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When Dem Lawmakers have their way, universities will use COVID as an reason to try to persecute people under Title IX.



When Dem Lawmakers have their way, universities will use COVID as an reason to try to persecute people under Title IX.
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Sexual harassment and misconduct on college campuses is a significant issue, much as everywhere else. Unfortunately, there have been major issues with the system for coping with these allegations at colleges and universities and three Democratic senators are now seeking to change the process and resolve such a case.

Title IX forms part of the 1972 reforms to education which was introduced essentially as a protection against discrimination on the basis of sex education. The law is now being used to tackle issues from transgender recognition to sexual assault to on-campus violence.

As noted by the New York Times, under Obama’s administration, the clause did not include the prosecution itself because a ‘non-binding memo’ from the Civil Rights Education Department gave schools an opportunity which they could not refuse: contend with sexual harassment on campus, or some other.

Many schools have been willing to cooperate with policies that are inherently arbitrary and coercive, restricting only simple guarantees of due process, such as the right to challenge your accuser or review the facts against you.

These practices have ruined lives and the prestige of the defendants, mainly people, have not earned in the courts the same privileges. However, even though charges are found unfounded, the accusers never face any punishment, as stated by The Associated Press.

Betsy DeVos introduced legislation in November 2018 to explicitly discuss school policies for dealing with sexual harassment and abuse, to eliminate lopsided processes that will be more in line with the US court system.

The students quickly opposed this initiative, partially because DeVos’s position was a subordinate to the left to promote public schools and other legislation which would benefit students rather than teachers ‘unions.

The IX on Twitter summarized the emotional reaction at the time with a tweet.

“Betsy DeVos * finally * published her new Title IX rules, which are more than anyone might imagine. Such laws will make schooling tougher and force students out of school. It’s time for her to keep her # HandsOffIX. “Betsy DeVos has published her new Title IX rules * finally * and they are more than we might expect. Such laws will raise the risk in classrooms and drive trauma students out of trauma. You have time to remind her why she will keep her # HandsOffIX — Know Your IX (@knowyourIX) November 16, 2018 The uproar obviously continues on.

Three Democratic senators – Washington’s Patty Murray, Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren, and New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand – submitted a letter to DeVos on Tuesday asking them not to step ahead with the amendments suggested.

“In the midst of the the epidemic of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), while schools fail to sustain critical facilities and to help their pupils, a law that would radically alter the environment of schools in reacting to cases of sexual abuse and attack is completely inappropriate and we encourage you to rebuild it,

The Western Journal on Scribd Letter to Betsy DeVos No particular reason but coronavirus (they don’t mention her supervillain status, although it’s inferred because of signatories) made clear it that was just as good an excuse to prevent improvements.

This is just another scenario where opportunistic liberals want to use the pandemic to further their agenda.

This was noted by the independent women’s voice association in a tweet Friday.

“Unwilling to allow a good crisis to go prematurely, the @nwlc sent a missive to @usedgov officers asking that they stop issuing # TitleIX regulations on the basis of # COVID19.” The @nwlc asked officials in @usedgov to stop publishing new # TitleIX regulations on the basis of + COVID19 and declined to let a good crisis go unnoticed. Even as the supposed ‘right to secrecy’ in the Constitution is the basis of legalization of abortion, militant socialists have co-opted Title IX legislation of their social manipulation and the imprisonment of men.

The mantra to “believe all people” sounds admirable, especially when one of these terrible crimes happens to a sister or friend.

Yet what about the people being accused? They are a brother or son of someone, and they deserve the right to protect themselves, especially against allegations of sexual harassment that are both real and respectable.

The opposite of “all women believe” is that “all men are liars,” and the last I reviewed is sex harassment that would consider itself as a violation of Title IX.

Were Title IX policies against male sexual assault unfairly discriminatory?

The US justice system believes that the convicted are innocent before they have been proven guilty, but this is not the case if the perpetrator is on a college campus or somewhere else that is protected by Title IX.

The attempts of senators to block this much-needed drug overhaul are shockingly false both because they intend to carry out soviet-style experiments and because they invoke the coronavirus pandemic to explain it.

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