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Topics to discuss with her on a first date



Topics to discuss with her on a first date
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Women can be complicated and intimidating, especially if it’s your first date, you are not familiar with each other yet, and it might put extra pressure on you. We got your back and have a list of topics that you can discuss with her to break the ice.

If you have met each other online, try not to discuss the best dating sites for sex that you both tried before. Keep it simple.

The key to any good date is communication. And to get to know her better, you should ask questions. Start with more information about her lifestyle. Since traveling is popular and a lot of us travel — ask her about her dream country or city to live or what the most fascinating trip she had so far. Ask her about favorite movies, and maybe theater plays. Involve art if you feel confident enough to talk about it.

If you are nervous — it is completely normal to admit. You can make a joke out of it and have a good laugh together. It is most likely that is is also nervous on her end. So that would be an excellent way to break the tension between you two.

Instead of a dull question, where did she grow up, ask where she feels most alive and which place feels like home to her. It’s great to know where people grow up but also awesome to figure out where the person feels happy the most.

Expand the travel topic. Ask about places she’s been to and compares with yours. If there are the same places, try to make a top 3 or top 5 list together. Discuss why and what are the dream places that each of you wanted to go, but so far, it didn’t happen.

Bucket list goals are always fun to talk about. People can have meaningful but straightforward wishes or completely crazy ideas. Both are great and fun to learn.

What was the bravest, stupidest, or scariest thing each of you ever done? The most important thing here is to say in advance that this will be zero judgmental date and you both can relax and enjoy having fun.

Talk about hobbies and imagine what hobby each of you would want to make a reality. Similar to the superpower question. That can be included as well.

What kind of a kid was you? That can be a little bit of a personal question, so ask it if you feel like it is appropriate. You also can share the funniest stories from childhood.

Talk about carriers and dream jobs. What would be the ideal version of a job for each of you, and why it’s a dream but not a reality.

Ask her to describe her perfect day. It can be anything: the perfect day at work or during the weekend. What fun and chill days would look like for her.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and have a pleasant conversation where both of you are getting to know each other better. That way, in the end, you both realize if you would like to have another date. Besides, those questions would help you to understand the person. The character and all the vibes can be produced on both sides. Enjoy!

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