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Lifestyle Changes To Make During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that phase of a woman’s life when she experiences several hormonal changes. Often she can’t even explain what’s going through her body and mind, because everything is so new. Women tend to be a bit occupied, confused, anxious, and nervous while experiencing their first pregnancy. As it’

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Nutrition Image

Pregnancy is that phase of a woman’s life when she experiences several hormonal changes. Often she can’t even explain what’s going through her body and mind, because everything is so new. Women tend to be a bit occupied, confused, anxious, and nervous while experiencing their first pregnancy. As it’s general knowledge that pregnancy lasts approximately nine months, so medical experts have divided it into three equal trimesters. Through every trimester, the women go through multiple different/advanced changes.

Our lifestyle influences our well being a lot. The same happens during pregnancy. Women obviously need to have a different lifestyle in pregnancy than usual. So we have dedicated this article to all the pregnant and to-be-pregnant women out there. With your first signs of pregnancy, you must have felt mixed emotions, and it’s completely normal. Below are certain lifestyle changes that you must comply with for having a smooth and comfortable pregnancy.

Get a Good Exercise Regimen

In every phase of life, in some way or the other, exercise plays a crucial role in women’s life. Through the first trimester women will like to be in shape and strengthen the muscles. Apart from this, it also leads to increased blood flow in different parts of the body. Exercise also helps in maintaining mental health, you need to be positive amidst all of the hormones coursing through your body. When you exercise, endorphins are released that make you happier. Have a simple routine of 20-30 minutes of cardio per week, some yoga, and some muscle building exercises (but only in the first trimester). From the mid-second trimester, we advise you to join professional exercise classes for pregnant women.

Cut Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Caffeine

Very common advice, but still, we have to repeat it again and again, don’t consume alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, it is real and affects your baby’s development. To be on the safer side, don’t even have a glass of wine also if someone says that it’s okay. Caffeine consumption is to be reduced and not cut off. Medical experts suggest that at somewhat 200mg per day in total is enough caffeine intake during pregnancy. Other than coffee, caffeine is also present in foods and other drinks, so be alert and make sure that you do a little research before consuming anything. Smoking needs to be quit for obvious reasons. Smoke derates your body, and it can also do the same to your fetus. Remember, your fetus is a lot more vulnerable to these things than your developed organs. The same is applicable for any type of drug abuse.

Manage Your Stress

You might have heard it on many other occasions apart from pregnancy. Still, pregnancy is the most crucial time for you to follow it. Your body releases cortisol when you’re stressed, this hormone disturbs your body, mind, and thus the development of your baby. Therefore yoga and meditation are always recommended for pregnant ladies. Spending time with your partner or being in touch with your family is also great, even for the baby.

Educate Yourself on Pregnancy and Parenting.

From the later part of the second trimester or from the start of the third trimester, you have to rest more than you work. These are times when you should be reading a book on parenting or pregnancy. You can see online sessions and videos of women who have undergone pregnancy and shared their experiences. Take your time to learn what happens during labor and be mentally prepared to experience labor in even most unexpected times.

Get Extra Help

Have a full time maid to help you with chores. If one of your mothers can be with you, then it is better. Mothers have experienced and can also understand/relate to what you are experiencing and support you better during it. The truth is they can understand and respond to the mood swings better than your man. They can help you with many female things as well. If not, then maids can help you with chores and be there in case of any emergency. Also, you can’t do heavy work or be physically tired during pregnancy.

Diet and Healthy Eating

It is already the most hyped and talked about topic during pregnancy, so we have kept it at last. Drinking more water is essential and standard advice, your body requirement of water and nutrients is now of two lives. Have five to six medium balanced meals, these means don’t be too full or too empty after you have taken a meal. Folate, protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, fats, and every other mineral that is there in science is necessary for you, but in its own specific volume. Consulting a dietician or nutritionist during pregnancy is very common and popular these days. They can help you with balancing nutrients concerning your taste and preferences in food, can divide the meals rightly, and share more healthy eating tips with you.

During pregnancy, a woman doesn’t have anything else in her mind other than her baby. The health of the pregnant woman and baby is very sensitive and vulnerable to a number of diseases and infections, so maintaining cleanliness is a must. From the first pregnancy test until the rest of life, a child always remains an essential part of the parent’s life, so you should not lose a single opportunity to learn more about pregnancy and parenting. Tell your partner to have a labor arrangement in a good maternity hospital  in advance. Hospitals now provide this opportunity. In this, they also have some prior tests for assuming the delivery time and also running some health tests on mother and fetus.

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Dr. Priya Banerjee

M.D. (Obs. & Gyn.)

Have been practicing for 3 years, an online consultant with Femicure, along with it, have written medical articles and blogs for four years. Also an infertility specialist with IVF, IUI, ICSI, and infertility related surgeries.


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