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Reporter asks Trump to send a message to the children under lockdown, POTUS does not disappoint.



Reporter asks Trump to send a message to the children under lockdown, POTUS does not disappoint.
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  • Last Friday, President Donald Trump gave the Americans in the war against the coronavirus an inspiring message of pride and inspiration.
  • Owen Jensen, a Catholic news organization, told Trump at Friday’s coronavirus task force briefing about Jensen’s people nearest to and near to the center.

“Millions of school children in the world, my own included-tired, impatient, a little online, but in the classroom it’s easier. That’s what you think, “said Jensen.

“You know, my children like to jump on the walls and go up into the walls and my wife’s going to miss her, right? All of them are actually waiting. How are you going to say to the children — primary, mid-grade, high school — now, who are watching from home? “Trump set up for children and adults without opening their heads.

TRENDING: Kathy Griffin wanted to break into line for the COVID exam, “I’d say ‘you are the resident of the best country in the world, turned out she’d diarrhea after Mexico Trip. Yet, ever after 1917—a lot of years ago, we have been hit like nothing else. We have been targeted, “said Trump.

“‘We win the fight, and we’ll win the war, and it won’t take much longer, hopefully. Nevertheless, ‘he added,’ we will fight the battle.

The task does not have an age limit, Trump added.

“So I suggest that they have a responsibility to listen, observe, act, hand wash, live with mom and dad at an appartement — they feel as if they are good enough to have you as a father — and just benefit from that,” he said., “he said.

“However, you know they are — they were great young people. Any of them are really happy that they’re not going to learn. I understand. I understand. Perhaps, maybe not yours. So they were — we had no — we had no problem, basically. But again, since we are doing it for them, they will sit back and be very proud of our country. You know, we’re doing it, most of all, for them if you think about it, “said Trump.

The question from Jensen starts on the following video at 1:29:50.

All that rattle under new constraints was later questioned about Mr. Trump.

“I say: if this is your life and your welfare if we need more time, they will have no trouble waiting for it. Work, health, and this is our world. It’s our world. Nonetheless, we need to look after people. We try to get them out concurrently. I want to head back. This is the foundation of our culture. So it must be assured that it’s secure, and everybody knows it, “said Trump.

The comments complemented a recent comment by Trump commended the nation for their crisis response.

Would you think that Americans will understand the appeal of Trump?

“I was more awakened and encouraged than anyone else, by the Americans during this ordeal. Americans have followed the rules of every way of life, have shown immense compassion and have sacrificed a great deal for their fellow people.

“I want to learn that every American is saving lives through their selfless and courageous acts. I want them to know that I’m so proud to be their president because I’ve said that before. I’m very proud of the men of the United States, “said Trump.

Trump pointed out that the Americans did as was demanded and produced sights he never planned.

He said in reference to a reporter “I looked — I saw last night, and I’m looking down Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.”

“John, nobody was on the driveway. You could not see the pavement, naturally, I presume. Cars are everywhere over it. It’d be like the rush-hour. I see it and I think ‘I can’t trust it. I can’t trust it. Cars don’t exist. “There was not a single person walking down the street on Fifth Avenue. I never before heard it. You know, I think, probably at one in the morning, maybe at four in the morning. Yet I’ve never seen that before. “Trump said America’s winning the fight that has invaded the nation’s households.

“America is brave with scientific technology, medical creativity, logical, reflective and committed diligence in combating the pandemic. In winning this battle, no effort will be spared. We will fight the war. We must fight. Luckily, we’ll win easily and risk as few lives as possible.

“It is everywhere over the globe where you see what is going on. You can see culture, you can see Italy, you see Spain, all these countries go too far, they go too far, “Trump said.

“I want everybody to thank, though. Later, he added a bright view of the future. I want to thank our great Americans.

“We have been struck by the unseen enemy, and now nations are reeling across the world,” he said. “But we win, and we will be better, bigger and stronger, and stronger than we have ever been.”

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