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Bill Gates BILLIONS to first develop Coronavirus vaccination and digital certificates Bill Gates



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Bill Gates, founder and multimillionaire philanthropist of Microsoft, has announced that he has initiated the development of seven plants to produce at least seven possibly vaccinated coronaviruses, in urgent efforts to launch the vaccine.

If you had a vision of exploiting the global population through abortion and vaccination, as Bill Gates said was always his goal, how much money would that plan cost to fulfill?

The billionaire globalist said the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working on the capacity to produce seven vaccine candidates in a clip from Friday’s Daily Show, “to save money,” as coronavirus continues to spread across the globe.

“We should make it to both sets of festivals only so we won’t have room in the sets of words ‘yes Whatever vacuum works’ and the constructing the Reasons,” GATES TOLD THE DAILY SHOW HOST TREVOR NOAH. “It is going on produce for the talk that don’t pick up any better, but to a FEW Billining, IN this Case Cable, TRILLIONS OF DULLIORS … BIN LOST ECONOMMICALLY, IT IS WORTH IT,” GATES SAID.

The Hill report: Bill Gates said research and capacity building concurrently are key to the production of a vaccine within 18 months. He reflected on the new social divisions and stay-at-home assessment in the region, adding that we must take more exceptional steps before “we are vaccinated throughout the planet,” he continues, “this is a high degree of vaccination, but that is where we have to achieve that.” – The Hill Community, as we know it would still change in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

In answer to a question at a Reddit “Ask Me Something” chat, Bill Gates pointed at major changes in the privacy and civil rights of ordinary people.

“We will finally have some automated certificates indicating who has been rescued or checked recently or if a vaccine has been issued,” Gates said.

Gates has called for a ‘global tracking system’ and said that ‘in Seattle the [University of Washington] provides thousands of tests everyday but nobody is connected to a national tracking system’ and that ‘Whoever there is a positive test, it should be seen where the disease is and whether we need to increase social isolation.’ The US leads the world in more than 245,000 events.

google news

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