Giving Bookshelf' family sets up in yard to share supplies during COVID: 'We're going to be OK'
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Fewer grocery stores and a widespread panic buying became an unacceptable trend as the COVID-19 spread across the United States.

One Arizona family has, however, come up with an innovative approach to combat egoism and support its poor neighbors.

On the 19th of March, in Phoenix, the Logan family set up a “sharing bookshelf” of supplies of paper goods, candy and nutritional items that they had not consumed from a previous food tour. Anyone in need was invited to take everything by themselves.

The family encouraged others motivated by their proposal to donate to or even build a bookshelf. But, other people did not expect it.

“I wanted it all to be swept out,” Courtney Logan told KNXV-TV.

But they saw everybody who took everything put back to their shock. Many customers simply provided materials than they collected, prompting them to install a table to the shelves.

“If I would have to put more room in the front yard, I didn’t expect too much commitment,” said Ray Logan.

His Facebook post featured pictures of those around him who set up their own libraries. He said he hoped people would do the same around the world.

While many people have followed the concept of the bookshelf, the people have often turned their “small free libraries” into “small free stores” by placing paper and non-perishable items in their book cabinets.

To order to make a significant impact, the Anderson family from Minnesota provided the Little Free Library to their elementary school.

Shelly Anderson said to CNN “It is an unpredictable moment. The Logan family opened up a pharmacy because they were angry at the illogical purchasing of basic goods by men. “I don’t believe I can afford anyone else.” Ray Logan felt like it was a safe way of battling the power of impulse buying to appeal to those around them.

“Greed spreads more quickly than the plague. Let’s be good enough to counter it, “he wrote on Sunday in a Facebook post.

“You will justify yourself by offering anyone the bought supplies worth years. We will be OK. “But the positive reaction of the group to the family was inspiring.

“It’s great to see people actually think right,” Courtney Logan told KNXV.

You think that the “sharing bookshelf” will help your community?

“We don’t need the supply of items over years,” said her friend. The Logan family wants the bookshelf to be kept running as long as it is required, but Ray Logan showed faith, that we can get through the pandemic as long as we work together. “The family is trying to keep the bookshelf running as long as it takes place.

“Everything will be fine,” he said. “It is right.” “We need one another to help.”

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