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7 Ways To Remodeling A Bathroom Under $500

In the prolonging lists of wants, almost everyone has a Dreamhouse listed in it. And we work hard day and night to get the money, stretching their limits to attain such a house. And once you get the resources in place, you look for such a place where everything seems perfect i.e. the location, the [

7 Ways To Remodeling A Bathroom Under $500
7 Ways To Remodeling A Bathroom Under $500

In the prolonging lists of wants, almost everyone has a Dreamhouse listed in it. And we work hard day and night to get the money, stretching their limits to attain such a house. And once you get the resources in place, you look for such a place where everything seems perfect i.e. the location, the size, the dimensions, architecture, etc.

Once it goes as you plan, here comes the time of further improving it with the designing or renovating process. And therefore, after all the hustle and bustle of endless and tiring efforts, finally you got it right. Now life is set and you love your house forever…

Isn’t it? In the last sentence above, everything is right except the word “forever”. No matter how classy a place you have, how beautifully it is designed, whatever amenities you got, and how amazing it is, you will still get bored of it or at least cringe enough to remodel it.

The things that were fascinating for years had become routine today. And as a matter of fact, humans get bored from routine. And to add some fresh air of change, people settle with little tiny tweaks here and there, hence remodel some parts of the house to get a newer feel.

This article is also about such minor and little tweaks, but tweaks that can project big changes in outlook and feel. However, we all can agree that building or designing houses is not an easy job and it requires large splurges of dollars to get the required things right.

There are numerous options, layouts, accessories, etc. are available in multiple price ranges and utilities, etc. If you simply Google Tiles Canberra, you will get the multiple options to look out for. Here we will be focusing on areas that are highly impactful when improvement yet are cost-effective. In other words, high on creativity and low on cost.

What is the most important area of a house in terms of utility, positioning and where people spend their time too? A bathroom. One cannot disagree that bathrooms are the place where you don’t want anything out of order. This is where residents of the house find solace and relaxation while taking soothing baths after long tiring days or it sets the tone at the start of the day. Therefore, in the pursuit of getting maximum results in minimum budgets, remodeling bathroom first is an effective strategy. Let’s explore the following tweaks that can be accomplished under a thin budget of $500.


The easiest and cheapest way to transform the look and vibe of any place is to change the color of the place. Since, we are looking for quick, easy and cheaper fixes, paint is the starting point. If you want to achieve a drastic change in the outlook, go for colors opposite to the existing setting. Or simply pick the contrasting shades like light pinks, light blues or whites to freshen the look and complement it different and newer lighting settings.

Whatever color tones are picked, one must ensure that the paint must endure as per temperature, humidity, and moisture of the locality.

One point of caution is the application of paint. It can be done by removing the sanitary and faucets first and then applying paint. In this way, it will be laborious and time-consuming. Or you can simply apply paint without removals. In that case, an excessive amount of paint tape will be required.


Upgrading the flooring is always a good idea to refresh the look. It allows subtly adding required color variation. However, tiling is an expensive solution, hands down. Especially, if you have tiles already installed, as replacing newer ones with older ones require a grouting in the process. Hence, the labor cost of such solutions is quite high.

Replace the tiles with adding vinyl or water-resistant wood floor (laminated) to add woody texture or earthy look in a nice fashion. Though, if your heart is still out there for some glossy shiny design of the tile, you can use them as an accent along with vinyl or some cheaper tiles. This will add variety in design on the floor and make the desired tiles more evident. But beware; it will still break the bank.


Usually, Sink Faucet is part of the vanity along with its entire top. Just by changing or replacing only the sink faucet will revitalize the look without spending for the whole vanity, as the sink is the only visible and usable part for us.


Just by getting full pressure water flow from showers and fresh gloss on the sanitary, already gives a feeling of “newness” in the bathroom. One can find various shapes, styles, and designs in toilet seats, sanitary and showers in the marketplace. Though, they are not much of a hit on the budget while purchasing.


Every item already present in the bathroom which is not aligning with the new design in mind doesn’t necessarily have to be eliminated. Reconsider their life, look, and utility. You can replenish their life by renovating them.

Bathroom Cabinets are a central part of the utility, and replacing can prove to be expensive. We can repair the areas which have patches, either broken or have become old fashioned. A simple repainting job with complimenting polish can elevate the look and life of your old cabinet.

Similarly, the bathroom tub can be refinished too. A mere fix of plumbing (if required) with whitening polish to work on yellow patches can add life to your bathtub altogether without putting on the bank.

Lastly, some DIYs can help us to recycle the broken or unusable items available. For example, older shelves from the cabinet can be recycled as novelty old-style towel rack for the bathroom, etc. You just need to put your creative thinking hat to look out for such hacks.


Another pinch of serenity can be added through including faux candles nearby bathtub or washbasins. It will provide a soothing effect and relaxed lighting when you start a new day or reflect on the day passed. There are many varieties of faux candles available which are cheap yet effective like shelf candles or cluster candles.


There is no rule that you must buy new or fresh accessories, fixtures, lightings, etc to remodel your home. A thing which might be scrappy for anyone can be the missing piece of your whole planned look in the bathroom; therefore you would acquire it for cheap. One can save a good amount of money and still get amazing value for money fixtures, tiles, lightings, etc. on websites like Craigslist or eBay or even nearest garage sale across town.


There are countless ways to refresh the layout and design of the bathrooms in every budget and setting possible. One must need to be clear about the look they want to achieve out of the stated overhaul. Secondly, there is always a cheaper alternative available out there, you need to be creative and out of your comfort zone to achieve the desired look. So, plan enough, experiment much and decide with determination. Happy Redesigning!


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