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#TimesUpBiden: Joe Biden’s Public Turn on Explicit Sex



# TimesUpBiden: Joe Biden's Public Turn on Explicit Sex
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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is asked to leave the race in 2020 after reports of sexual harassment against a former employee in 1993 have surfaced.

From December 1992 to August 1993, Tara Reade served in Biden’s Senate Bureau.

The hashtag # TimesUpBiden started to circulate online after Reade gave a vivid account of the sexual harassment of her by the then-Delaware senator on multiple occasions earlier this week.

“I had a blouse, and the Wall was freezing,” Reade said. He just had me against a wall. “What happened at once … and I remind him. I don’t care where the exercise bag goes, I don’t care. I gave it to him and it was gone, and the hands under my clothes were on me. “He hugged me at the same time, and … I recall him thinking when he was doing that, ‘Want to go anywhere else? He just hugged me, and he just killed me, and … ‘”started Reade.” “He was over and I was trying to get him out, and he said, ‘My friend, I heard you liked Me! I heard you loved Me. “ reports: Fill this disturbing page with questions about Biden, an increasingly aging 77-year-old candidate, with other people willing to quit Biden to even other Democrats.

The Democrat National Convention, which is set to take place from 13-16 July, gives time for this to be finished, with some people in the party referring to the Governor of New York.

Biden emerged undercover when he was overshadowed by the COVID-19 issue in a video involving Joe Rogan, a playwright and radio host, but he was mostly hit with criticism of his absence. The nominee didn’t help himself with concerns of his intellectual capacity.

‘Trump will eat him alive!’ Trump “Rogan said that when watching some of Biden’s latest excerpts from interviews, he called for democrats to participate.

Earlier in this year, Rogan said that he will definitely vote in the Democratic Presidential primary for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The response online was mostly from Bernie Bros., not to mention that it was not fervent for Biden to insist that the entire thing was the responsibility of Russia.

Was I the only one who now looks forward to the Russians ‘night assault on Joe Biden?

It’s absurd now. # TimesUpBiden Today — Langdon Bosarge (@HeyLangdon) 27 March 2020 This is an overview of some of the replies to Twitter trendy hashtags: Biden will give up. He is unlikely to serve his cognitive impairment and legitimate sexual harassment/assault allegations due to his past.

I’m a Democrat licensed. If it’s the other ‘pussy party snatch em,’ I’m going to go. He might GTFO, second thought. # Deliver Tara # IBelieveTara(@RedBeretsM4All) March 27, 2020 We need to trust people like tara We need to trust in Tara. We have a woman who is a pure human. They must understand the incredible bravery that people like her must display. So we have to shift the atmosphere so that those who are scared can easily get their help. Mattie Washburn # TimesUpBiden https:/ — March 27, 20, 2020

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