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Legal Separation: Reasons and Ways to Save Marriage!



Legal Separation: Reasons and Ways to Save Marriage!
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Marriages are made in heaven, but if you are not able to get along well with your spouse and separation is imminent, you should first understand what the legal separation in Indiana is all about.

It is an arrangement when the couple is mandated by the court order to live separately from each other. When the couples go for voluntary separation, they may try to resolve their marriage during the waiting period or take divorce at the end of the duration.

But during a marital separation, the couple remains married to each other on the paper. The terms of the legal separation define how they are going to share their responsibilities or obligations towards each other.

Legal separation is necessary to separate the couple in the right way while the legal proceedings of formal divorce are being worked out. In the court-ordered separation, things take place at a faster pace. In contrast, the details such as spousal support, distribution of assets, child custody, child support, restraining orders, other compensation and benefits and similar other details are being discussed. Some of the reason why couples separate are:

Difference Are Severe

No marriage is perfect and there some differences in almost everyone. Although couples fight, there are some relationships where the couples fight about almost little everything making it an issue. When none of them is willing to compromise on their stand, things only take a terrible turn.

Handling Anger and Discomfort

When the couples are getting out of control, their fight can lead to the damage to life and property. It is best to remain away from each other. Legal separation allows them to calm down and prevent from doing anything that they will regret life.

Financial Management

When one or both the partners are irresponsible with their finances, it may lead to differences between them. Excess debt on any of the spouse, gambling, and other vices and do permanent damage to the marriage. It is better than the couple is separated to prevent further damage to others in the family.

Not Trust Left

If any of the spouses is infidel, then separation is an absolute must. It’s because the very foundation of the marriage is shaken. Both the spouse are only hurting each other with their presence. They need time or space to deal with each other and to heal.

Protecting Future of Kids

When kids find their parents fighting all the time, it affects their healthy development. Separation could prevent these fights from happening or reduce them and save the future of the children.

These are some of the reasons which lead the couple to separate. While legal separation may reduce the damage, but often it is difficult to save the marriage. So what can the couples do to save their marriage?

Marriage Counselling

It is no longer an option, but it is mandatory to reach out to them. If the couple is willing to move forward with the relationship and finding out ways to avoid separation, they should better take help of counsellors than trying things in vain. A neutral third party who is experienced in handling marital conflicts can surely offer the right help.

The couple may try to communicate, but when things have reached a point where legal separation in Indiana is imminent, then communication may no longer help. It is best to present the conflicts to the professional counsellor for resolution and have a neutral third party suggest how to move ahead.


If the couple is unwilling to move ahead and resolve the issues on their own, no amount of counselling, lawyers and the therapists and other parties would be able to help. Some patience will surely be handy!

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