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Trump Admin Arms Makers, retailers ‘global’ Essential Businesses



Trump Admin Arms Makers, retailers 'global' Essential Businesses
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On Saturday, President Trump’s Homeland Security Department named weapons makers and stores as “important businesses,” while staying available across the country despite coronavirus shutdowns.

The revised DHS guidelines list as essential: suppliers of safety equipment and law enforcement equipment, public service personnel, and first responders.
Firearms or firearms backers, dealers, importers, manufacturers, and locations of firings activities. states, “Every freedom American owes President Trump and his administration to you a great appreciation for upholding our second amendment rule, said Alan Gottlieb, second amendment foundation, on the quote from DHS. The Declaration of the DHS came just days after Governor Phil Murphy grinned in front of a citizen expressing outrage about the state-wide suspension of New Jersey’s selling of guns, which removed the prospect of having a firearm for self-defense. It is another trump statement that he has made and kept promising.

The man impacted, Breitbart News, asked Murphy, “What do you want to do if fewer firearms decrease crime? “Murphy answered that, with the governor saying,” a better world needs fewer guns and not more firearms, he and the resident have a fundamental disparity in their duties. The Governor then giggled, pointing to the law security officer next him. He added, “It is what it is.” So the firearms that remain is in the hands of right people — particularly skilled members of the police forces.

google news