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Tips To Beautify The Exterior Of Your House

Thinking of improving the exterior of your property but don’t know where to begin? The exterior of your home is the primary thing anyone sees when visiting your property. Whether you wish to make your home appear attractive to potential buyers or simply impress your guests, it is the exterior that s

Tips To Beautify The Exterior Of Your House
Tips To Beautify The Exterior Of Your House

Thinking of improving the exterior of your property but don’t know where to begin? The exterior of your home is the primary thing anyone sees when visiting your property. Whether you wish to make your home appear attractive to potential buyers or simply impress your guests, it is the exterior that shapes any visitor’s first impression of your home. And this is why it is essential to get it right.

Luckily, there are plenty of low-cost and easy ways to add to the curb appeal of your home. Below are 10 of the most elegant ways to beautify the exterior of your house:


Your front door is just there, blending in with the rest of the property without any personality of its own, its time you add some color to it. Painting the front door doesn’t cost much at all, as it is something anyone can do, even if you know nothing about painting. Make sure to pick a bold color that pops and complements, instead of clashing, with the rest of the color scheme of your property. For instance, if the overall exterior made up of cream or beige tones, consider adding a dark cherry wood door. Check out different options by placing a swatch against the exterior to find the best color combination.

Front door decorations not only meant for Christmas. You can find pretty wreaths or lanterns that are an easy way to add some color to your front door. Wreaths made from preserved or faux plants are very trendy; they are an elegant decorative element that looks great all year round.


Plants and trees are the perfect way to enhance the exterior of your property. Not only do they add color, but they help create a pretty contrast between the modern construction of the property and the softer aesthetics of natural elements. Vertical gardens are all the rage nowadays as they can add a modern, elegant touch to any property. You can choose to add a single column garden unit (which looks like a green wall) or have a few units’ sides by the side, depending on the aesthetics of your property. Moreover, you have the choice to mix and match different plants to go on it.  An added advantage of a vertical garden is that it helps in hiding any drain pipes or any other unattractive exterior feature of your property that you do not wish to be visible to outsiders.


First things first, make sure to keep your windows clean at all times. Dirty windows are the worst thing you can do to your property. If you have large windows, you can make them pop through the use of window boxes and shudders or painting the windowpanes. Make sure to choose a darker color for windows than the rest of the house to make them more prominent.


If your property appears dark and gloomy at night, it is bound to look unattractive. If you already have some lights outside, start by cleaning all dirt and cobwebs around the light fixtures to make them appear cleaner and brighter. You should also consider investing in additional lights; small solar-powered lanterns along the entryway and string lights are all great options.


A poorly-maintained lawn instantly destroys the curb appeal of any property. Make sure to regularly mow the grass, trim the plants, rake off any leaves, and get rid of weeds so that your lawn appears to be well-maintained. Regular watering is also necessary to keep your plants in top condition. Caring for a garden is not hard as long as you do it regularly. If you do not have a lawn but still wish for some small green elements on your property, you can opt for planters, artificial grass, and shrub beds.


Covered entrances do not just add to the beauty of your exterior, but they serve as a valuable feature when you are trying to get inside quickly during heavy rain. Covered entrances look particularly significant if you have a colonial-style property. You can also use different types of awnings for this purpose.


If you have a bit of lawn area that could use an added energy, consider adding some wooden fencing along with a metal gate to make it stand out. By working on improving the landscaping around the entrance, you can instantly transform an ordinary lawn area into an eye-catching one and even make your outdoor space appear more prominent in the process.


Many homeowners pay no attention to their garage doors, thinking that they do nothing for the curb appeal of the property. However, most garage doors are evident to an outsider, and for this reason, they must match the overall exterior of your property. If your garage door is observing a bit worn out, paint it according to the color scheme of the rest of the doors and add similar lighting like that used on the main entrance.


The roof is possibly one of the most significant elements of the exterior of your property and one that needs your special attention. Improving the complete look and design of your roof is a great way to bring about a significant change in the aesthetics of your property. Make sure that your roof doesn’t look poorly-maintained, as this can ruin the visual appeal of your home. The color and materials used on the roof should be in agreement with the exterior of your windows for a uniform look.

If you have a flat roof, you can utilize the space by transforming it into an outdoor lounging area with some trendy furniture. Alternatively, you could use it for a rooftop garden.


If you have a large enough outdoor area, why not decorate it with some furniture? Not only will it create a beautiful little seating space, but also add an attractive feature to your property. For instance, you can add a few ceramic stools and a small table for an elegant look. Alternatively, you could opt for traditional wicker furniture, which is available in a variety of colors to suit any property.

Whatever the possibility you choose, make sure that the furniture is weather resistant. Wrought iron or stone furniture is particularly useful in this sense as it can withstand all kinds of weather. In fabrics, go for acrylic fabrics as they tend to be the most durable.


Preserving the exterior of your home is vital if you wish to make a good impression on anyone visiting your property. Just ponder about how you feel when you see a house with overgrown gardens and shrubs, dirty windows, and cluttered entrances – it gives an instant lousy vibe about the homeowners and the property as a whole. Sometimes, such houses are even considered spooky or haunted by the rest of the neighborhood!

Moreover, a well-maintained exterior instantly improves the value of your property and makes it much easier to sell your house. That is why improving the exterior of your property is always an investment instead of a cost.