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10 Tips to Decorate your Home



10 Tips to decorate your home
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Decorating your home is a fully-fledged task. From selecting colors to buying furniture, it all comes down to proper planning and coordination. According to the electrician Sydney reviews, people have a difficult time finding adequate lighting for their homes which makes and enhances the look of their decorated house.

These tips will help you in decorating your home properly.

1. Define a style

The first step to take when you are going to start decorating your new home is to define what style you will apply. This will be your starting point for the choice of colors, accessories, furniture, lamps and more. Among the options, you can opt for something rustic, modern, vintage or minimalist.

The clearer your preferences in trends, the easier it will be to get ideas and objects to decorate.

The decoration will also depend a lot on space and your personality. For example, if the space is small, a minimalist style can favor the distribution of objects and make the place seem wider.

2. Recycle and repaint

If you already have some furniture, take into account its design and the changes you can make to give a new and fresh look to your decoration.

3. Plan the space

It is very important that you carry out a planning of your space so that later you do not have problems to accommodate your furniture. Visit your new house and establish the use that you will give to each room and then make a list of what you will need for each one, what furniture or accessories would be appropriate. You can even make a sketch to clarify your ideas.

Take measurements of everything, for example, how wide the furniture should be or the length of the curtains. This will help you make better purchases.

4. Choose a color theme

To keep your decoration in the theme you choose, we suggest you choose a palette in which the colors complement each other. In case you prefer to use vibrant or dark colors for the interior, paint only one wall to achieve a contrast without saturating the room. For the bedrooms and lounges, use pastel and faint colors that give you a relaxed and restful atmosphere.

In common spaces such as the living room or bathroom, we recommend using neutral colors and providing color through the accessories, in this way you will achieve a visibly wider and lighter space without losing the style and energy of the color.

5. Pay attention to lighting and electricity fittings

Proper lighting will help make your space look wider and at the same time cozy. Pay attention to both natural and artificial light. For natural light, use mirrors that reflect luminosity and light curtains that do not obstruct its passage. In addition, play with the artificial light of candles and lamps to give the feeling of a cozy space.

6. Add accessories

The accessories will help reinforce the style you have chosen for your new home. Try not to saturate the space with them, for example, if your armchair is for three people, you don’t need more than four cushions. Be creative, mix textures and colors.

Accessories that should not be missing are plants or flowers, and these objects can completely change the environment of the room. Look for seasonal flowers or some of the desert type that is easier to care for.

In addition, you can make DIY accessories, a great option to save a few dollars and also have ornaments to your liking and with the necessary measures.

7. Use natural materials

Natural materials are indispensable in modern furnishings. From wood in every conceivable form to all types of natural stone to linen, leather, wool, etc., natural building materials and textiles are the be-all and end-all.

Having fresh air and oxygen is very important – for example when it comes to designing your own home with lively green. Houseplants are a real must for any trend-conscious decor. The dried up cactus on the windowsill along with succulent collections, large palm trees, lavishly decorated hanging baskets, green walls and indoor trees make the apartment a green paradise.

8. Choose light colors

Bright primary colors are rarely found in most modern homes. It’s all about subtle nude tones. From white and gray to cream, sand and beige to delicate blush, everything is trendy that is subtle, bright and friendly and does not disturb the relaxed balance.

9. Give a personal touch

Probably the most important trend in current interior design is the personal touch. Nothing is more fashionable than expressing individual preferences, tastes and interests in your own home. Incorporate your hobbies in your living space as well. Works great with bicycles or musical instruments on the wall, with a collection of old cameras or framed soccer jerseys, with self-made photos or pictures and much more.

10. Be sustainable and responsible

Whether in the supermarket or in the fashion store, at the petrol station or at the electricity supplier, everything that bears the recyclable stamp is just going away like hotcakes. This also applies to furniture, accessories, colors, wall cladding, materials and everything else that is used in our homes.

Choose and use materials that do not harm the environment.


Our homes should give us peace and tranquility. These tips will help you decorate your home and make it look beautiful.

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