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Trump’s Trying To ‘Take Over’ San Francisco Slum From ‘Sick Dog’ Pelosi Following Her Coronavirus Attack



Trump's Trying To 'Take Over' San Francisco Slum From 'Sick Dog' Pelosi Following Her Coronavirus Attack
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President Trump lashed out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for questioning his reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a “sick puppy.” “In my experience, she’s a sick puppy. “She has a lot of issues,” Trump said on Monday morning’s “Fox & Friends” interview after being asked to respond to Pelosi’s criticism of his coronavirus response the day before.

The President has indicated that the federal government could take over the San Francisco slum area.

RT reports: Trump tried to smoke against Pelosi later when he blasted her for “playing the investigation game” and being dominated by “hard left” including New York Congresswoman and Green New Deal leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Pelosi has consistently criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, including saying over the weekend that the administration’s delay in getting equipment like ventilators and medical masks to state that they need them is “deadly.” The House Speaker also claims that the President did not take the virus seriously early enough, and his delayed “cost American lives” response.

The president’s most revealing criticism came when he doubled back to Pelosi and indicated that the federal government would “take over” the “slum” district of San Francisco, an economically depressed city that has been afflicted with allegations of an out-of-control homeless problem in recent years, as well as streets polluted with heroin needles and human feces.

“The federal government, we should get involved and take over the place and clean it up,” Trump said. “It’s such a mess, it’s too bad, and still she’s going to sit there and whine.”

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