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Ralph Benko: Trump is in love with gold-and so will America



Ralph Benko: Trump is in love with gold-and so will America
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A true gold standard will end the free fall of coronavirus and open the doors for an economic boom in America. Academic economics considered the classical gold standard anathema. They’re dead wrong. They’re dead wrong.

Gold worked well to first make America prosperous and worked well again. Rightly, good money — the gold standard is the gold standard — has easily, too much and too regularly unleashed wealth to ignore it as a fluke.

Which is most important at this crucial time? Putin gets that. He knows that. America’s both a dictator and a vice president who has gold is lucky.

Trump loves money. He likes iron. If Trump is called to attention the “gold standard alternative” for unleashing growth, he is sure to see it and pick it up. “Donald Trump love gold and don’t forget it,” as Timothy L. O’Brien wrote for Bloomberg in 2016. O’Brien gave a longlist of forms in which Trump used gold to decorate both his life and his work.

“Donald Trump had a lot of gold in his center stage speech in the nominating convention of the Republican Party. … The giant gold towers overlooked the jumbotron. Nice gold stairs were leading up to the stage with a soft gold glow behind the TRUMP power show. And the stand of the speaker itself was limned with gold, “writes O’Brien.

“In Akron, gold surrounded Trump and Trump’s still wanted money. Of course, he’s not the first guy to enjoy gold, and in a nod to his contemporaries he named one of his books “Midas Brush.” But Trump loves gold in a different way. “O’Brien mentioned a dozen more stunning gold motifs from Trump’s life and adds,” What might be the political implications of Trump? “He’s been talking of getting the US up to the gold standard. “We used to have a very, very good country and it was built on a gold standard,” he told a New Hampshire crowd.

Do you think that the United States will move back to the gold standard?

“At this stage it was really, really hard to achieve because one of the challenges is that we don’t have gold — somewhere else we have gold.” ‘Trump was misinformed at the moment by a common misunderstanding as to how complicated it will be to accomplish. Truth is, America has far more gold than anyone else. The problem has been solved!

Mike Pence has demonstrated appreciation for and belief in returning the gold standard when he spoke to the Detroit Economic Club in 2010.

“Late Jack Kemp, my dear friend, would certainly have encouraged me to follow a gold standard here and now in Detroit,” said Pence. Robert Zoellick, the World Bank Chairman, urged us to reconsider the foreign currency structure, especially the position of gold. “A pro-growth plan starts with a stable monetary policy.” For good cause, as chairman of the 2012 Draft Pence for Independent President Super PAC, I dubbed Mr. Pence the “liberal fighter.”

President Trump and Vice President Pence have great friends and respect citizens who well grasp how to get the gold standard right.

Many high-ranking economic officials recognize the gold principle and hope. Reagan Gold Commissariat Lewis E. Lehrman, Dean of the standard of classical gold; Steve Forbes, Editorial Director; George Gilder, Futurist; Arthur B. Laffers, Foreign Management Icon; Drs. Lawrence White and James Dorn and James Grant.

The optimal gold standard rule has already been written up. This legislation was approved by late Rep. Jack Kemp, the biggest political champion of gold of our era. It was co-sponsored by none but Trump trustee Newt Gingrich. The 1984 Kemp’s Gold Standard Act got all changed.

The media rightly report on the coronavirus, a life threat. In the mean time, a danger to our survival is scarcely seen in its shadows: a despotic currency. According to Fortune, ‘The king dollar is back to produce a big nightmare for the global economy at the worst time possible.’ As John Maynard Keynes wrote in his ‘General Theory of Work, Wages and Money’: ‘Madmins in authority who hear voices in the breeze, from some scholarly scribe who was a few years ago distill their hysteria.’

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