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Kathy Griffin was trying to jump the queue for a COVID test, turning out she had diarrhea after a trip to Mexico.



Kathy Griffin was trying to jump the queue for a COVID test, turning out she had diarrhea after a trip to Mexico.
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Days after Comedian Kathy Griffin’s announcement of entry to a COVID-19 isolation room — it can be noted that the D Lister mouthful doesn’t have a coronavirus while taking the opportunity to criticize President Trump’s coronavirus reaction.

Currently, according to Griffin’s friend, Randy Bick, Griffin has an abdominal infection after visiting Mexico on holiday last week.

According to Back, before receiving professional treatment, she became self-isolated.

Although Griffin has encountered the symptoms of ‘intense pain, vomiting, diarrhea every 20 minutes’ for a minority of coronavirus patients, these are not common symptoms of the virus, as Bick has told the Los Angeles Times.

“We were still worried because, since our return from [a trip to] Mexico, we were both incubated, but in days we had not left the room, either,” Griffin said to the Times.

“We’d learn about time [for coronavirus] of 14 days of incubation. I figured, well, it was a mistake or something to get what looked like food poisoning after six days? “Match.” Match. Just what. Not what.

Given Griffin’s healthy lungs and an IT scan revealing that her intestines had an infection, an emergency room specialist felt that she should be checked. This was contradictory to the suggestions issued by the Centers for Disease Control in a second.

But it was claimed she wasn’t able to get one when she went to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (right, because it was a major ER hospital).

The directions said “I know not to go back until my lungs have been full of broken glass if I can not breathe and if my Temperature is 103” “Griffin said.” The instructions said, “Wow … now, I know not to come back.”

“We don’t at all make the rules. That is an awful experience.

“All assessments will be available to all, I guess,” she says. “I assume that is too clear. “Some people, once they hear the President saying that anyone who wants a check should have one, they shouldn’t have to go to a doctor where they can, honestly, reveal their own selves or disclose others.” Nonetheless, here are the suggestions made in the CDC as to who needs to be checked as a matter of priority: “Hospitalized patients; Medical Symptomatics; Long-term care patients with symptoms; 65-year-old patients with symptoms; symptomatic patients with chronic conditions; First responders with symptoms; Symptom vital infrastructure staff.” No D-list actors are just self-admitted.

Not individuals with signs which do not completely suit coronavirus. Not individuals whose signs suit someone who has recently been to a place that has not unexplained food poisoning issues.

Neither of these issues emphasize her.

Griffin is five hundred and nine. Their signs, chest X-ray and abdominal CT scans are all in accordance with those without COVID-19.

She’s in good shape, obviously. She is not a first response and tweeting is not a vital infrastructure worker.

None of this do include Trump’s tweet shared exclusivity. It does not automatically mean that we have all the samples we need unless we did more research. When someone is not actually a first responder, it is not automatically liable for using equipment to check someone in one of the hotbeds without traditional COVID-19 symptoms.

Nor is a check needed if you don’t meet the requirements and accuse Mike Pence of failing. That is not his fault. This is not his fault. Nor does Donald Trump mean that he lies.

So more than “Kathy Griffin” headlines “Kathy Griffin lies,” here’s the trouble with Grip’s initial tweet: she understood she was definitely not sick, so she criticized the fact that she had no check on whether a president and vice president, after having just returned just days ago, was facing the most mordant pandemic on a hundred years.

This was a little too good for Kathy Griffin to be honest and we would have known.

We hope that she will repair the twitter storm, which she will certainly blame for her visceral anger in the President’s economic battle with Mexico.

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