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A few decades ago, the former terms such as a hammer, cutting board and nail were not commonly used items. Therefore, it was hard to find such tools at home. Investing in the right construction tools is always a long-term investment because the equipment you purchase will serve you for a very long t


A few decades ago, the former terms such as a hammer, cutting board and nail were not commonly used items. Therefore, it was hard to find such tools at home. Investing in the right construction tools is always a long-term investment because the equipment you purchase will serve you for a very long time. Simple work, such as change switchboards, repair a seepage or drilling a hole in a wall, are occasional problems of almost every home. However, concreting tools have now become an essential part of every home these days. In case of any emergency, you can quickly and efficiently fix any problem.

Why these tools should be at home

In various occasions, you may face different problems. So, it is good to stock up essential tools and other accessories at your home that sooner or later may help you. We can eliminate various issues, such as small breakdowns. You can manage the situation without a professional. You can do it all yourself. However, the level of expertise also depends on handing such tools.

Why buy your tools?

There are many reasons to buy your tools. It has a positive effect on your savings and expenses. No need to call a professional is equivalent to no need to spend extra money. Moreover, at a time when almost everyone has access to the internet, you can find several tips, guides and training videos to help you do your job.

Mandatory Tools

It is also worth mentioning that the work that you handle yourself brings a great internal self-satisfaction. Tools that you should have in your workshop: good hammers of various sizes, and flat-head screwdrivers, and set screwdrivers.

Mandatory tools are also lateral and universal pliers, so-called pliers. The spirit level facilitates a simple suspension of the shelves, and also requires flat keys, which are worth buying in several sizes. However, for people who want to expand their range of tools: power tools such as a grinder, drill or screwdriver will be useful. The job you carry out depends on the level of your skills, which will develop with each subsequent use of the tool. That is why, at the very beginning of your adventure with construction work, you should have the basic tools for choosing other equipment over time.

For those who want to manage tools at home and carry out small jobs themselves, we have prepared a selection of tools necessary for the home.

1. Claw hammer

Well, what tool kit is without a hammer? It is nearly impossible to have a kit without a hammer. The hammer is a percussion instrument known to all, which is mainly used for hammering nails and breaking objects (chopping walnuts does not count). It consists of two main parts: a metal shock part and a handle made of wood or plastic. The hammers have several types; depending on the size and shape of the impact part, as well as its purpose.

Ideally, each home should have a hammer. However, if you decide to limit yourself to one, then the universal option is a hammer with a nail puller. On the opposite side of the impact part, the strikers are in the form of a fork. You can not only hammer but also remove the nails back with this tool.

2. Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench can sort out many problems. Besides, you can also use it in place of simple wrenches, because its size can be adjusted, which means it can be used for almost all types of bolts.

3. Level

It is an incredibly useful thing! Without it, you cannot even hang the picture, level the floor, put a piece of wood or metal under the refrigerator to stop staggering, etc. Without a level, you will spend a lot of time and attention until you achieve a more or less tolerable result.

4. Universal square

A universal square is an improved model of a school protractor because it is also used to measure and construct angles. Having one universal square at home can save money on the purchase of thickness measuring and drawing ruler along with other tools.

5. Screwdriver set

A screwdriver is a must in every home. Most types of minor repairs are carried out with the help of screwdrivers. For example, replacing sockets or switches, fixing household appliances, etc. For different types of work, there are options for screwdrivers. So, it is advisable to purchase a screwdriver set right away. This purchase is sure to pay off sooner or later.

6. Roulette tool

Roulette is a very necessary tool, which should be part of a tool kit. It can be useful when doing the most common things. For example, if you need to compare the width of the cabinet and the angle at which you want to shove it, or measure the diagonal of the TV. Roulette will not get tear and is unlikely to be lost. Simple and easy to use.

7. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is another mandatory tool. It is a saw with fine-toothed. Its sharp edges can even cut the metal. You can easily use them handy. Its shape resembles a gun, and even you will hold it the same way as a gun. C-shaped frame holds a blade. These frames can also accommodate blades of various sizes.

There are two ways you can mount the blades when it comes to the adjustment of its teeth; the teeth can direct towards handle or away from the handle. This adjustment depends on the cutting action – pull or push strokes.

8. Stationery knife

This tool is most often found in classic English detective stories, as an instrument of crime. It is difficult to say why the clerical knife excited the imagination of famous writers, but this tool is very useful in everyday life. He is sharp and always at hand.

9. Pliers

Plier can help you in various unforeseen situations. For example, when you need to squeeze something, but you cannot exert that much force. Pliers can also be used to loosen bolts and nuts with ripped faces.

10. Cordless drill/driver

Probably each of us wants to stand next to a person who often uses this tool during repair work. With the help of such a drill, you can make a hole in the wall to tighten a screw or other several reasons. When purchasing this tool, you need to pay attention to the battery voltage. You can buy a cordless drill with a capacity of up to 18 volts. However, you should keep in mind that the higher the voltage, the more the tool weighs. Twelve volts is enough to do small household work. It is also equally important that the drill has several speeds and has a reverse function so that it always remains possible to unscrew the screw back.

Another important nuance when working with a cordless drill/driver is to turn it on better on weekdays and during business hours. Otherwise, the noise can also disturb your neighbors, and they can complain about it.


For a simple and sound lifestyle, you need to realize the importance of tools at home. Such equipment and tools save not only your time but also the money. Moreover, you do not need to rely on professional; no need to wait for him and keep on calling him to spend money. Several training videos on the internet may help you to accomplish the minute tasks. However, the severe issues matter. In such cases, you have to call a professional and avoid mishaps and accidents. Such cases include electrical work.


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