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Pro-Life Win: Federal Court Provisions for provisional ban on abortions as ‘not medically required’



Pro-Life Win: Federal Court Provisions for provisional ban on abortions as 'not medically required'
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Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order on March 22 to prohibit all “surgeries and treatments that are not medically required,” including abortions.

After a district court blocked the enforcement of the order, the 5th U.S. The Circuit Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay of decision, enabling the ban to come into action.

The District Court found that “the reading of the Executive Order by the Attorney General prohibits Texas women from pursuing what the Supreme Court has declared is their fundamental constitutional right to end abortion before the fetus is viable.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued and a jury of three appellate judges reversed the ruling of the District Court.

“It is directed that the order of the district court of 30 March 2020 (Dkt. No. 40) be Indefinitely Held before further order of this court to give this court adequate time to consider a petitioner’s motion for a stay and a petition for a writ of mandamus,” the federal judges said in their decision.

Abbott’s ban on non-essential surgical services is intended to ensure that adequate hospital personnel are available for the expected flood of COVID-19 patients.

Paxton blamed abortion services for failure to comply with the governor’s order in a statement previous to the decision.

Are abortions medically necessary?

“Abortion providers who refuse to comply with state law show a clear lack of respect for Texans suffering from this medical crisis,” he said.

“For years, abortion has been promoted as a ‘option’ by the same people currently seeking to argue that it is an necessary practice.” While the injunction has been upheld for the time being, Planned Parenthood and other abortion services and supporters are working tirelessly to reverse it.

“Abortion treatment is time-sensitive and critical health care that has a tremendous effect on human health and life, which is why it is covered as a civil right,” Nancy Northup, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Reproductive Rights, told CBS News.

If successful, ending the lives of unborn children and saving the lives of COVID-19 patients would again be viewed as similarly “necessary.”

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