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Soros-Funded Outlet: COVID-19 Crisis Is Ideal Time To ‘Kill the Kids’



Soros-Funded Outlet: COVID-19 Crisis Is Ideal Time To 'Kill the Kids'
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OpenDemocracy, a George Soros-funded non-profit in the U.K., is using the coronavirus pandemic to promote their anti-family agenda.

Today, when I say the “anti-child” campaign, I simply mean that the party is pushing for an end to the family unit.

In last week’s post, “The Coronavirus Problem Shows It’s Time to Abolish the Family,” a emotionally ill woman named Sophie Lewis — yes, I only inferred her gender — tryes to persuade her readers that the COVID-19 pandemic is precisely the moment to liberate herself from the “nuclear family.” How does poor Sophie think this? Okay, as in most home settings now, she writes, “there is the mystification of a couple-shape; the romanticization of parenthood; and the sanitation of a inherently dangerous area that is private property.” Wait, what? Public land is ‘unsafe’ “Romanticizing” parenthood (that means loving your children, isn’t it?) is problematic?

Lewis claims that so many families today are “identified by the power asymmetries of housework” and that land possession, mortgage payments, and “patriarchal parenting” are bad for our wellbeing.

Nevertheless, Lewis goes on to say that “Queer and feminized people, particularly very old and very young women, are certainly not free” in these “colonial home” circumstances.

There are a host of other strange claims brought out in Lewis ‘post. Much of them are essentially feminist and socialist opponents of how patriarchal the male-headed family is, and why we need a full redesign of how we think of the state and the culture.

Were liberals seeking to make the best of the coronavirus pandemic?

Standard issues for the left, in other words: in socialism, the state always falls before the home. And a look at the OpenDemocracy funders, presented by the organization itself, shows Soros ‘left-wing Open Society Foundations among the biggest donors, along with other radical funders, such as the Ford Foundation.

Perhaps the most absurd argument in the essay is that Lewis claims, “We deserve more than the family. And corona’s moment is an ideal time to begin abolishing it. “What this Marxist wing-nut of open society has in mind to replace the family unit is not written out in any depth, but it uses a number of striking terms to describe what is to come next.

“Far from the moment of acquiescing to the ‘social traditions’ narrative, the pandemic is an extraordinarily valuable period for supporting, evacuating and simply encouraging members of – and refugees from – the nuclear household,” she notes.

From what I can understand, Lewis appears to want the government to provide sex non-conforming trans youth with covers and affordable accommodation that ran away from home so that they could provide a judgment-free safe place to run from. Or anything like that.

In either case, Lewis argues that “the private family qua form of social reproduction still, clearly, sucks.” Why does it suck?

“It’s about the sexes, nationalizes and races us. It sets the expectations for successful work. This lets us feel that we are ‘individuals.’ This minimizes resource costs while optimizing human life-giving labor… “and on and on and on.

Just give me a rest.

It’s nice to see that this utterly unhinged way of thinking won’t be winning momentum any time soon. Men and women are hard-wired by Nature to find a husband, start a family, and raise babies.

In addition, there is anecdotal data that suggests that the coronavirus is potentially getting families back together and that social ties are being reinforced at this time.

I can only believe that the manifestations of kindness and charity that are taking place right now are causing people like Sophie Lewis a huge headache. Oh, that’s a positive idea.

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