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4 Important Trends For Clothing Business in 2020



4 Important Trends For Clothing Business in 2020
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The fashion industry is one of a kind. It is full of creativity, artistry, good taste, and beauty. It is one of the livelier industries due to the fact that it is ever-changing. Over the past years, there were plenty of different trends and styles that made the whole fashion world even more interesting than it usually is. Since the trends really are changing often, here are a couple of things you can expect to see more in 2020. 

Recycling and upcycling

Even though the recycling process has been long present in the fashion industry, what’s new is upcycling. Even though the upcycling is still new, it is still gaining popularity rather quickly. Recycling and upcycling are two pretty similar processes. They do share a feature. Namely, they both deal with reusing old things or materials. However, they differ in that upcycling is actually a narrower term than recycling. Recycling means reusing old things and upcycling means turning the waste into something of a higher quality.

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Since both of these present forms of sustainability, it’s no wonder they are so popular today. Since more and more people are starting to practice sustainability, they are going to be even more popular tomorrow. What’s so great about these is that they minimize and, sometimes even completely reduce the waste. All of the fabric is used which means that the environment benefits from this as well. One of the particular things that the companies are trying to do is reduce their use of single-use plastic since that is everything but good for the environment. Besides that, brands are cutting down on the waste associated with denim too. 


Speaking of trying to make the world a better place, re-wearing should be mentioned too. Even if the connection between the two may not seem obvious, it’s definitely there. Since re-wearing is becoming a huge thing, as a result of that, people will create less waste. They will do so every time they decide to get one thing of high quality and not to get three things of lower quality. Such things of lower quality tend to be made of some not so great fabrics and materials. 

Since women no longer want to put up with any kind of pressure in the fashion world, they are deciding to re-wear their clothes as much as they can. No one is under any kind of obligation to wear a different outfit for every occasion. It seems much wiser to get a couple of high-quality items, like the ones at Style State fashion, than piling up things just for diversity rather than actual quality. Women are finally re-wearing things with pride and they are just going to practice it more. With a wardrobe like this, women will lead a greener life while still being at the top of their fashion game. 


One of the leading trends for clothing business nowadays is, of course, personalization. Personalized promotions and recommendations are what make almost half of the online purchases. A large percentage of consumers choose brands that allow personalizing features such as messaging, offers, and experiences. Since people are getting more and more interested in personalization, this is a growing market. 

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

What is great with personalization is that the customer base and its behavior can easily be followed. For instance, it can be tracked what your customers like and later recommend similar items. The recommendations can be easily based on previous viewing choices. Once the recommendations resemble the previous searches and purchases, customers can spend more time on getting the items they like and less time looking for them. 

Increased Transparency

Another highly popular fashion trend for 2020 is increased transparency. The business is all about love, respect, and trust between brands and customers. People like to do business with the companies they like and trust. Because of that, it doesn’t come as a surprise to the popularity of this trend. No matter the industry, trust is always important. Trust creates connections and builds relationships. Trust is key to a successful business.

Customers may have become a bit untrustworthy of the fashion industry and it’s up to the industry to prove them wrong. To do so, many companies opted for transparency. The companies became transparent both in their design and in their production process. This may seem like some kind of trouble, but the outcome is what matters the most. Every successful business has to spare some time for creating bonds with its customers and that is what makes the business, not only survive, but also make it shine.


The fashion industry is always full of beautiful things. Not just the clothes, the interest in sustainability is also one of the things that have made the fashion industry so appealing. Transparency and personalization are also things that help the fashion industry evolve and keep getting better.

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