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Coronavirus: Millions of Chinese people are raised against lockdown



Coronavirus: Millions of Chinese people are raised against lockdown
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  • The Communist Regime in Hubei province placed lock-down conditions on China – a ground zero for the coronavirus epidemic – have protested strongly.

The original epicenter for the pandemic is Hubei’s capital Wuhan.

After weeks of curfew, thousands of furious people took to the streets.

The shutdown, as the Chinese government says that Hubei infections have fallen to zero, is technically lifted.

In videos shared on social media people flood over the Bridge, tip over police vehicles and rush over barriers for antimicrobial control: reports: According to the above-mentioned Twitter page of ‘Stuff China You Do Not Want to Learn,’ rumours that a clash between Hubei and Jiangxi police officers has caused an unbelievable tragedy. The Hubei Police have reportedly become upset with Jiangxi’s passing of policemen.

Some of the Hubei police officers seem to have joined the civilian protestors in their march into Jiangxi and naturally raised few objections as they wanted to shell some Jiangxi police vehicles and club anti-missile police with their own shields.

Noted Chinese dissident Badiucao heard reports that the war broke out, leading to the police opposition of Jiangxi police to open Hubei border despite Wednesday’s official lock-out. Badiucao notes that “no one believes in the official statistics” of Hubei coronavirus infections, not even in police, because of their reluctance.

After 8 hours of escalating confrontations, Radio Free Asia (RFA) announced that the protest was going strong: the Jiangxi police at a bridge checkspoint allowed an emigrant workers stranded when they were locked but declined to allow the people of Hubei to go there.

When a angry fight broke out, police in Jiangxi deployed riot police to block Jiujiang’s entrance.

Hundreds of people marching down the bridge approach road, watching the uniformed Hubei police face to back, shouting “Go Hubei! Go Hubei!-Go Hubei! “A Hubei citizen told RFAs from the province that they are still being stigmatized and discriminated against because in some other areas of China they are not being accepted and harshly treated even though they have exposure.

On Friday morning, RFA announced the outbreak of a bridge war, after Jiangxi Police “injected Hubei Police in the morning,” which reflected indignation at the care they got during the epidemic of coronavirus.

Globe and Mail of Canada cited an official from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) weeping in a loudspeaker and telling them it was “dangerous” to get to the bridge because of the “risk of contamination with a virus,” but the advice was not widely heeded.

“The people of Hubei have done a lot of research and have made a valuable contribution to winning the war against the disease.” The Communist Party has made an important paper on the bridge crisis and though social media posts were scrubbed, labeling it as “regrettable.” People from all walks of life have called for Hubei migrant workers to be admitted. It is evident, however, that certain residents in some regions have purposely or unconsciously discriminated against Hubei and built obstacles for Hubei to return to work, “writes the People’s Daily.

The World Health Organisation and other US media outlets have expressed increasing doubt about the CCP’s assertion to have been containing the outbreak by quoting health officials who have acknowledged thousands of asymptomatic patients routinely removed from official accounts for generating the number of the “zero local infections.” However, the number of cremated remains announced by the authorities to mourning families this week is considerably higher than the 3,200 confirmed CCP deaths.

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