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Trump opens on Schumer in the Crippling Letter After Sen Attempts To Blame Him for NY’s Coronavirus Shortages



Trump opens on Schumer in the Crippling Letter After Sen Attempts To Blame Him for NY's Coronavirus Shortages
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President Donald Trump was unable to do so when Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader accuses him of not properly organizing the coronavirus response in the world, especially in the areas most impacted by the pandemic, such as Schumer’s home state of New York.

In a Thursday letter to Trump Schumer had urged the president to place a military officer in charge of the medical supply logistics chain, as the commanding officer had practically accomplished by 23 March.

The New York Democrat has written: “As the coronavirus spreads exponentially in all parts of our country and with each passing day the awful, horrific weight of the coronavirus is more apparent, the lateness and inadequacy of the response to the epidemic by this Administration become painfully clear.”

He argued: “America can not rely on the uncoordinated, uncoordinated collaborative attempt to tackle the awful nature of this pandemic, while private corporations pledge to produce personal protection devices and other essential medical supplies.” “It is time for your government to nominate a senior military officer to solve this urgent crisis.” This officer will have full authority to supplement and execute a program to improve the development, procurement and delivery of desperately needed medical devices and supplies in compliance with the Defense Development Act (DPA), ‘Schumer said.

Trump responded on his own Thursday in a harsh letter dealing with the concerns posed by Schumer and criticizing the senator for being unprepared for the coronavirus.

“Thank you for your letter of Democrat PR and for the wrong sound bites,” he wrote in order to open his message.

He then noted that Vice President Mike Pence is heading the coronavirus task force in the Federal Government and, “from all accounts,” the former Indiana governor did a “spectacular job.”

“I and my staff have repeatedly used the Defense Procurement Act (DPA) to buy billions of dollars in tools, medical supplies, fans, and other similar products,” Trump writes.

“It was so effective that businesses usually do whatever we want without even a formal warning. You know something is coming, and that’s what you need to know, “he concluded.

The president then turned to Trump’s request for Trump to designate a military officer to oversee medical supply logistics nationally, finding out that John Polowczyk, Navy Rear Adm., is the guy. The president described him as such in a briefing on coronavirus on 23 March.

“A ‘senior military officer’ is responsible for the procurement, delivery and so on,” Trump wrote to Schumer. “His name is John Polowczyk, Rear Admiral. He works 24 hours a day and is highly regarded by everyone. If you remember, my staff supplied you with the information and you opted to disregard it for public relations. “Polowczyk described his duties at the March 23 briefing as” the leading supply chain task force at FEMA.” “It is my job to improve the availability of vital medical supplies including safety equipment and fans, “the admiral says.

At the Coronavirus Taskforce meeting on Wednesday, Trump stated that Polowczyk controls the logistical supply chain of medical equipment and does “the best work.” President Trump straightforwardly sends Senator Schumer to Schumers letter suggesting that Trump will have a military man in charge. — The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) April 2, 2020 “We have one of the best valued military officers, admiral,” said the president. “This, too, is what he does, very professional and responsible. But Chuck didn’t know that. “According to Polowczyk, doing his work well is both an question of his technical duties and his personal interest.

“To get more to our health staff now, the President offered me one job,” the naval officer said Thursday and visibly fought back some anger. “I have taken that to heart because … in New York I have a son. My sister’s a nurse practitioner and my niece’s a nurse [in] the hospital on Long Island.” “I’ve got skin on this table, “said Polowczyk. “I was told by the President to get more from the health staff. He started to draw his letter to Schumer by implying that the senator was too overwhelmed by the trial to concentrate on the emerging pandemic in January and early February.

“If you spent less time on your ludicrous allegations which have gone unhappily for ever and ended up in the shadows (except in-my polls), and then focused on helping New Yorkers then New York wouldn’t have been so completely unprepared for the ‘invisible threat,'” Trump stated.

The President accused Schumer of being absent while the federal government deals closely with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio of New York City.

In case of concerns, Trump urged the senator to phone.

“Or, name Rear Admiral Polowczyk in the alternative,” he wrote.

In a Thursday night tweet, Schumer responded to the President, stating that he was sending a “serious message,” and Trump’s reaction was “petty” and “unserious.”

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