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What AI holds in store for the Future?



Artificial Intelligence
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“The world is breathing in and out with technology and human interaction these days. Artificial intelligence is a perfect example of this interface”. The technology has found a comfy spot in our day to day lives, without us even realizing it. Here’s a sneak peek into what artificial intelligence is all about and why it has gained such a humongous amount of attraction.

What is AI?

In simple words, artificial intelligence is a science of making technology human friendly.

It is a mechanism of making machines think like humans. It is like an amalgamation of human thinking with the fast-computational skills of a machine on the same table.

How does it work?

Human minds process a thing or an information, by seeing it through the eyes. The signals are then to the brain for processing it. The brain forms a clear picture and aligned that image with the linguistic conformation and calls it by the name. Now what if a machine starts doing the same.

Exactly, Artificial Intelligence is the art of making machines, processing things just like a human.

There are certain aspects to it as described below:-

  1. The study of data: The age is the age of data, The information is analyzed and processed. By observing the trend, various algorithms are designed.
  2. Deep Learning: Deep learning is the science of studying networks, unorganized data. It can be regarded as a subset of Machine Learning. It is also called deep neural learning.

III. Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing: The neural networks and natural language processing helps the artificial intelligence networks, understand and comprehend things as humans would.

  1. Machine Learning: As the name suggests itself machine learning is all about “making the machine” learn the language of humans. Every machine needs to understand the instructions, in order to give it process the information, the way it is expected to be perceived.

 Stages of Artificial Intelligence:

By understanding one’s pattern of interests and choices, the algorithms are set to be processed and give a result same as that of a human.

Stages of Artificial Intelligence are described as follows:-

Stage 1: Narrow AI: It is often called as weak AI as it handles singular/linear work

Stage 2: General AI: This is based on the fundamental idea of AI. It is thought as intelligence of machine matching which is capable of comprehending any task just like a human.

Stage 3. Super AI: This AI is the fastest, and surpasses the human intelligence. It is excellent art everything, you just have to name it.

Evolution of AI ?

Prominent polymaths speculated that the human reasons could be reduced with computational skills.

The term Artificial Intelligence is not new. It was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956. He is regarded as the father of AI. 

After a span of decades, it can now be seen that all the speculations have become a reality. In today’s time artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence: Everyday

We may not see AI fully every day but in bits we can observe it. Alright so the next time you type an email, you can see the message you are intended to type next comes with a press of tab. Who can forget the face recognition feature? How about the news about the driverless car you woke up to recently? This technology has comfortably snuggled into the comforts of our homes these days.

For example, alexa is no less than a friend at a click, google assistant is helping the people easing their jobs like anything and the intelligent siri is always there for you when you’re stuck in Delima.  All these are nothing but an outcome of wonders which Artificial Intelligence can accomplish.

Barack Obama quotes,” It is sleeping into our lives in all sorts of ways that we just don’t notice. We’re getting better and better at it and we’re seeing that happen in every aspect of our lives. From medicine to transportation, how electricity is distributed. It promises to create a vastly more productive and efficient economy. And if properly harnessed, it can generate enormous prosperity for people, the opportunity for people can cure diseases that we haven’t seen before. Can make us safer because it eliminates inherent human error in a lot of work.”

Without a speck of doubt, indeed, today’s time is truly advancing towards a new age of efficiency, intelligence, and digitization with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence:

So what we see today is just the beginning of it. Artificial Intelligence has to make many strides in the world today.

In almost every industry, from banking, financing to the health care sector, AI is contributing its share by really easing out tedious processes at a click of a button. Not only that, but its efficiency and accuracy also ensure a secure future of this business today. The scope of AI is endless.

The data is a valued asset in today’s time like never before in the history of humankind. It is these nodules of data, which are working at the cellular level of artificial intelligence which has brought everything into reality.

So here is a review on the career options in Artificial intelligence and machine learning: –

    1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer,
    2. Data scientist,

III. Developer,

  1. Machine Learning Engineer,
  2. Business Intelligence Developer,
  3. Researcher, and so on

So the scope of Artificial Intelligence is as vast as the sky, the only one thing that it demands is a truly passionate and seeking mind to create value through this.

From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to Elon Musk, everyone shares a great view towards artificial intelligence and on how it will make processes efficient and accurate at the same time.

The 21st century is truly witnessing a time where the virtues of technology are touching the zenith like never before in the history of the planet so far.

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