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Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis



Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

YouTube has been the biggest star in online video advertising for quite some time now. As a Google company, the site also sees user habits and finds it impossible to compete with other services. In tandem with YouTube’s unbalanced video algorithms, several browsers have looked for alternatives to the platform. The only question is: Where does video search the content of consistency not specifically regulated or affected by YouTube come from?

It is important to remember before you start looking for your next favorite video channel, why healthy competition is so vital to the giant content. With a monopoly by Google, YouTube has a huge influence on the distribution of video material across the internet. In fact, the scale of the marketplace has caused them to go relatively unregulated, as there are no direct rivals of the same scale. It has led to some recent uproar with the pushback of rivals, widespread demonetization of content creators and improvements to algorithms that hide videos on smaller platforms.

YouTube has not lost its interest as a platform. While the company has frequently to backtrack and endured a range of disturbing controversies in recent years, it strives to improve the offering and bring value to end-users. It does not erase, though, the fact that video content is all but identical as a result of the preferential treatment of YouTube. Thus, increased accessibility and better coverage of channels are important to highlight a broader variety of websites. Thankfully, one company looks to the future through its video website.

Who is Petey Vid:

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Petey Vid is a privacy-focused video search engine that caters to non-YouTube content and new video networks. Petey Vid is not a simple content aggregator. Alternatively, it serves as a full-fledged video search engine that monitors and indexes content through hundreds of platforms, such as TikTok, DailyMotion, Twitter, Twitch, and more. Instead of relying on different content control devices, Petey Vid serves as a consolidated network where all videos can be quickly identified and searched via hashtag. This is a more open alternative to video advertising on the Internet which has high early adoption figures.

Best Takeaways from Petey Vid:

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

1. Petey Vid searches 65 platforms other than YouTube
2. Petey Vid is uncensored and non-biased.
3. We search over 490 million videos in all languages
4. Petey Vid is also privacy-focused and does not save user IP/queries.
5. A great alternative to google video search

Privacy with Petey Vid:

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

There’s just so many you can do to shield yourself from the same businesses you love (or are all but compelled to use even though you don’t love them). For an Internet user, you can not simply shut by and allow the outcome of fights between corporations, states, and suspects to decide who sees your information and when. You ought to protect yourself, on the contrary.

You can do so by taking care of your own online security. It includes accessing reputable sites, avoiding untrustworthy sites, protecting yourself with anti-virus apps, and more.

Cutting internet companies like Google from your life is nearly unlikely, but that’s all right. Instead, get acquainted with comprehensive privacy settings and optimize your privacy by using Google apps like Gmail or Google Maps to help you maintain secure.

It’s a smart idea to invest in a VPN to further anonymize your internet history. Anti-virus protection is also a must. Your privacy is important, but it is at risk.

Search for Covid-19 videos:

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Petey Vid: Youtube, FB Alternative to Find Latest Video News About Covid-19 Crisis

Search in petey vids for coronavirus related video news it can show you videos from 65 platforms with perfect privacy for you.


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The role of big data, machine learning and 3D printers to help alleviate the effects of Covid-19



Around the world, researchers, innovators and organisations are putting aside their differences and joining forces to create technology to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. This can be seen in the form of mobile applications that are being used to track and spread of the virus to 3D printed ventilators to help combat the short supply of supportive breathing devices in hospitals. There are a range of different technology projects that are rising up to the occasion in the fight against coronavirus. 

The outbreak of the virus has indeed sparked and unleashed a deployment of resources. Putting their full weight behind the infection, scientific and technology communities have been working endlessly to find solutions that can help life restore to normality and save lives, mitigating the impact of the worldwide pandemic for all. 

In a short space of time, several resources and knowledge-sharing opportunities have come to the forefront to help tackle some of the challenges that are being presented by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Many different types of technologies are being implemented to measure the progression of the disease and its range. Doing so helps healthcare organisations access the supplies they urgently need in the areas most affected. Here’s a look at some of the innovative ideas that are being used to improve the current crisis.

Understanding the virus using big data

To help fight the virus, we need to be able to understand how it works. We need to get a full picture of how it behaves, allowing us to define measures to help stop the spread of it. An open-source project by Nextstrain provides data, sequencing and visualisations which show the evolution of the virus pathogens. This kind of information can help epidemiologists understand how the virus can evolve across different countries and identify its possible mutations that can change the nature of the virus altogether. The project has helped scientists observe the virus, and by sharing the genetic sequencing of 700 cases, they have been able to identify that the virus has not changed according to geography and location. Meaning, all instances and strains of the virus around the world are identical. 

Finding therapy through machine learning 

By using quality data that is available, such as the one from the Nextstrain project above, artificial intelligence could be a powerful tool to use to help predict the diseases future trends and how it will mutate. Doing so will help develop treatments, stopping the virus in its tracks. AbCellera, a biotechnology firm are using machine learning models to develop therapies which are based on antidotes traced from patients who have successfully recovered from the disease. The organisation is using AI technology to help amylase over five million immune cells, searching for the ones that can successfully produce antibodies to help patients recover. The role of technology today is enormous, and AI has helped to identify 500 antibodies as possible Covid-19 therapies for the future. 

Telemedicine to help keep hospitals afloat

As hospitals around the globe deal with an overwhelming influx of covid positive patients, telemedicine is one of the alternatives that is being used to help communicate with non-covid-19 patients. Telemedicine is transforming and streamlining an antiquated process making it faster and more efficient, not forgetting to mention, making it easier for patients. To see a health professional, patients just have to log into an app on their smartphone to communicate with their doctors. They can describe their symptoms and wait for the doctor to give them advice via virtual consultation. Many examples of this are already in use around the world. For example, a Seville based company in Spain named Open Salud, which translates to open health, have launched a complimentary teleconsultation platform. The platform allows any doctor or health professional to determine the best treatment for patients without face to face meetings. 

3D printers for breathing devices

The nature of the virus means ventilators have become essential equipment for treating patients of Covid-19. However, the rate of infected people has surpassed the number of machines available, thus leading to a shortage of supplies. To help combat the problem, many different communities around the world have set up open communication channels to help share open-sourcing designs, which can increase the manufacturing of ventilators and the 3D printing community is one of them. Using this information will allow anyone with a 3D printer to print necessary respirator components to be used successfully. Mercedes Benz has also created a breathing device with open-source data which is freely available to enable the replication of the device to be made all over the world. 

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The Future of Technology in the Automotive Industry



Driving with confidence, attention and while keeping in mind all the technicalities make a man pro for his car. In the modern world, many deaths are occurring due to the incapability of driving by ignoring the tricky turns, high-speed dilemmas and using distractive technology. Reaching a destination a bit late is alright instead of never reaching. Along with the driver, the person sitting next to him has the responsibility to pay attention to traffic, turns, distance from the car above, etc. This is so because the next seat partner of the driver is the one who keeps him attentive and is not supposed to be busy somewhere else. Moreover, in night times driver tends to fall asleep especially driving at highways, due to which serious deadly accidents occur. These can be avoided by the person sitting next to the driver because of being and keeping the other one attentive. Driving overall can be made easier by having a fair estimate of the longevity and depth of the turn, by keeping a safe distance from the car ahead defined as a buffer zone, keeping right indicator on timely, slowing the speed in habitat area, keeping the car in right lane according to the speed at highway. Moreover in general routine, while driving at roads in your city, breaks should go easy instead of sudden happening. Together with driving at roads, high ways, in speed, at normal speed, etc, correctly parking a car is the most important. The way a driver has parked his car shows his competence. As far as the permission of driving legally is concerned, it requires state permission called driving license and before that learner license is granted to the person. Mostly 18 is the set age in many states to legally apply for the license. All of the essentials of driving need practice and skills training available even online such as driving schools ezlicense. This provides you the opportunity to select the instructor and see his car type along with his skill set including ratings and reviews by the clients of him. An instructor can be changed anytime after selecting and can be booked any time according to his and your schedule. At the provided address, he then is supposed to be reached timely. The driving can be learned in your car or the instructor’s car. Pre-test lessons are also included in the training sessions. The most important incentive includes null charges if the person has not learned significantly from the instructor that shows the proficiency of the online teachings. WAYS TO MAKE DRIVING EASIER Learning from the proficient resource and practicing regularly makes a man perfect in any task, so is the driving. Once the driver has obtained a license, it then depends on his attentiveness and sharp mindedness that how he handles the tricky and mind diverting situations while driving. Driving is challenging, tricky and risky because, with one wrong move, a driver with the car along with the persons sitting in has a risk of life. Ways of how a person can avoid any accident, an unpleasant incident of driving are mentioned below. 1. Whether the person is driving manual or automatic, adjusting his legs, arms and neck along with the pedals, speed, brake, gears are necessary. This provides him with an edge over the seating. Mostly with the adjusting lever, most cars have beneath the seat back and the seat can be dragged forward and backward according to the height and comfort of the driver. This is the basic step a driver should do not to get tired and uncomfortable in long driving. Along with the right and comfortable adjustment, a driver must tie the seat belt before starting driving. 2. Side mirror adjustment is the other thing that makes the driving easy for switching lanes, merging in traffic and parking. In many modern high technologically equipped cars, there is an alert notification if a blind spot comes. This can be in the form of light indicating or audio notifications as well. The important mirrors in the cars are names as a rearview mirror and two side mirrors on both sides. A rearview mirror allows seeing exactly behind the car while the other allows help in overcoming blind spots. 3. The driver should let himself familiarize himself with the pedals including speed and break in automatic cars and should use one foot preferably right to have control over them. One foot should be used to avoid accidentally pressing both speed and break at once in panic situations. He should have a fair idea of gear stick as well. Gear stick includes parking, reverse, neutral and drive gears. A driver should have a clear idea of the dashboard features of his car including speedometer defining speed in mph or kph, fuel gauge indicating how much fuel is left, hotness of the engine, etc. fuel remaining indication is either a needle switching from full side to the empty side or a proper battery remaining system just like the mobile battery cells indicating the usage and emptiness of the fuel. 4. Gadgets like • multi-viewing cameras allowing the car to reverse safely and move forward with a safe distance • Adaptive cruise control systems to set the speed while traveling and setting the safe distance speed for the car ahead, • GPS allowing the driver to reach the destination through a shorter route that is unknown to him, • seatbelt alert while driving if the person himself has forgotten of it, • Bluetooth systems allowing the driver to play music, etc are the standard feature in modern cars that not just make driving easier but fun as well. 5. Driving a car while ignoring road hazards, over-speeding dangers, busy routine and overtaking are some of the features enlisted in aggressive driving features. Skilled and professional schools of driving, however, teach the exact opposite of what has been defined above. The course and technique, however, is known as defensive driving. While buying a person should keep safety his priority as a car with airbags, child locks, safer seat belts, etc is way better than others. Defensive driving includes a timely indication of turning, slowing down, emergency, etc. breaking off a signal is never a good idea as passengers, by-cycles and other route cars are supposed to pass when the signal is red. Breaking a signal can cause a serious accident resulting in never healing regret. A driver should adaptively adjust with weather and heights, etc. most importantly avoiding drive while drunk and in ill health conditions is the best decision a driver can make. CONCLUSION A driver can make driving easier with the perfect decisions he makes for himself and his car while driving. There are many online schools teaching driving, but the decisions a driver makes on-road reflects his competency. His familiarization, adjustment according to the features of the car is the basic thing making driving easier. While others include equipping modern gadgets, defensive and sensible driving, etc that make a driver successful and driving easier for him.

The evolution of technology has been helpful over the decades, as we now have new innovations and upgrades of existing technologies. The automotive industry has worked closely with technology and has also evolved as much as technology has. Technology has redefined how cars are manufactured, operated and maintained, and also how they function. This includes the way they use fuel, engines, solar systems, and electric lights, which includes the recent innovative LED Headlights.

This evolution has improved safety on the road while driving and has also helped improve the driving experience for many people. 

The Impact of New Technologies on the Automotive Industry

1. Autonomous Vehicles

When cars were first invented, the original plan was to have a driver behind the wheel but today, there are self-driving cars also known as Autonomous Vehicles. This kind of car is designed to sense its environment and move safely with little or no human input while responding accurately to external conditions. The automation is in six levels and the higher the level, the more tendency it has to operate independently.

The advantages of this are numerous, some of which include increased safety on the road, decreased number of accidents, less traffic congestion, lower fuel emissions, environmental gains, more productive time, and greater independence especially for people with disabilities. 

2. Smart Car Technologies

We know how smartphones have developed in recent times and how the features are being integrated into the automotive industry. For example, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto allow users to use their phones while they drive without having to pick them up. With this, drivers do not have to check their screens anymore, which helps reduce the risk of road accidents.

There are also other smart car technologies such as Automated Parking, Car integration with Smartwatch and the 3D Gestures that allow drivers to interact easily with their cars through simple gestures. 

3. Improved User Interactivity

As the automotive industry improves, more work is done to improve the capacity of user interactivity, in order to make the experience worth it. This includes onboard computers that enable the user to control GPS, cruise control, and vehicle temperature. There are also smart dashboards that allow onboard tablets so that users can read phone messages and play music through a single interface.

What to Expect in the Future

What is there to expect in the automotive industry as technology continues to evolve? Lots more than what we already have today. Some of these existing technologies will be developed to something more efficient. 

One key thing to look forward to is fuel-efficient rides that can save users hundreds of dollars in fuel each year while improving road safety. This is already in place, with Tesla being at the forefront. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will also be implemented to improve the technology of cars and make vehicles Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

There is so much more to expect in the future of cars but one key thing to note is that technology will forever evolve and will change the automotive industry with new innovations. 

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Websites to Download Free Movies and Series



Websites to Download Free Movies and Series

Movies have been in high demand for the last couple of years as the largest entertainment for people. The entertainment industry has opened its doors to free streaming, downloading, and file sharing. While most people want to keep a copy of their favorite films or series for various reasons, make sure that they can be legally downloaded.

As you search for titles on various search engines, thousands, if not millions, are available online. A wide selection of movies and series is available at the fingertips ready to be devoured by cinephiles.

There are hundreds of websites to choose from, so we’ve come up with the ultimate list for you to rid yourself of the hassle of searching. So sit back, relax, and read on. Disclaimer alert, you would want to find the best one for you since all of them are already top quality.

The Internet Archive Movies

It is the most notable website to download movies from with its wide selection of numerous films and series categories. Internet Archive Movies is one of the oldest available websites that offer the best digital films and series known to most people on the internet.

With one click of the mouse, you can choose your desired titles from a broad category of film genres like cartoons and live concerts, to name a few. The good news is that you can download your favorite films and series in different file formats to your convenience.

So be sure to check this one out as you get through a tiring day from work or if you’re just planning to take a break from the hustle and bustle.


This free movie download website is also popular to film buffs from around the world. MoviesFoundOnline offers 40 exciting genres to choose from. From horror films, documentary series, drama television shoes, short film animations, and indie films, you name it, they have it!

See for yourself and browse on the website to check out those hidden gems. You’ll never run out of movie categories as this site allows you to download exciting comedy movies and television shows.

Sony Crackle

Get your popcorn ready and check out this website owned by Sony. This free downloading website is one of its kind as it offers high-quality movies TV shows which you won’t find in most websites.

You’ll get countless opportunities to download free movies and series as Sony Crackle offers legal content from big media companies like Universal Studios, Fox Digital, and Warner Bros.

One of the advantages of Sony Crackle is that its interface is so easy to navigate. Just sign up on this free movie downloading website, create a watchlist, and suggest some of the best titles.


Though not as big as the other websites we have listed above, this free movie downloading website gets in the trend as it offers a good collection of films and series. Vimeo is well-known to internet users for its video-sharing capabilities. Users can upload and share full-length movies and television shows on this website.

The best part of this free downloading website is that there are no annoying ads. Yes, you read that right. Unlike other movie downloading sites, Vimeo offers free viewing and download without ads.

Vimeo, with its user-friendly interface, offers high definition playback support. So hurry and check out their wide selection of on-demand movies and series. Downloading films and series has never been easy. With Vimeo, you only need to sign up and click on your chosen categories.


The largest media content-sharing known to internet users now offers free movie downloads as well. YouTube has evolved from its humble beginnings in the early 2000s to hosting a generous amount of full-length films and TV shows for free.

It might be easy to find free movies on YouTube now, but you can check out a few YouTube channels that offer full-length films and series. YouTube channels like The Paramount Vault and Maverick Entertainment provide a large variety of movie titles we’re sure you will enjoy.

Just make sure you type in the specific movie titles or names of the series you wish to watch as thousands of films may not show up unless you do so. You may also do a quick search on YouTube if you’re looking for older movies.


These are just one of the few websites to choose from. It’s also important to note that some of these free movie downloading websites offer paid subscriptions for a superb experience. This option is provided to film buffs who wish to see top-tier films and series, but signing up for these paid subscriptions is all up to you.

Now that you have a list of some of the best free movie download websites, all you need to do now is to get your popcorn ready. Be sure to check on these websites thoroughly to find some of the best films you’ll ever find online.

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How To Download DRM-free Songs From Apple Music



How To Download DRM-free Songs From Apple Music

Suffice it to say that music streaming is the now, and is the future of how we consume our music. Streaming services have changed the way people access and pay content, so it should be really nice to have the ability to pay a subscription of your own, right? But when you don’t have the budget for it, you’ll need to be more creative in doing things to fit your agenda.

In this article, we’ve collated two surefire ways to make sure that you can enjoy the songs, albums, and playlists that you want without paying for it after your free trial. Apple Music, specifically, gives you the leeway of three months to enjoy their services without paying for it. And in that time frame, you should have downloaded, organized, and decided on your music selection. Here are the ways to make your songs free:

Through Audio Recorders

When you want to download Apple Music songs, you’d need to at least have an individual subscription. A unique email can be used to get 3 months of trial in Apple Music, and in this time period, you can easily download all the songs, albums, and playlists you want. Once that’s done, you can use audio recorders to make the songs DRM-free.

One of the best apps to do exactly this is the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. What you want to do is install the app, and then set it to record using the “System Sound” option. When that’s done, all you have to do is stream and play the music that you want to have a file on. When the song finishes, stop the recording and save the file.

You’d need to do this on every song. While it can be a daunting task, audio recorder apps are one of the only two ways to effectively get rid of the digital rights management protection from streaming services. So if you want to make the most out of that free trial, make sure to record the songs you can’t live without. Because once your trial is up, your downloaded music will be kaput as well.

Through Music Converters

Another effective way to go about freeing the DRM in streaming music is to convert them to DRM-free ones. You’d need a separate app to do this, but there are some great options for you to choose from. One of which is the DRmare Apple Music Downloader. What most audio recorders do is change the format of the streamed files into ones free of digital rights.

For example, almost all music files in Apple Music have an extension of .m4a. To be able to save it to your ROM or cloud accounts, you’d need to convert it to .mp3 or .aac files. DRmare Apple Music Downloader not only converts your files, but it is also one of the quickest to do. Turnaround time for most songs is no more than 30 seconds. That means it can convert an album in as short as 20 minutes. Plus, it’s free!

The aptly named app Apple Music Converter is the best-paid option to do this. It can automatically connect with your Apple Music and identify the songs you’ve downloaded. You have the option to choose if you want to convert all or just a select few. You can test drive the app first to know if it fits your needs.


Making the most out of your free trial, especially in Apple Music means that you have to be more creative in circumventing the digital rights management protection that these songs have. But if you want to support the artists that you like and admire, we recommend paying for the subscription fees instead. After all, the music you’re listening to can be transformational, and sometimes that you can’t put a price on that.

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4 Ways On How To Edit A PDF File



4 Ways On How To Edit A PDF File

Editing a PDF file is one of the most useful skills that you can acquire. When your work directly involves annotating, editing, checking, and approving any type of paperwork, knowing how to deal with PDF files is a necessity. In this article, we’ve collated the best ways to edit a PDF file:

Through MS Word

How to edit a PDF file through MS Word, you may ask? Well, it’s quite easy. You just have to open the file through MS Word, wait for it to load then use the editing tools that appear. While you can readily edit text through it, when you have a graphics-heavy or picture laden file, MS Word may not be able to render it effectively. So always exercise caution when using it.

Use the “Edit Text” menu option to edit, delete, or replace text. You can also change the font, alignment, and color of it. In some PDF files, you can’t directly edit the text because of restrictions, but you can always crush out text and add them on top. The “Comment” menu is especially helpful when you just want to go through the file and recommend necessary edits.

Through Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

One of the most powerful apps to ever grace PDF editing, this paid app is packed full of features in editing PDF files that you may not want to use any other program again once you’ve used this one. With the XI Pro, you not only have the ability to open and edit any type of PDF file, but you can also create, sign, and validate access for any device.

But the XI Pro is not without its limits. One of the most glaring is that it can’t convert a word document to PDF, and it can’t export other Adobe files like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to become PDF files either. It’s expensive as well, so if you’re not buying it because of business, or won’t be using it professionally, you are better off using other programs.

Through Apple Preview

Mac’s Preview is its default PDF and Image viewer. Not only is it a clean and straightforward program to edit PDFs, but it also is intuitive enough for heavy annotation. With Preview, you can sign a PDF easily, add comments, highlight text, and even add special instructions. Unfortunately for Windows users, you can’t separately download Preview as an app. It’s native to the Mac OS system.

To add text, you only need to place the cursor where you want to edit. Then type away after going to “Tools”, then “Annotate”, then “Text”. The “Markup Toolbar” carries a set of powerful editing tools that you can use to change your document’s look further. If you want to add a text box, you can do so as well by taking it out of the toolbar.

Through Google Docs

Google Docs is perfect when you are working with several people online. A shared document is the best way to collaborate, put in new ideas, and edit each other’s work. To open a PDF file through Google Docs, you need to have access to the file first. Once that’s done, open the file through Google Docs then edit. While the online word processing tool has limited capabilities, it can do basic things like sign, edit, add text, etc.


Suffice it to say that there are numerous ways of editing a PDF file. Knowing the tricks is convenient but it still will heavily depend on the app or operating system that you are currently working from. For example, if you are editing from a smartphone, chances are Google Docs is the best way to go. If it’s on the desktop, apps like the Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader are top pics. When you’re online, Google Docs is king.

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Facebook Announces Launch ‘Shops’ for Facebook and Instagram



  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook Shops, which enables companies to easily list their Facebook and Instagram products.
  • Using Facebook Marketplace, businesses can list their goods on their Facebook account, Instagram profile, stories, or advertisements.
  • In the future, Facebook Shops will also allow businesses to sell goods during live streams to consumers using WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct chat apps and tag goods.

The recent involvement by Facebook could allow small businesses to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. The technology giant launched “Shops” on Facebook and Instagram, allowing businesses to create digital shops to sell their goods directly to consumers on Facebook apps. The aim is to help these companies manage and improve their customer travel and, obviously, to help Facebook enter the lucrative digital business sector.

“I think it’s especially important now because so many small businesses migrate online to deal with the economic consequences of the Covid-19,” Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook message.

Given the state of affairs, as most countries are locked, small businesses that maintain physical workshops have the brunt of the pandemic. Since there is no guarantee as to whether life will return to normal, these businesses are under pressure.

Avoiding the physical aspects of shopping, Facebook Shops allows you to access small online stores, which allow consumers to view the company’s history and their items, which can then be purchased in applications. It decreases the time staking cycle to switch to a browser and to enter a credit card code again if a user likes a product.

The shops are easy to build and maintain despite their convenience. We will appear on Instagram and Twitter and soon even on Whatsapp and Whatsapp. When they are first set up.

Facebook also work with partners including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Channel Advisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feednomics in order to create a convenient eco-system for such businesses. The companies will agree on their desired degree of integration.

Facebook engineers them to create a shopping experience for consumers when it comes to applications. Instagram will have a dedicated shopping tab and a section on the discovery page where you can find and purchase your favorite items. On Facebook and Instagram we can also expect a live shopping feature that allows users to shop live on time.

The technology giant uses its AI expertise to further expand its knowledge. Mark Zuckerberg writes in a post detailing the new launch: “We will use our AI and augmented reality technology in the near future to create better shopping experiences. We identify and mark products automatically for feeds so that when you find things you like, people can easily click to buy. Small enterperies can also personalize their factory faces by posing items that are most important to you first and using increased reality to let you practice things like shades, lipsticks or cosmetics online to see how they look at you or what furniture will appear in your room before you purchase.

The move will certainly assist small enterprises in recovering certain level activities as a platform for their products to remain in the market. Facebook provides a complete package in its entirety that can help someone develop a firm within their room. Around the same time, Facebook is given the ability, albeit through small and medium enterprises, to move into a lucrative eCommerce industry. Facebook was very aggressive on the front with a recent investment of 5.7 billion USD in India’s Jio platforms to build something like ‘Shops.’

Facebook shops comes with Facebook’s efforts in helping small companies during the coronavirus pandemic, and Zuckerberg claims he has worked on the feature personally. The overwhelming majority of Facebook’s small businesses include over 8 million advertisers, Zuckerberg said on Tuesday. Even if the shops are open, small businesses are encouraged to remain actively involved. Since the pandemic started, a $100 million initiative has been launched that will help small companies through subsidies and provide small businesses with a way to sell cards directly to consumers on Facebook.

Shops and other products of e-commerce can help Facebook drive more sales ads over the long term, said Zuckerberg.

“Our business model here is marketing, and we know that if customers are good for businesses, they usually want to sell more advertising,” says Zuckerberg, instead of charging companies for shops. “So we’re finally going to benefit capital.”

While it is easy for companies to list their products on Facebook, users will mostly need to leave Facebook and go to the website of a company to complete the purchase.

The social network purchases are open only to businesses that engage in Facebook’s Checkout, a Facebook-only invitation system. Facebook charges a purchase price for purchases carried out through checkout, but refuses to reveal the amount, as it is still beta-based.

The company noted that it is working to help small businesses through partners such as Shopify, BigCommerce and others. After the Facebook Shops report, Shopify’s share price rose more than 2%.

“Small companies need a way to find new customers,” Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke said on the Zuckerberg live stream. “The fact that these powerful instruments are native to the Facebook platform would be an immensely powerful new reality for everyone in retail space.”

The company said that Facebook shops will begin to be introduced on Tuesday and become more open in the next few months.

“We hope that the instruments will ease some of the burden SMEs face at the moment and allow businesses of all sizes to plan themselves for the future,” the statement said.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Essential for Your Brand




Online reviews are crucial to every business that wants to boost its online reputation. Ever since they became a thing, online reviews completely changed the way marketing on the web works. Having customers and experts share their feedback allows companies to bridge the gap between word-of-mouth and viral web content. But why exactly does your brand need online reviews? Here are five reasons you have to be aware of.

You can use online reviews to increase sales

Ever since the internet emerged, shopping started involving. People no longer have to rely on friends and family recommendations, as they can do their own research online before making a purchase. This is exactly what most consumers do. In fact, a recent study has shown that 88 percent of customers read online reviews before buying a product or service. Therefore, by including reviews in your marketing strategy, you’ll expose your product or service to 88 percent of the buying population. No matter what kind of business you’re running, increasing your sales has to be your ultimate goal. Since online reviews can help you do that, including them in your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

Online reviews increase your local search rankings



While the internet has made online shopping possible, most people still buy stuff in local stores. Local customers are an important part of your business, and targeting them when promoting online is a must. The good news is that online reviews can also help you increase your local search rankings. When looking for a business they can turn to, most people don’t just look for an address or website. Instead, they want to see what other local customers have to say about it. Google and other search engines understand this and they favor companies with online reviews. Therefore, online reviews improve search visibility and can help drive even more local customers to your business. SEO plays a crucial role in brand-building and the worst thing you can do is ignore it.

It improves your keyword content

If you did your research on SEO, you know how important keywords are. The more keywords you use, the better your website will rank. However, you can’t just go and stuff content with keywords to gain better ranking. Luckily, you don’t have to do everything yourself. If you encourage customers and experts to review your business on the web, they’ll be very likely to use your keywords in their reviews. As a result, your ranking will improve and so will your online reputation. The best part of it is that search engines favor micro-content such as online reviews. This makes any feedback you receive from customers and experts the perfect place for using your keywords.

Expert opinion matters more than you think

expert opinions

expert opinions

We talked about how important customer reviews are. Consumers prefer learning about people’s experiences with your business before they make a purchase. However, they are aware that opinions differ and that they may not be able to learn everything about your business from customer reviews. This is where expert reviews come into play. The content experts create is extremely valued by consumers and they engage in it as much as they engage in customer reviews. Just take a look at websites such as AskGamblers. They post expert online reviews and help players find online casinos that suit all their needs. Using expert reviews as guidance, they don’t have to worry about making deposits on websites they’ve never played on before.

There’s nothing more important than understanding customers

You can’t grow your business unless you know what your customers want. You can come up with new products and features, but if they’re not what customers want, you’ll only lose money. To avoid this, you need to keep trying to gain a better understanding of your customers. And what’s better than having them review your business online. That way, you’ll get content you can analyze and use results for determining your next move. Not to mention that you’ll be boosting your reputation and increasing your sales along the way. Expert reviews also provide you with professional opinion that can help you take your business to the next level. Rely on data you collect and you’ll know exactly what people want from your business. Also, there’s no need to say that customers love brands that fulfil all their needs.

To sum up

So many businesses drop out just because their online reputation can’t compare to that of large corporations. If you don’t want this to happen to your business, encouraging online reviews is critical. Find customers and experts who’ll be ready to review your business on the web and you’ll see your reputation skyrocket. As a result, you’ll have more customers and your site will rank better on search engines. If you’re struggling to find reviews, try offering freebies and discounts to those ready to help you out.

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Second Hand Mobile Phones: How to Spend Less & Get More



mobile phones

As last year came to an end, everyone was so excited to go into 2020 and start experiencing the roaring 20s of this century. Sadly, all of these expectations of prosperity and social and economic developments were shattered with the breakout of a global pandemic due to the coronavirus. As many countries chose to go on a full lockdown to spare the health and lives of the people, many businesses were affected and thousands, if not millions, of people, had to cut their living costs to a minimum so that they can sustain a safe lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While cutting back on luxury spending is not only wise at these times, but also a necessity, some items have moved in the past few years from the luxury category to the must-have category. However, with the sky-rocketing prices of smartphones in recent years, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good smartphone with powerful specs that are able to provide reliable performance at a reasonable price. At the same time, smartphone users who used to compromise on the quality of their phones in exchange for a cheaper price can no longer make this sacrifice as their smartphones have turned into their main driver for conducting everyday essential tasks from keeping up with working from home to staying connected to their loved ones and the rest of the world over social media during quarantine time.

This is why opting for second hand mobile phones is becoming the more popular option for most people nowadays. It allows people to buy whatever smartphone they are thinking about getting at a lower price point which, of course, results in saving a lot of money. However, second hand phones and devices, in general, come with an attached risk of either being scammed into a phone that will turn out to be no good or end up spending more money on repairing issues with the phone, buying accessories, …etc. So, to avoid taking this risk and still save money on your next used phone purchase, this post is going to help you in your quest for finding the best smartphone that offers the greatest value while paying less money at the same time! So, keep on reading to find out all about it!

Order your second hand mobile phone online

Due to the current circumstances of the lockdown, it is difficult to find a mobile shop opened so that you can walk in and look at smartphone devices so that you can choose one to buy. So, if you need to buy a mobile phone, the best option is to order one online so that you are able to control the circumstances and minimize your chances of being infected and minimize the effort that you have to spend as all you’d need to do it to disinfect the package upon receiving it and nothing more.

With the risk of going out for smartphone shopping out of the way, it is now the time to think about the risk of ordering a second hand phone online. This decision in itself contains increased risk compared to any other way of buying a smartphone. The reason for this additional risk is that you can order the phone and receive it only to find out that it is not working or it is not in the condition that the seller promised in the listing.

So, it is essential that you do not settle when it comes to the guarantees and assurances of the used phone deal you are considering to buy. The two most important guarantees are the warranty period and the return policy. For the latter, you have to make sure that you can get a full refund if you decide to return your smartphone within the return period specified by the seller.

As for the warranty, it must be long enough so that you get a sufficient period of time to test and use the phone to make sure it’s working fine. With QwikFone’s second hand mobile phones, for example, all customers get a 12-month warranty for repairing the phone should it have any technical issues due to a manufacturing error. The warranty of QwikFone also grants the customers the right to have their phones replaced if the repair specialists find that the problem with the phone cannot be fully repaired or if that problem can reappear in the future. As for the return policy, QwikFone allows a 14-day returning period, which is the standard return period for brand-new items, with a full refund.

The different conditions of second hand phones

Before buying a second hand mobile phone, it is important for you, as the buyer, to learn and understand what each word in the phone’s listing means in order not to leave the room for misunderstandings to take place and make you purchase a device that you don’t really want.

Mobile phones conditions

There are several descriptive words that can be used when it comes to used phones conditions. For example, you can find phones listed as in a “Good condition” and others listed as “Excellent”. However, it is difficult to tell the differences between the two phones which are listed as good and excellent conditions. The reason for this is that there are no specific criteria for those conditions. So, they are left to the assessment of the seller to call them in good, excellent, or otherwise.

As you can see, these condition names can be misleading in some way. Thankfully, there is the pristine condition which has a specific criteria that you can expect your phone to be in. Pristine phones, as the name indicates, should be in a like-new condition. This means that the phone can’t have any scratches on the screen or visible markings on the back; the whole body of the phone should look as good as new. The same goes for the camera(s), speakers, battery, and every other internal part of the phone.

Once you find a pristine second hand phone that has a decent return policy and a reliable warranty policy, then you’ve hit the jackpot! This is the perfect way to spend less money on the phone and get more value on it.

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How Life Chat Bots Have Turned Beneficial For Online Businesses?



chat bots

Do you know, your Chabot section can be part of your business growth? As these are the quickest and simplest mean to converse and buzz your friends and family anytime. The most popular are Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Slack, Telegram, and more are there.

As a fact, the surge of these swift messaging and connecting chatbots are getting popular every day. These days it is necessary to use catboats for business growth on the global interface that is the internet. Chabot’s are not only important for business and online trade but even can be used for other digital aspects. You can use chatbot while creating websites to deliver informative news, articles updates, or also creating an anonymous Blog Post.

What Are Chatbots?

chat bots

chat bots

Well, let’s make it simple that computer programs to have real conversations and interactions are known as chatbots. This precisely gives chatbots and users to connect. Generally, instant messaging applications are chatbots that help in writing, texting, and interpreting your words. The best example is all smartphone applications are chatbot based on functioning with simple and quick means of messaging and calling.

Types of Chatbots

chat bots

chat bots

Though the cost and poser of chatbot differentiate over the bases of needs and technology used to design it. Thus, popularly there are two main categories in chatbots.

Command-based chatbots: These are basically based on immediate replies and heuristics options. But the fact is chatbot based on command functioning fails to create and generate new texts and answers. Such chatbot cannot reply and answer outside its code.

AI-based chatbots: These are advanced and smart learning chatbots that amazingly answer any question. They perform and generate text accordingly to the specific query.

How Business Uses Chatbots?

Using chatbots in business now a vogue to boost trade online with no much effort. As chatbots give quick to reply with apt and efficient functioning that humans. From simple business tasks from weather updates, food ordering, everything is easy. Even chatbot is not used to hire cabs, shopping delivery systems with automating tasks, and power to manage.

Chabot’s are Exceptional Future

When the world is encircled with technology and smart gadgets, advanced use of chatbots is beneficial. These are automated helpers on apps, and websites to use digital interface more efficiently. With chatbots, users can outbreak the complexity of browse, compare, purchase, and support.

Smarter Chatbots Boost Your Social Presence:

These are technically smart and innovative functioning modes to assist and help common use issues. It is undoubtedly going to be the next generation e-commerce industry weapon to stay connected with customers and manufacturers.

Offer User Interface Service on Smart Gadgets

chat bots

chat bots

Installation of chatbot based applications is really important to connect with others. The use of chatbots precisely offers better services on mobiles, laptops, computers, and tablets to streamlined quickly.

Things to Consider Chatbots for Business Purpose

  • It is imperative if your chatbots are simple, user-friendly, and have enough of the required features. It should give better interaction and conversation functioning to greet your customers.
  • It should help customers to understand your business assistance, including the services and products.
  • It should be designed with end-to-end details to trust your brand or business.
  • The use of theme, design, text, font, images, etc. should be of high-quality.
  • It must demonstrate the ability to interact with users with all related questions, upfront feedbacks, etc.
  • Moreover, crucial is chatbot should have the NLP library to deal with any grammatical errors and spelling loops.

Why Business Needs Chatbots?

chat bots

chat bots

This is a genuinely processing technology that comes with many benefits to boost business over digital media. It helps in rapid replies, interactions, and feedbacks of customers with business services and products. Chatbots are also the newest marketing tool for people to get engage with an online business.

  1. Chatbots are replica for humans, thus available 24/7 in service and support of customers with all questions.
  2. They uphold the power to handle the customers more efficiently with no stress, confusion, and hassles.
  3. It even helps in saving money and time with fewer efforts while serving customers anytime.
  4. Moreover, deliver 100& client satisfaction with all questions and queries about business-related issues.
  5. It works with perfection with no fear of human errors, and that critically saves time.
  6. Chatbots are reliable personal assistant that works in an organized manner.
  7. It helps in developing marketing content for different digital channels.
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Tech Entrepreneurs Derrick Butler & Mario Goins bring Hair Services On-Demand



Tech Entrepreneurs Derrick Butler & Mario Goins

Beauty on demand is a revolutionary idea that has taken over the world by surprise, bringing more convenience to people than ever before. Derrick Butler and Mario Goins, the two inspiring entrepreneurs, have shown that getting a new look only requires a few taps on the screen.

Who are tech entrepreneurs? Well, these are not mere buzzwords, but in fact, people who are able to find real-world problems and then solve it using technology. Tech Entrepreneurs are visionary geniuses aiming to find innovative solutions to the most underlying challenges faced by the society, and the story of Derrick Butler & Mario Goins is no exception.

Derrick Butler, Founder & CEO of Krisspi, was a student at St Mary’s College, trying to find a balance to his social, academic, and personal life – it was a real juggle. You know how they say that necessity is the mother of all inventions? Well, this is precisely what happened here. The idea of an on-demand hair service came into Derricks’ mind when he needed a haircut after 7 pm so that he could catch a flight the next day in the morning for a wedding. It was at that moment when Derrick realized that there is a need for a hairstyling service – hairstylists come to your doorstep and get the job done. No more waiting, no more delays.

However, Krisspi was still just an idea then, and now it was time to turn it into a reality. In 2017, Derrick met Mario Goins, the Co-Founder & CTO of Krisspi. Fast forward three years, and just like that, Derrick Butler & Mario Goins introduced the world to Krisspi, an application-based company that provides haircuts on-demand to its customers. Think of it as “UBER” for your hair styling needs.

Benefits of On-Demand Hair Services

Summon your staff with the tap of a button? These are things people normally associate with celebrities and famous public figures. But what happens when everyone can have that kind of power and accessibility? Sound revolutionary, right?

In a world of instant gratification economy, there is a demand for everything that brings convenience to people, and that is what Derrick Butler & Mario Goins knew when they started Krisspi. The two tech entrepreneurs had an idea, saw an opportunity, and created something that was unheard of before.

On-demand hair services offer several benefits which include:


The biggest advantage of having on-demand hair service is there is no cost of managing a salon. It’s an online platform where hairstylists from different experiences, credentials, and qualifications are gathered in a single platform to deliver the best service to the end-user.

In a traditional salon, you have your traveling cost, which you need to get to the salon, then you wait for your turn, which, if you are a busy professional, equals loss of money. In on-demand hair services, you are in charge of everything. The hairstylists come at your doorstep at a time you desire, exactly how celebrities do it.


Imagine you need to attend a wedding the next day tomorrow. All salons are far away in the city, and there is no time for you to go there. What do you do then? Go without a haircut? That’s just too absurd even to think.

On-demand hair services make sure you are never out of options. You have an app that connects you directly with your preferred hairstylist, and all you need to do is fill out the time and place. No worries at all.


The ability to give feedback is extremely satisfying. Whether you had a good or bad experience, having a place to say whatever you felt gives you the assurance that your opinion matters. At Krisspi, people can post their reviews through the website or mobile app and let other people know of their experience. This helps others make better decisions related to the service.


The majority of hairstylist are also good counselors. They know what looks good on you and help you decide the perfect look when you are confused. An expert hairstylist will have all the information on the latest trends and understanding of hairstyles based on facial features such as hair texture, face structure, skin complexion, etc.

How Krisspi Helps Busy Professionals

The biggest clientele of Krisspi is the busy, and career-oriented professionals, busy professionals who like Derrick have busy lives and need to take control of their calendars. Krisspi provides an ability to have On Demand or Schedule future service at a time and place that most convenient. Finding success in your career as a professional demand hard work and untiring efforts, and the two founding fathers of Krisspi understand that better than anyone else.

The idea behind Krisspi is to make people’s lives easier, and that is what it does best. It meets the needs of busy professionals by giving them the freedom to get a haircut at a time that favors their schedule, offering them convenience – something they cannot get through traditional methods.

Download the Krisspi App

To get the hairstylist at your doorsteps, all they need to do is download the Krisspi App from their respective app stores. Select the time, enter the place, choose the hairstylist they want, and schedule the appointment. See, it’s exactly like “UBER.” It’s all about giving the client the control and flexibility of their time.

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