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Three Outside-the-Box Activities to Help Pass Time



Create art
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If, 100 years ago, someone had built a time machine that could take them to the future, we imagine they’d have been astonished. Our modern world is so busy and full to the brim with things to do that they would never have been able to fathom how anyone could grow bored.

And yet, guilty as we feel for admitting it, we spend way too much time feeling this way. We scroll through Facebook, but we’ve seen it all before – the cute animals, our bosses’ beaming children, the loved-up post from someone you haven’t seen since high school… So, we turn to Instagram instead, but it’s the same story.

Sound depressingly familiar? Well here are three outside-the-box activities to try the next time you need occupying.

Create art

Create art

Create art

Source: Pixabay

The other day, we stumbled across something kind of sad on Facebook. It was a post about how making art has changed from a pastime for all into a skill that only a privileged few can enjoy, and it really hit a nerve.

That’s because it’s true. You might not have any particular artistic talent, but creating art can be fun nevertheless. Draw, paint, etch, sketch, sculpt – do whatever it takes to release that pent-up energy and get your creative juices flowing. Who cares if the end result looks like something your five-year-old self could have whipped up? Just have fun!

Dice with fickle fortune

When it comes to having fun, sometimes a little risk is a lot more enjoyable than the boring alternatives. That’s why having a flutter has also made its way onto this list. Although we suggest setting yourself a budget and sticking to it, having a go at the gaming tables is not much different to paying out for other forms of entertainment, like a trip to the cinema or bowling alley – except that it offers the tantalizing opportunity to actually get some of your money back! Compare the best casino bonus to ensure you find a good gamble as they’re full to the brim with the latest online casino offers and only feature carefully reviewed and properly regulated options.

Make your garden grow 



Source: Pixabay

We rarely take the time to think about it, but gardening is good for both mind and soul. Helping us to burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour, it not only improves physical fitness but is a great incentive to spend more time outdoors too. Known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and decrease depression, it’s a highly positive way to spend your free time, and it can be pretty advantageous for the environment as well.

Immediate gratification culture means many of us have forgotten how to occupy ourselves when scrolling through our smartphones stops being fun. This is something it’s time to address, and these ideas are just a small selection of the many activities waiting to be rediscovered. Isn’t it time you became a part of the boredom-busting revolution?

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