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Cleaning a Nursing Home to Prevent Coronavirus Infection – What You Need to Know



German Study: Coronavirus Mortality Rate May Be Five Times Lower Than Reported
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The time of the Coronavirus pandemic is upon us with nearly everyone that cares about their health being worried. Even younger people say that this is a virus that is not forgiving with multiple professional athletes getting the virus but recovering. A professional athlete is going to be in far better health than any person/even the staff in a nursing home. The likelihood that they will be provided immediately medication with incredible observation is something that comes with making millions of dollars a year. The population that is truly at risk are those with lung issues or the elderly. People that have immune system issues also can be a prime target for this deadly virus.

Nursing homes can be a hotbed for this virus as there were multiple deaths in one facility. Healthcare professionals understand the importance of social distancing but they are risking their health to provide great care. Not interacting with people that are not practicing safety measures only risks your health and the health of everyone you come into contact with. The following are tips to keep the nursing home clean and clean the nursing home to flatten the curve.

Rapid Identification and Transport will Reduce Spread

A patient that is thought to have the deadly virus in a facility needs to be isolated and their room cleaned from top to bottom. Stay as safe as possible as an outbreak in a single facility with a number of people with respiratory issues could prove catastrophic. Spacing out those in facilities as much as possible is going to be key as a single person could kill a larger population. Transporting this person to a hospital will be necessary as staff cannot interact with them and other patients. The virus lives on a myriad of surfaces for multiple days so a single area missed could lead to further cases.

Wash Hands Even More than Usual

Washing hands and changing gloves regularly is going to be imperative. Keeping distance from patients when possible will help reduce contact staff has with everyone. Putting a cup of medication on the table for a patient to take instead of handing it to them if they are mobile is the perfect example. Washing hands is already a staple of the medical community so the virus just increases the number of times this should be occurring. Disinfectants and other soaps/sanitizers need to be used as there are products that directly kill the Coronavirus.

Gloves and Masks for Cleaning Crew

Finding the appropriate number of gloves and masks has proved difficult worldwide. The cleaning crew has to go back to their families as do the healthcare professionals. Deep cleaning once or multiple times per day is going to be a necessity as nurses make their rounds regularly. Visitors might be prohibited at some of these facilities but should also be given proper protective equipment. With the technology available, it is possible to see a person and talk to them on a screen. That is far better than dying from a virus that has taken so many lives already worldwide.

Disinfect All Produce/Food/Other Products that Enter the Facility

Food is going to have to come into the facility in order to feed staff as well as residents. Other products could be sent to residents by their families in this time of need when they cannot see them physically. Disinfect all of these products and wash them out the outsides as it is imperative. The virus can live on a number of surfaces and you need never know who was touching what at a grocery store. This is apparent to make healthcare professionals but those sending in the items need to be informed as well. The last thing anyone wants is patients to spread the virus due to an unnecessary item not being disinfected.

End of Life Visitation Should Continue, Other Visitation Should be Limited

Visitation should be limited for regular residents but for those in end of life situations, this is not an option. A person should have the right to see their dying family member in a compassionate care situation. This does not mean that they shouldn’t take the proper precautions or be tested for the virus. Each case will differ immensely due to the severity of the health concern. There might be a family that wants to take their family member home during this time. People are home from work in many cases so they can care for a parent or family member they would be worried about being alone during the day.

Coronavirus cleaning services are available which can be a huge advantage when compared to traditional cleaning crews. This can act as supplemental help or take over cleaning totally to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. A company that also combines these services with biohazard cleaning services could become a long-term cleaning provider

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