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Harry and Meghan Risk Having to Ask Trump for taxpayers ‘privacy in LA



Harry and Meghan Risk Having to Ask Trump for taxpayers 'privacy in LA
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are seeking ‘extra support’ with President Donald Trump because they want to shield their new lives in Hollywood from the Secret Service, while Canadians are agreeing to the troubled pair of their immense security expenses.

Trump will have the final say on whether the pair will retain diplomatic immunity in the U.S. and after he finishes the final process of exit next week, the royal source claims Harry will no longer be classed as an “internationally safe citizen.”

The President does not feel so charitable towards the pair despite Meghan condemn Trump – and snubbing him at a Buckingham Palace banquet.

Harry even disdained Trump after he was fooled into believing he was referring to teens Greta Thunberg when he said he had ‘blood on his lips’ during a hoax telephone call.

DailyMail report: Last week the Sussex Duke and Duchess and 10-month-old Archie took a last-minute shot through the U.S. borders, beginning their new lives in LA. Questions about who should pay the bill for their current California lifestyles are now being raised.

Earlier this year, the pair had a great deal of anticipation as they revealed they abandoned Royal life and joined the United Kingdom.

This Tuesday, the exit practice will conclude, as the pair rise up as senior royals.

A royal source said the pair’s removal ends the US Government’s duty to pay for their protection.

In terms of body-guards defending ambassadors and members of the Royal family, the UK and USA have a long-running mutual arrangement.

President Trump’s Secret Service officers were also permitted to carry their guns for the Queen and Prince Charles during their state visits and bodyguard on official visits to the US.

Nevertheless, Harry’s admission to the Royal Family means that he is no longer viewed as an ‘internationally safe citizen.’

In order to pay for the bills, the couple will now be forced to focus on President Trump, said the source.

“Harry or the police officers of his Encountered are likely to be called for help,” they added.

‘The US has a mutual arrangement authorizing security officers to bear their weapons.’ But Harry is no longer a serving prince, so his immunity from the monasteries in Canada was revoked.

‘One will have to call for support from the State Department. The decision ultimately rests with Donald Trump. For the American president mocked by Meghan – because he snubbed him at a Buckingham Palace dinner – he does not be so generous to the pair. Harry can not survive in the U.S. without armed security.

Harry has also told Trump that during a hoax telephone call, he had “blood on his face” because he was deluded into believing he spoke to Greta Thunberg, the climate activist.

The two will now turn to Trump to offset the bills.

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