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Trump Issues Order U.S. Military Power to Call Retired Troops



Trump Issues Order U.S. Military Power to Call Retired Troops
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President Donald Trump talks during a meeting at the White House Briefing Room in Washington, D.C. on the coronaviral pandemic on March 26, 2020. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday to encourage men and women who have represented their country in the past, once again, to help the public in an hour of need as Europe fights the coronavirus. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

“The Defense Department and Homeland Security Department have the power to activate the components of the armed forces in Ready Reserve,” Trump said at the coronavirus task force briefings on Friday.

“This allows us to participate in rescue and medical equipment by enabling thousands of seasoned service members, including veterans, to help fight the epidemic,” said Trump.

“We have many individuals – retirees; wonderful militants — they come back — who have volunteered to support the country in this moment of exceptional need.” Trump commended the enthusiasm of the former veterans of the military who wish to get along.

“They do not, ‘How much? How much? “What are we being paid for? They don’t say? ‘I ought to just get back. It’s absolutely incredible to see. It’s beautiful, “said Trump.

Former members of active duty and reservation programs make up the human ready pool.

The order states: “When not serving as a branch of the Navy, the secretaries of the military, of the naval, of the air force and of the director of the national defense of the coastguard are allowed to carry out the task duty of not more than 24 consecutive months, these units and individual members of the ready reserve, subject to the authority of the Director of War and the Secretary of the Homeland security;

The order specifies that federal officials shall coordinate with state officials in the use of units part of the National Guard Reserve.

The order was completed over the weekend.

Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said, “Decisions on which individuals can be allowed are still being checked,” CNN said in a statement on Friday. The Department is not actually able to do several planned activations, but is now completely approved to carry out operations as required, Hoffman said. “These participants typically are in Headquarter units and individuals with high demand medical capability whose callups will not impact their civilian populations.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s directive followed the military’s extension to determine if pensioners, nurses and drugs were likely to be recalled.

Lt. Gen. Thomas C. Seamands, Army deputy chief of staff, wrote, ‘Once the country called — you answered, and now, the call can come back,’ to qualified people whom the Army approached, saying that the military is “attractive in assessing the value” of “trustworthy practitioners who practice under shifting circumstances.” “If you serve in a public hospital or medical facility, The Army announced that of the 800,000 informed people, some 9 000 demonstrated their interest in participating. “The Army has not detracted from its present care and training.”

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