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What AI holds in store for the Future?



Artificial Intelligence
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“The world is breathing in and out with technology and human interaction these days. Artificial intelligence is a perfect example of this interface”. The technology has found a comfy spot in our day to day lives, without us even realizing it. Here’s a sneak peek into what artificial intelligence is all about and why it has gained such a humongous amount of attraction.

What is AI?

In simple words, artificial intelligence is a science of making technology human friendly.

It is a mechanism of making machines think like humans. It is like an amalgamation of human thinking with the fast-computational skills of a machine on the same table.

How does it work?

Human minds process a thing or an information, by seeing it through the eyes. The signals are then to the brain for processing it. The brain forms a clear picture and aligned that image with the linguistic conformation and calls it by the name. Now what if a machine starts doing the same.

Exactly, Artificial Intelligence is the art of making machines, processing things just like a human.

There are certain aspects to it as described below:-

  1. The study of data: The age is the age of data, The information is analyzed and processed. By observing the trend, various algorithms are designed.
  2. Deep Learning: Deep learning is the science of studying networks, unorganized data. It can be regarded as a subset of Machine Learning. It is also called deep neural learning.

III. Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing: The neural networks and natural language processing helps the artificial intelligence networks, understand and comprehend things as humans would.

  1. Machine Learning: As the name suggests itself machine learning is all about “making the machine” learn the language of humans. Every machine needs to understand the instructions, in order to give it process the information, the way it is expected to be perceived.

 Stages of Artificial Intelligence:

By understanding one’s pattern of interests and choices, the algorithms are set to be processed and give a result same as that of a human.

Stages of Artificial Intelligence are described as follows:-

Stage 1: Narrow AI: It is often called as weak AI as it handles singular/linear work

Stage 2: General AI: This is based on the fundamental idea of AI. It is thought as intelligence of machine matching which is capable of comprehending any task just like a human.

Stage 3. Super AI: This AI is the fastest, and surpasses the human intelligence. It is excellent art everything, you just have to name it.

Evolution of AI ?

Prominent polymaths speculated that the human reasons could be reduced with computational skills.

The term Artificial Intelligence is not new. It was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956. He is regarded as the father of AI. 

After a span of decades, it can now be seen that all the speculations have become a reality. In today’s time artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence: Everyday

We may not see AI fully every day but in bits we can observe it. Alright so the next time you type an email, you can see the message you are intended to type next comes with a press of tab. Who can forget the face recognition feature? How about the news about the driverless car you woke up to recently? This technology has comfortably snuggled into the comforts of our homes these days.

For example, alexa is no less than a friend at a click, google assistant is helping the people easing their jobs like anything and the intelligent siri is always there for you when you’re stuck in Delima.  All these are nothing but an outcome of wonders which Artificial Intelligence can accomplish.

Barack Obama quotes,” It is sleeping into our lives in all sorts of ways that we just don’t notice. We’re getting better and better at it and we’re seeing that happen in every aspect of our lives. From medicine to transportation, how electricity is distributed. It promises to create a vastly more productive and efficient economy. And if properly harnessed, it can generate enormous prosperity for people, the opportunity for people can cure diseases that we haven’t seen before. Can make us safer because it eliminates inherent human error in a lot of work.”

Without a speck of doubt, indeed, today’s time is truly advancing towards a new age of efficiency, intelligence, and digitization with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence:

So what we see today is just the beginning of it. Artificial Intelligence has to make many strides in the world today.

In almost every industry, from banking, financing to the health care sector, AI is contributing its share by really easing out tedious processes at a click of a button. Not only that, but its efficiency and accuracy also ensure a secure future of this business today. The scope of AI is endless.

The data is a valued asset in today’s time like never before in the history of humankind. It is these nodules of data, which are working at the cellular level of artificial intelligence which has brought everything into reality.

So here is a review on the career options in Artificial intelligence and machine learning: –

    1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer,
    2. Data scientist,

III. Developer,

  1. Machine Learning Engineer,
  2. Business Intelligence Developer,
  3. Researcher, and so on

So the scope of Artificial Intelligence is as vast as the sky, the only one thing that it demands is a truly passionate and seeking mind to create value through this.

From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to Elon Musk, everyone shares a great view towards artificial intelligence and on how it will make processes efficient and accurate at the same time.

The 21st century is truly witnessing a time where the virtues of technology are touching the zenith like never before in the history of the planet so far.

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Astrology and Love – How to Attract an Aquarius Man




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To Woo an Aquarius male you must be able to give him his space. Commitment is not a word that the young Aquarius male associates with happiness. They may never find a woman that makes them want to commit. You have to know when it is time to take your bow before he has to ask you to take leave for a moment because he needs his time alone.

You must remember he is in his head, the heart connection not so much. When an Aquarius male tells you he loves you remember it, it will probably be a while before you hear it again. The Aquarius male does not want to miss his opportunities to make new friends.

Yes, everybody and everything is his friend so you have to be able to take his flirtatious ways at times. He has all kinds of friends on his phone, on his job, up the street, downstairs! Everywhere. The Aquarius is best with a friend ship relation even in marriage.

The soul mate of an Aquarius male is a woman who says “I’m not going no where, I’m staying and you, and you, and you, your gonna love me!” She has chosen him infidelities, female best friends, and all she will keep him and give him his space and in the end he may come home if she can wait long enough.

When you have were an Aquarius man thinks he has found his mate, his dream. It must make sense to this Air sign man. She has a scholastic degree that matches his perfectly, just so smart, or her talents and looks are equally impressive as his. He is in Aww and must keep this woman for himself because he knows she will make him better, not just love alone.

I must say Aquarius males love those Leo’s a lot, all ways for some reason. And Gemini can give him a run for his money, he is impressed with her ability to detach. Precious Gem needs her space too, and he is shocked when she leaves and he doesn’t have to ask.

To Woo an Aquarius man you must love him heart and soul. He may not even recognize how much you do until later or to late. If you move in your mind, not to emotional. Help him toward his dream and don’t giving him drama when he has to leave.

He may remember and eventually come home to you and the kids. Some women may have to maintain a friends with sexual favors friendship “bootycall” status with the Aquarius male and you maybe able to sack the Aquarius man in the end. I believe an older Aquarius male is best for a slow, steady faithful relationship. The Aquarius would have hopefully established some kind of status or wealth and had all the women he could stand, by then. Hopefully he would be able to look around outside his mind and love one.

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Writers – Five Tricks For Writing More Productively




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Have you ever thought about writing – planned to write – but somehow just weren’t getting to it?  Sometimes it takes a little trick or two (and some wisdom) to get moving on our writing projects.  Here are five tricks that you may find useful (as I have): 

1. Write early or write late. One is not better than the other in general, but one is likely to be preferable for you. Figure that out, then target and protect that time for your writing. Very early or very late work quite well for many people because others are still asleep and you are less likely to be interrupted and/or there are fewer requests for your presence at other meetings or events.

 2. Schedule writing time like an appointment. If you have a hair appointment, an eye doctor’s appointment, or an appointment for meeting with your child’s teacher, you show up. If you consider your writing to be as important as getting your hair cut, your eyes checked, and/or conferring with your daughter’s teacher, then set it up as an appointment – and then show up. You can’t get your eyes examined if you don’t show up for your appointment and you won’t get your writing done if you don’t show up.

3. Create deadlines. Setting up your own deadlines is a mental trick that works for some brains and not for others. Having a real deadline, however, actually does the ‘trick’ in many cases. Obviously, if you are writing for a journal with a deadline, writing a grant proposal you intend to submit by the deadline (duh, why else would you be writing it?!), revising your final manuscript to send to your book publisher to meet the editing/printing deadline, and the like, then you have real deadlines that are already established. Other times, you have to create your own ‘real’ deadlines. Here are some ways to do so:

a. Announce the availability of a product on which you won’t be able to deliver if you don’t get your writing completed.


b. Schedule an appointment to show your writing to someone who may be able to represent you, publish your work, or make an introduction on your behalf to someone else who would be interested in your work.

c. Meet regularly with other writers who hold you accountable for getting your writing done (because you also do the same for them).

4. Close the door – both literally and figuratively. Heavens knows we can self interrupt when we are supposed to be writing. However, being interrupted by others just when we’re making great progress on a piece is frustrating and aggravating. By literally closing the door – and even putting up a sign, you cut out walk-by traffic, drop-in visitors, and others who would divert you from your focus. By ‘figuratively’ closing the door, you mentally shut out other thoughts, tasks, and diversions. Your mind is powerful and you can use that power to block out distractions – even from yourself. 

5. Clear your mind/get in the zone. Related to the previous trick, you can go through a clearing exercise as you begin to write, particularly if you have set aside a significant amount of time to write and/or if you must be hyper-focused in order to accomplish your writing goals. For me, my current ritual involves 1) going to the restroom and drinking a large glass of water; 2) shutting down all electronic distractors, e.g., MS Outlook, telephone ringer; 3) putting all materials that are not pertinent to the current writing project away; 4) wiping off my work area with a wipe, and 5) making sure I have any materials that are necessary for my current writing project at my fingertips. This whole routine takes no more than 5 minutes and is worth every second because it signals my brain that we are about to get ultra-focused and productive with our writing.

Now, stop reading these, put one into practice and start writing…

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4 Cool Tricks to Maximize Your Credit Card




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Your credit card is an important tool when it comes to your finances. This is precisely the reason why you should try your best to make the most of its perks. You may not realize it, but there are a number of things that you can do to maximize your card’s use.

This article presents a couple of cool tips every cardholder needs to remember.

Make best use of your Billing Cycle

The way you pay your monthly bills is crucial to maximizing your card. For instance, if you settle your dues punctually and in full, then you will be able to avoid being charged with interest. This is probably the best way to use your card. This is because you are technically getting a free loan from your card provider.

Of course, there are still a couple of tricks you can do to step things up. Consider this: if you make a charge a day before your statement is closed, then that you will have around 20-25 days to settle that charge. However, making that same charge a day after the statement is closed will give you a total of at least 55 days to pay that charge. This is because that charge will be transferred to the next billing cycle.

Another important trick you need to remember is that some card providers actually allow their users to move back their due dates, thus extending their payment cycles. This can certainly help if you find yourself in a financial jam. However, you need to keep in mind that you won’t be able to this repeatedly.

Always ask to be reconsidered

If your initial credit card application was rejected, you should never hesitate to ask for reconsideration. There is always the possibility that your credit worthiness was not assessed correctly. Keep in mind that the process itself is not perfect, so mistakes are bound to happen.

Just give your card provider a quick call. Explain to them why you deserve to be approved for that particular card. If you are convincing enough, the person on the other end of the line might just give you that card you want.

Threaten a Chargeback

Asking for your money back from a merchant is often a futile effort. Fortunately, credit card users have a slight edge over people who pay with cash. As a credit cardholder, you are entitled to a chargeback option.

The chargeback option is an important trick all card owners need to remember. All you have to do is call the merchant, and ask to speak to a supervisor. Inform them that you want your money back. However, if your initial attempts at a refund are rejected, then tell them that you intend to ask for a chargeback from your card provider.

It is virtually guaranteed that the supervisor will change their mind once you threaten them with this. This is because a chargeback means increased merchant fees. They would rather give you back your money than be charged any additional fees.

Make the Most out your Reward Cards

As you may have already noticed, many reward cards rely on gimmicks to make you spend more. Do not fall for this trap. Overspending is the among worst things you can do with your credit card. Instead, you should try using these cards creatively. Earn reward points the smart way.

For instance, if you want to qualify for a sign up bonus, then try using your credit card to purchase gift cards. Just make sure that you will be using these in the future. That beings said, buy them from retailers that you visit often.

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Understanding Gano Excel: Can You Really Make Money With Gano Excel?




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Gano Excel was founded in 1995 by Mr. Leow Soon Seng. The company offers Ganoderma Lucidum related products, which is a mushroom that contains therapeutic benefits. Additionally, they offer a business opportunity for those wanting to make money with their company. Gano Excel owns all of its production facilities around the world. It has been a global company ever since 1999 and the first to introduce the supplements containing the mushroom in 2002 to North America.

The Thing:

Gano Excel offers products containing a mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum, in which have many types of therapeutic benefits. They currently have a total of 15 products such as Mocha Chocolate coffee, Red Rooibos Tea, Sakanno, Gano Soap, and several more! I will briefly explain a few below!

  1. Gano Soap – This product is sold with two bars containing Vitamin E and other minerals designed to cleanse the skin and help promote the repair of damaged and aged skin.
  2. Gano Toothpaste – This toothpaste is designed to prevent tooth decay, cavities, bad breath and gum disease, and of course contains Ganoderma Lucidum.
  3. Ganoderma – A supplement, of course, containing Ganoderma Lucidum and supposed to support the body’s well-being by nurturing natural defenses.

The Opportunity:

The question still remains; can you really make money with Gano Excel? In order to answer this question we must look into their Compensation Plan! Along with the possibility of getting paid, they offer such things as Proven Sales Materials, Educational Calls and Webinars, Leading Workshops, and many more!

There are a total of 5 main ways you could start making money with Gano Excel such as Retail Profits, Fast Start, Residual Binary, Check Matching Bonus, and Global Bonus Pool. I will briefly explain a few below!

  1. Retail Profits – With this payout you are able to earn 20% to 25% retail profit!
  2. Residual Binary – Once you are eligible to earn this payout you could earn up to 20% commissions from your pay-legs.
  3. Global Bonus Pool – Once you achieve what is required to be eligible for this bonus, you could earn 4% of the entire company’s commission-able volume!

The Cost:

For some individuals interested in potentially joining this company, this is the most important question that has to be answered be the consideration of joining ever actually begins! Understand that you are essentially opening up your own business and all businesses have some type of start-up fee. Generally speaking, the prices to get started in a company similar to Gano Excel are much cheaper than a traditional company. For example, if you wanted to open up your own Subway, expect to spend around $30,000 just to get started!

There’s a total of 6 ways to get started with Gano Excel’s business or income opportunity! Prices for each will be listed below!

  1. Affiliate Business Kit – $25.00
  2. Smart Start Package – $50.00
  3. Smart Start Plus – $100.00
  4. ESP 1 – $195.00
  5. ESP 2 – $495.00
  6. ESP 3 – $995.00

Final Thoughts:

The products are awesome and Gano Excel seems to be the leader in terms of Ganoderma Lucidum related products. Nowadays, there are plenty of companies offering products with Ganoderma Lucidum. Why? Because it works! That’s why! However, Gano Excel seems to be the innovators that first started the offerings. Also, something to look for before joining any company like this is a Massive Market and this company definitely seems to have that! Who doesn’t want somewhat of a miracle therapeutic supplement?

The opportunity seems to be pretty good as well! Any company that offers a Global Bonus Pool is very exciting and interesting! You can earn the ability to profit from the entire company’s global sales! They also have 4 other main ways you can earn profit, which is a good sign! However, Gano Excel was founded in 1997, therefore, it seems like they severely need to update or improve their compensation plan. With 19 years under their belt they should be offering at least 7 total payouts!

The cost is very reasonable in comparison to traditional type companies. I also like the fact that they have 6 ways you can get started immediately depending on what type of business growth you would like to achieve. Their highest priced option is around $1,000 which isn’t bad at all! Their lowest priced option is $25.00, therefore, you could get started with their company and begin growing your business immediately!

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Gano Excel or their business/income opportunity!

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Are Melodious Songs Departing From Bollywood?




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When I hear the word ‘Melody’, names like Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigaam and Shaan come to my mind. Since my childhood, I have grown up listening to their soulful compositions created by ace Bollywood music directors. They had a romantic appeal in them, which used to strike an instant chord in the listener’s mind. The prolonged impact left by those songs was something which cannot be described in words.

Today, Bollywood songs have undergone a metamorphosis as compared to the one’s in the early and mid 90s. The melodious compositions have now been replaced by raunchy item numbers and abysmal rapping which is quite fine because change is necessary, even in music; and the young generation connects to it very well, but the question that arises is ‘Does that mean a slow departure of the melodious songs from Bollywood?’

Well, the current scenario in the Bollywood film songs just depicts that. There is a dearth of melodious music in films. Though it will be completely unfair to mention about their instant departure because a film like Aashiqui 2 is reminiscent of the fact that melodious songs still rule the hearts of the romantics; it had captured the hearts of young audience with its immensely romantic songs. Indian Music all together has a different status in World Music and has even captured the mind of the global audience. (Not to forget the songs composed by AR Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire that went on to win Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, BAFTA Award for Best Film Music and the Grammy awards)

Films have become a lot more commercial now and directors have become cautious as far as the return on investment. In fact, the constant climbing up of box office collections have put all the directors in the rat race of entering into the ‘X’ crores clubs either by hook or crook and to achieve those dream numbers of box office collections they are not leaving any stone unturned even if it means inclusion of peppy music with the latest rapping sensation. As a result of this, the value of melodious songs is diminishing day by day and they are getting lost in the glitz and glamor of songs with aggressive lyrics and western beats. But after every high tide, there comes a low one and those days are not far away when we will get to hear the melodious songs yet again.

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Social Empowerment of Women




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The indicators of social empowerment of women include the base of gender inequality, sex ratios, life expectancy rates and fertility rates which shows the general status of women in terms of literacy, economic growth, availability of health care and birth control facilities, educational status of women, age at marriage, literacy rates and participation of women outside the home. Gender inequality is a worldwide phenomenon and leaving aside some Nordic nations, gender inequality base reflects very poorly for almost all major countries in the world. Sex ratio is against women in Asia and even though life expectancy has gone up around the world including in Asia it has not improved the overall status of women in much of the world. Same is the case with fertility rates which have declined in some regions including Asia but the positive impact of this change on women around the world is not as much as that was desired. Glaring gender gap exists in terms of literacy rates though it is narrowing across Asia. The figures for female literacy rates are not at all encouraging in the developing world. Now let’s focus on various issues that are closely associated with the social empowerment of women.

Social empowerment of women: Ending violence against women

Violence against women is a real fact and we need to acknowledge the real tragedy behind this crime. It totally shatters the women from the core psychologically as well as physically. It is time that community development and feminist values are made an integral aspect of empowerment of women. Women need to be educated and made aware of their rights and they should be encouraged to stand united against the biased and discriminating social environment which directly and indirectly affects their psychological and physical self. Education and awareness would be a big step towards the fight against gender based violence. Only through education and awareness we can connect with the vast majority of women living in various parts of the world and prevent them from falling pray to the numerous forms of possible violence in their life. We have to accept the fact that women are constantly under the threat of violence from various sides. The oppressive structures of the society need to be changed and oppression of women need to be stopped but it won’t happen through some quick fix solutions. The change can be only possible through social empowerment of women at the grass root level with education and awareness.

Social empowerment of women: Issues related to social empowerment of women

When we talk of social empowerment of women then we are actually addressing various issues which might be applicable to different parts of the world for improving the overall status of women. Among them the prominent issues relate to education for women, health for women, nutrition for women, drinking water and sanitation for women and their family, housing and shelter for women and their family, environment and the connection with women, participation of women in the field of science and technology, care for women under difficult circumstances, fighting the violence against women and rights of the girl child.

Social empowerment of women: Education for women

We need to accept the fact that gender inequality and discrimination has been the norm of the society and in this regard it touches all aspects of the life of women. Education and training for women is one of the major goals of social empowerment of women which need to be universally made applicable to all parts of the world. This will definitely enhance the awareness in women which in turn will increase her confidence. A confident and well aware woman would be able to tackle inequality and discrimination in a far better way than an ill-equipped and ill-trained woman. But on the other hand we have to accept the fact that women and girls never had equal access to education as men and boys have. Illiteracy is the highest among the female of the population. Women are far behind in terms of having gainful occupation or vocation because of lack of skills and education. There is an enormous gender gap in secondary and higher education. Moreover religious and caste equations have made things worse in many parts of the world. The work has to start at the grass root levels. The educational systems need to be made more accessible to women at grass root levels and they need to be revamped to include gender sensitive educational system which prevents sex stereotyping and discrimination. Social organizations can play a major role in universalizing education at the basic ground level. This can be achieved through increasing the enrollment and retention rates of girl child in the primary schools and offering quality education and skills to them so that they can stand up on their feet and live a dignified life.

Social empowerment of women: Healthcare for women

Coming to the health of women we need to understand that women are facing very difficult times at all stages of their life cycle. It is sad to note that a section of our society is highly prejudiced against the girl child and in fact can be labelled as criminals of the highest order as they practice the heinous crime of female feticide. Then we have the problem of high infant mortality and maternal mortality and one of the major reasons for this being the early child marriages. Quality health care for women is not available in many parts of the world. Women’s right to informed choice regarding her reproductive rights is another area which needs attention. Talking of reproductive rights women even don’t have affordable choice of family planning methods. Education and awareness in this regard is nonexistent and absent. Women are vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and other endemic, infectious and communicable diseases. HIV/AIDS is another major problem. Women’s traditional knowledge of health care and nutrition, alternative systems of medicine are actually underutilised and not recognized. It is necessary to recognize these alternative systems and integrate them with the main stream health care systems to make it work in tandem. This shall help in providing reasonable and quality health care for women.

Social empowerment of women: Nutrition, drinking water, sanitation and housing

For women, from the stage of infancy and childhood to the stage of adolescent and reproductive phase the risk of malnutrition is the highest. There is a close link between the health of an adolescent girl who becomes a pregnant and lactating woman latter and the health of the infant child. Macro and micro nutrients are needed for these special conditions but they are not available to the vast majority of women. In house the women and girl child face great discrimination as regards to good nutritious food. This happens in the early growth period of a child as well as to a pregnant and lactating woman. Other major issues are drinking water and sanitation especially in rural areas and urban slums. Housing and shelter are also area of attention including adequate and safe accommodation for single women, heads of the households, working women, students, apprentices and trainees. These are very real issues of the very real world that we live in. Without addressing these basic needs we cannot think about any meaningful step towards social empowerment of women.

Social empowerment of women: Women and environment conservation

Social empowerment of women and environment is closely linked. Women can play a major role in conservation and restoration of the environment. Rural women use unconventional and nature friendly source of energy in the form of animal dung, crop waste and fuel wood. Using of solar energy, biogas, and smokeless stoves can really help the rural women as they can act as environmental friendly tools.

Social empowerment of women: Participation of women in development of science and technology

Women’s empowerment cannot be complete without their equitable participation in science and technology. Women have special role to play in the area of science and technology. They can bring a wave of creative and generative energy in the field of science and technology. Today their participation is restricted and limited to very less numbers because of widespread discrimination at the basic education levels and lack of opportunities for pursuing higher studies. Reducing drudgery with the help of science and technology is another major area of importance for freeing women from the never ending domestic chores and making her contribute to the mainstream of the society.

Social empowerment of women: Helping women in difficult times

Women in difficult circumstances need special attention. These include women in extreme poverty, destitute women, women in conflict situations, women affected by natural calamities, women in less developed regions, disabled widows, elderly women, single women in difficult circumstances, women heading households, women who are displaced from employment, migrant women who are victims of marital violence, deserted women and prostitutes. These women are in difficult circumstances which are not of their own making. They are the victims of the selfish streak of society. It is ironical to note that women become the primary pray for all the malice and sins of the society. It is time to reverse this phenomenon. Organizations especially the grass root level social organizations should come in large numbers to help these women who are at the receiving end for a sin which is not of their making.

Social empowerment of women: Fighting against violence and discrimination

Violence against women is heinous crime against humanity. Violence can be both physical and psychological and it happens at the domestic front as well as at other levels of the society. It is in fact openly practiced in many societies through various forms which include customs and traditions. Sexual harassment at work, dowry related violence and trafficking of women and girls are different types of violence against women. Discrimination against women starts when they are just children. Girl child discrimination is the most prevalent form of harassment seen from the early age of a child. Parental sex selection, female feticide, female infanticide, child marriage, child abuse including sexual and psychological abuse and child prostitution are the many kinds of violence and discrimination against the girl child that is seen within the home as well as the society. Special awareness and education programmes needs to be formulated and implemented at every level to fight the violence against women. Strict laws need to be formulated to fight the crime of violence against women. More than formulating the laws the priority should be to implement and enforce these laws so that we can root out violence against women. This is necessary for any meaningful social empowerment of women.

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You Are Just Mine!




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When I asked my mother -“What is love?”… She replied that “Love is the other phase of divine feeling”. I was very much excited to feel that love which my mom had defined. I thought there is no other feeling as pure as love in this world.

Finally one day I fell in love with a person. We both realised that we were made for each other. One fine morning! We approached our parents. Without even blinking our parents rejected us. I wrote him this-

From the day I saw thee first,

There was something wrong in my heart

I was unable to recognise what it was

Butterflies were flying all around in my heart

Creating disturbance and pain…

My eyes were refusing to see the beauty of the nature

Instead of that, they were searching just for

Your lovely face and sweet look,

Oh god! How can I forget that moment!

When you were in front of me,

My eyes were not ready to close.

Your sweet look, wonderful eyes,

Your smile, shining teeth

Your smartness dragged me to heaven

Your eyes were like peacock’s feather,

Your skin was as soft as rose petal

Your hair as soft as dove, which I love

When thou talk, my ears dance by hearing your melodious voice…

Your touch, your smiles made me feel

As someone had sprinkled holy water on me

It was that day, when we sat together, shared our feelings,

All your remembrance is killing me slowly like a poison…

On that day, I found your love to me in your eyes;

I saw your care to me, you are afraid of this bad society,

So you are hiding it from me.

Please come and express your love,

My heart is beating just for you,

I am alive just because of you,

But I will wait for thee, because I know your love is pure.

When you come and express your love immediately

Your name will be in the sky and in my heart permanently.

The reason behind my love rejection was just that he was from a different religion. He wasn’t as well settled as us. He wasn’t from a highly sophisticated society like us. There was no one on this earth who could have understood our love. They were just bothered about the religion, status and their reputation in the society.

I realised then that there is no concept of love in this world. It’s just a way of getting sexual benefit and time pass for youngsters. The person who says who loves you to the moon and back, ditches you after getting what he wants. That might be sexual benefit or money. The person, who says his heart is all yours, turns out to be an unknown person when you ask him his two kidneys instead of a heart. This world is unreal because ‘LOVE IS PURELY FICTIONAL’.

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Replacement Car Key – A Few Tips and Tricks




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Have you ever experienced losing your car keys? One of the most common feedbacks that you will surely get is that it is a very frustrating experience. You are off to an all-important meeting then when it is about time to go, your car keys are nowhere to be found. What ensues afterwards is yourself constantly going back and forth in your house in an attempt to look for your keys. In a much luckier situation, you will be able to find your keys but there are unfortunate cases that people just outright lose them. Lost car keys are much more common than you can ever imagine. But what is important is that you know exactly what to do in case it happens to you. In case you don’t know, car keys are actually replaceable. Keep on reading and you will know a few tips and tricks with regards to a replacement car key.

If you find yourself in a situation when you need a replacement car key, by far one of the most widespread solutions is to determine if you have a spare set of keys. But if that is not a viable option, the second thing that you can try is to get in touch with your car dealership. In most cases, your car dealer will be able to easily replace your lost keys. But while having your keys replaced by your car dealer is a surefire option, one of its biggest caveats is that it may cost you an arm and leg. If your vehicle is a bit on the modern side, then this means that your keys will most likely contain special computer chips and require special programming. And because of that fact, be ready to shell out as much as $200, which most people would agree is kind of steep. Most of the expenses are for the programming the electronic chip.

So you ask, which is the most economical solution for a replacement car key? There are a few things that you can try in this case. Probably your best bet is to purchase a replacement from your friendly neighbourhood locksmith. Yes, a qualified locksmith is capable of making a replacement set of keys for clients who have lost theirs. They have the experience, expertise and the right tools that will enable them to create replacements. And the best part is, they can do this for a fraction of the price as compared to the price that is being charged by most car dealers. But calling a locksmith is not exactly a foolproof option because not all of them are proficient when it comes to making replacement car keys.

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Importance of a Free Forex Demo Account to Forex Traders




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If you are fantasizing with the idea of investing in Forex trade, then the best place to start is to have a free Forex demo account. A Forex demo account is often given by Forex traders free of charge to a prospective Forex trader as a publicity and marketing strategy. The main aim of a Forex demo account is to encourage investors to join Forex trade by giving them a taste of how the actual trade works without them risking their actual money.

The only thing that a trader spends on a Forex demo account is time. Such accounts use virtual money to and allows the trader to do almost everything that they could do with real money. Demonstration accounts give the trader a firsthand experience of how currency trade is conducted and what they should expect should they choose to invest their real money. It is always advisable to try out Forex trade with a free Forex demonstration account before investing your money in the actual trade.

A Forex demonstration account is aimed at establishing and nurturing the confidence of an investor in Forex trade. Since currency trade is a high risk high return investment, investors are always wary of investing money in it, especially with the “suspiciously” high rates of success among the pioneers in the trade. The market environment when using a demo account is the same as the actual currency trade environment. This means that the investor using the Forex demonstration account will be in a position to understand the currency pairs, how they trade and what to do when they choose to invest in Forex trade. The account trains the investor on the market currency variants, Forex market operations, economic reactions and news from major countries that affect the currency trade.

While still using a free Forex demonstration account, it is best to take chances and note the market reactions and effects on your investment instead of waiting to try out tricks with your money. Practice well using the account knowing that the whole responsibility on your trading actions lies on you if you were using real money. Try as much as possible to train with the Forex demo account as if it were your actual money account. The account is most suitable for beginners who only have theoretical knowledge of currency trading and would wish to put it in practice before investing money in Forex trade. Sign up with free Forex demo account today and get a feel of the real currency trade.

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Ways to Make Money Online at Home




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There are many methods that you can use so as to work from home. The internet offers great potential in this area and more and more people are enjoying lucrative returns from online ventures. A home based business offers great comfort, especially when it supplies you with the kind of returns that you may have always wanted. Some of the things that you can engage in may be long-term or short term and they include:

Writing and selling EBooks

If your writing is great and you have great prose, then you may consider writing an eBook. The market has become saturated, so choosing a great niche is still important. Usually, the books that help people learn more about technical topics are still great sellers. This is an amazing way to make passive income. There are different platforms where you can sell the eBooks. It doesn’t require a lot of money, but you will need to invest time when writing and when marketing them.


EBooks are losing popularity and people are now trying out the audio books. People today prefer the audio and visual as they are more convenient, especially when there are technical subjects involved. It is a smart thing to start out with an eBook and then turn it to audio buy using various resources. You can make use of royalty share program to get a producer so that you don’t need to use too much cash when starting out.

Create apps

Creating an app is technical and it is only best suited for people with such skills. It takes a significant amount of time. Apps can be a great way to make some income, especially if they are created in the correct manner. With so many people using smartphones today, you need a great app that will attract a great number of them. If you have money but no skills, you may choose to hire someone to assist in the creation. Market research is required if you are to come up with an app that will sell.

Mechanical Turk

These are usually the micro jobs that you can carry out for people. These are usually tasks that are very simple and they can be done by just anyone. They pay little but if you are able to do a lot of these jobs for people who pay well, you can be able to make some money online.


You may have some sort of experience that is professional in different areas such as SEO training, web development, social media marketing, accounting, design and so on. You may handle different valuable services that you can up-sell so as to make money for every gig. There are different providers in this area and in such platforms; it is possible to sell a great number of products and services. Find out exactly what it is that you can offer people so as to start generating money.

Sell services professionally

There are other platforms that offer some great resources when it comes to the sale of professional services. With experience in a certain field, you can sell services on different platforms. Selling is difficult and getting reviews and building a track record takes time.

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