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Political advisor Biden Says that Trump is pointing to ‘crimes against humanity’



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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s attorney wants President Donald Trump to be sued after he said Sunday that seriously ill coronavirus patients should be able to choose their course.

After Trump said in an intelligence meeting of the White House coronavirus task forces at the White House that instead of seeing them die, he needed COVID-19 patients to know that, through consultation with their physicians, they had a chance to try the anti-malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine.

Galonski was angry about Trump’s marketing of the drug as a possible coronavirus cure, and threatened to refer the Chairman of the Court of Justice in the Hague to the International Court of Justice.

“I can no longer bear it. I was to The Hague. Tomorrow I am making a report to humanity violations, “Galonski said. “The final straw was today’s news conference. When I see that, I know the need for a referral to justice. “I can’t bear it anymore. I was to The Hague. Tomorrow I must make a report for crimes against humanity. The news conference today was the final straw. I know when I see one, the need for a court referral. “I need any lawyer who has ever carried out work at an international level to email me urgently at [email protected],” said Tavia Galonski (@RepGalonski) on 6 April 2020. We had a group of attorneys working on the issue while we were working on overseas detention proceedings. Come up! Dress up! “In a separate post, she tweeted.

I need any lawyer who has ever served abroad to email me directly at [email protected] We had a group of attorneys working on the issue while we were working on overseas detention proceedings. Come up! Dress up! https:/ — Tavia Galonski’s comment (@RepGalonski) April 6, 2020 Do you believe Democrats want President Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus to fail?

In February Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer announced the Biden himself had confirmed the Galonski was a “senior advisor” to his team. Galonski was contacted by the Ohio Capitol Journal on Sunday and asked if she wanted to prosecute Trump.

“I have no idea really,” she said. “Just how tough can it be? “Galonski later tweeted that all the Republican lawmakers were accused of” [sic] aiding and supporting [the suspected abuses of Trump]. Test. Test. The TopS:/ / QZuyy8z54x — Rep. Tavia Galonski (@RepGalonski) April 6, 2020 Severe COVID-19 cases of hydroxychloroquine mixed of zinc and inexpensive antibiotic azithromycin is effectively handled by doctors around the globe.

The president has repeatedly said that the drug’s popularity with some patients has given him hope.

On Sunday, the United States acquired the national drug stockpile of 29 million chloroquin or hydroxychloroquin doses.

“What do you lose? “Trump said of using the drug, which was greenlit in COVID-19 trials by the Food and Drug Administration.

“I want to save lives and for the next year and a half I do not want to do it in a laboratory because people are dying everywhere,” he said.

“We don’t have time to think, ‘Gee, let’s wait a couple years and check that out, let’s get checked in the research tubes and labs.'” Trump said that the medication that’s been commonly used for decades is, ‘do not kill men.’

Trump: “I want life-saving. For next year and a half I don’t want it to be in a laboratory while people perish all over the world … and even CNN can bring the issue. — Benny (@bennyjohnson) April 5, 2020 A Los Angeles specialist becomes the first in reporting treatment advances to treat coronavirus patients.

Dr. Anthony Cardillo told KABC-TV that in tandem with magnesium, he was administering hydroxychloroquine for seriously sick patients.

“We will be cautious and careful not to recommend this for well-being patients of COVID,” said Cardillo. “These would only be reserved for patients who are very ill, really ill, at home or in the hospital who need this drug. If not, we will blast up our stock with people who send them routinely to other procedures with illness.” “Any patient I recommended to be very, very ill, but they were completely free of symptoms within 8 to 12 hours, “Cardillo said. “So scientifically, I see a solution.” Given the commitment of medical practitioners to save lives made by hydroxychloroquine, a variety of Progressive politicians and media outlets consider the use of medications a political issue.

Some in the community condemned Trump harshly for proposing people who are eligible for the opioid review with their doctors.

The president’s briefing on Sunday contributed to reports about the “unproven” naming of Hydroxychloroquine from the New York Times, CNN, Abc, Forbes, The Washington Post, and several other media.

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