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Investigate: Wuhan Doctor, Coronavirus Whistleblower Is Missing



Investigate: Wuhan Doctor, Coronavirus Whistleblower Is Missing
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Since the COVID-19 has circulated across the world, so has the Chinese authorities ‘propaganda drive.

If the virus has certainly proved something, it is information the Chinese government is pushing that can not be believed.

As the epidemic starts, China has been covering up instead of warning other countries with correct facts, as reported by Axios.

Doctors were censored and silenced when they attempted to sound the alarm. The virus detail.

Now the Government of China is seeking to remove the cover-up and say that it has always been transparent and truthful with the world.

Ai Fen, a doctor from Wuhan, may be the last survivor of China’s draconian censorship, and the epidemic began.

While it is not known precisely what happened to her, Ai’s abrupt disappearance after the Chinese authorities were whispered indicates that the government has taken retroactive steps.

Nine Network’s “60 Minutes of Australia” reveals that Ai was the head of the Wuhan Central Hospital disaster.

She vanished after openly alleging that the authorities stopped her from warning the world about COVID-19.

Just two weeks ago, Wuhan Central Hospital’s Emergency Manager revealed he and his staff had stopped warning the world. She’s now gone, her mysterious location. Ai told a Chinese publication before this month that she was blocked to warn fellow doctors about this infection in December # 60Mins — 60Mins Australia (@60Mins) 29 March 2020

“I wouldn’t have thought about the reprimand if I had known what would happen. I’d have talked to anybody I could, “she allegedly said, According to The Guardian, Chinese censors have worked tirelessly to try to delete the interview’s material from the Internet, even though twitter users took screen shots to insure that it didn’t totally go anywhere.

Chinese surveillance goals seem to have gone beyond the initial goal of preventing reports about the epidemic from spreading.

Is the propagation of the virus responsible for Chinese censorship?

The Chinese authorities are now censoring people to find out that the initial intelligence blackout contributes directly to its global expansion.

The disastrous impact of China’s efforts to cover up the disease is revealed by a report from Southampton University in the UK.

The report suggested that the estimated cumulative number of cases in the country may have decreased by up to 95% if action – ‘e.g. early identification, segregation of cases, travel controls and cordon sanitaire’ according to the university had been approved inside China three weeks earlier.

Such results inspire China to seek to avoid accountability.

Not only did the outbreak emerge in Wuhan, but the Chinese government’s negligence and frustration contributed directly to the latest global pandemic.

“Sixty Minutes of Australia” announced Sunday, Ai vanished shortly after finding out the censorship of Chinese authorities.

According to Radio Free Asia, shortly after the segment was broadcast a mysterious message on one of her social media pages.

This message, however, only added to the increasing worry about her whereabouts with an picture of a road in Wuhan.

‘Police prisoners or other official custodians were required to have their Social Media profiles changed by themselves or by the police to unlock their computers,’ Radio Free Asia said.

Ai’s absence is not an occurrence of isolation. Additional medical practitioners and journalists were also censored for comments that criticized the Chinese government.

One of the first to alert citizens about COVID-19 was Dr. Li Wenliang.

Days later, he was one of eight people who were arrested and asked to make public comments by the Chinese Government, reports the BBC.

According to CNN, Li was reprimanded by warning people about the virus for “significant disturbance to civil order.”

Li subsequently contracted and suffered from coronavirus.

It seems like the coronavirus epidemic has given the Communist government in China the chance to stretch its oppressive muscles and involve its own people in totalitarian abuses.

The contrast between democracy and dictatorship has never been greater than the world governments ‘responses to the virus.

Sadly, the rest of the planet also suffers from the Chinese government’s cover-up.

The absence of Ai Fen shows that those who speak out are still being prosecuted by the Chinese authorities.

As countries all over the world face the impact of the epidemic, China must be kept liable and not allow history to be rewritten.

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