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CNN’s ‘Fact Check’ anti-trump is revealed as a total lie. Ex-CIA Analyst



CNN's 'Fact Check' anti-trump is revealed as a total lie. Ex-CIA Analyst
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Fact checks have always been a difficult game, particularly when social media sites had begun to use it to determine what content was barred.

For motives that the average observer may see plainly, most major media companies were cool with this.

A certain controversy was created recently when Facebook was officially checked by a fact-checker affiliated with a conservative site. But this allows the fact-checker to follow those requirements, requirements that CNN will not have to uphold in its favor, alas, to publish the so-called credible stories.

They are the network that has brought President Donald Trump to court for saying that the US has done more coronavirus research than South Korea if you have skipped it.

“The US has just recorded by far more ‘checks’ than any other country! In an 8-day stretch, the US now checks more than South Korea, a good tester, does in an 8-week cycle, “Trump twisted Wednesday.

The U.S. has just reported much more “research” than any other country! In reality, the US is now testing more for 8 days than what it does for 8 weeks in South Korea (which was a good tester). Good work! Fantastic work!

– At a town hall-like conference televised on Fox News on Tuesday, Donald J .. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, 2020, said something similar: “We currently have 370 000 training. Some of them — over 220.000 over the last 8 days, and those of you who have taken up the figures over South Korea have shown us what they have done in eight weeks, “he said.

This statement raised a question for CNN: Reality check: President Trump claims that the US has done more research for coronavirus than any other country.

Although South Korea has been overtaken in overall numbers by the USA, far fewer studies per capita were carried out. The longtime CIA expert (and new conservative radio station host) Buck Sexton didn’t even understand how that measured up. https:/ VCFaTSY — CNN (@CNN) March 36, 2020

Sexton tweeted Thursday, “A ‘reality check,’ in which CNN modifies the truth to make a cheap shot at Trump.”

He’s right. “He said ‘more,’ not ‘more per capita.’ Stop the worst, CNN. “A” reality check “where CNN adjusts the truth to take a cheap shot at a Trump He said” more, “not” more per capita.

CNN, cease to be the worst. The Buck Sexton (addressed [email protected]) 26 March, 2020 But wait! Here’s the comment. CNN claims epidemiologists normally do not think of “more,” “more” per capita when they think of results.

Would you agree the facts test by CNN is correct?

Jennifer Horney, who created Delaware’s Epidemiological System, explained that “the essential point is that we should take note of the number of cases per 1 billion population and find the proportion of individuals being checked rather than actual figures.”

However, Trump is not an epidemiologist and the truth remains that he is very unequivocal on what he said. “The actual amount of studies is not really important.”

Therefore, the fact that the US has done some research after a rocky start is even more important.

Yet the fact that more cumulative experiments were currently performed by the USA was not at question.

Let us please let CNN deny it, however: “After Wednesday’s study from Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, South Korea, which has a population of 51 million, performed 357896 studies.” Read the fact-check post.

‘According to the Covid monitoring initiative, a campaign headed by Alexis Madrigal, staff writers of The Atlantic magazine with more than 100 volunteers collecting coronavirus research data from state governments and government authorities, the United States had performed at least 418,810 studies with a population of 329 million in comparison.

“But since many countries do not announce accurate test outcomes or pending testing, as stated by the Kaiser Family Foundation, it is difficult to receive a full compendium of the number of people in the US who have been screened for the coronavirus,” it concluded.

“Obviously, one in 142 South Koreans and one in all 786 Americans tested for the coronavirus according to the data available and the population in each country.” Again, this all is very informative, but it only works if Donald Trump says it was not.

It’s not a reality to test.

That is CNN’s saying it they didn’t want a reality context — it was liarship.

Yet it doesn’t work like that. This background CNN can have, but in a lie it can’t hide a fact.

It’s fake news, actually.

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