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8 Retirees had Coronavirus after the Poker Game, 3 Dead



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The community, aged between the 70s and 90s, gathered five times a week over the last decade to play a game where they would exchange stories about their grandchildren. Last played on March 12 in Florida when they kissed and exchanged round cards, cash and chips-a few days before the state-imposed a lockout order, Marcy Friedman, 94, suffered respiratory problems on March 15 and died on March 28 in Aven.

During their daily poker games, eight Florida seniors developed coronavirus, and within weeks, three were dead.

The seniors will get together four times a week to play poker in their Miami-area condominium, with their most recent game being on March 12, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel said.

It was in their last game where one of the players was coughing and sneezing. At the time, the party did not say much about it because there were no instructions to sit at home or psychological distancing steps in Florida. In weeks, all eight will be found positive for COVID-19.

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While some had to be treated, three wounds had to be removed.

Marcy Friedman, 94, had chronic blood, lung and kidney problems and died on March 28.

After twenty years together, 84-year-old Beverly Glass and 86-year-old Fred Sands died days apart while in the same hospital.

Originally put in different quarters, the pair moved into one room and kissed their hands frequently.

Sands had a heart disease and a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and died on March 27. Glass also had a heart problem and died on March 31st.

The members of the party claim that they developed the virus in one of their poker games.

“It’s a shame,” said Harriet Molko, who spent nine days in the hospital and later learned about the deaths about her colleagues.

“I don’t know how I did it,” she said. “It’s just a nightmare, so I’m just waiting to get over it.”

In a couple of weeks, three seniors were afflicted with coronavirus, and in their favorite poker daily game they managed to share stories about their grandkids.

This virus can be tracked back to the last game they played on March 12 in Florida, days before the state released an arrest warrant and restricted meetings. the virus was transmitted by friends aged 70 to 90.

In South Florida, the eight elderly first visited casinos and were addicted because of their love of the game, until they decided to play a game out of Aventura.

For the last 10 years, a party that would move together as ‘friends’ and see each other as ‘related to relatives’ gathered to be playing poker five days a week.

However, the 12th March game is fatal.

That day the party gathered as usual, bringing tickets, cash and chips and telling their grandchildren’s stories.

Weeks after the war, three of their members were murdered and the other five tainted with the lethal virus.

The decade-long weekly games, played at 19:00, were coordinated by former New York Secretary Marcy Friesman of 94, who moved to Florida. Sunday to Thursday. Sunday to Thursday.

On March 15, she was breathing-challenged and was admitted to hospital the following day.
She screened for coronavirus ten days later and died in Aventura Hospital on March 28.

The underlying diseases were heart, lung and kidney.

Her son Andrew Friedman told the Sun Sentinel that he urged his mother before the game to avoid playing poker, but she persisted as she wanted to play with her best friends.

He said, “This was her social life.”

He also said that Florida was still not worried with an epidemic at the time of the game.
He said, ‘It has not been like this. On 12 March, there were fewer than 200 confirmed cases of coronavirus and social distancing laws were not in place. ‘It was not shut down.’

Four days later, on 16 March, President Trump offered advice suggesting that the conference would be reduced to 10 participants, which is well below the mark.

In another semaine, major gambling businesses like the Big Easy Gambling and the Hollywood Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino were still operating.

Florida has 21,367 confirmed coronavirus cases since April 15, and 524 have been killed.

Also within 1 week of play began two of the other friends Beverly Glass, 84, and Fred Sands, 86, a young couple of 20 who lived in Hollywood.

We have been admitted to the Local Hospital Memorial and have been screened for coronavirus.

On the 27th of March Sands died and on the 31st of March Glass died. You could spend the last days holding the hands over the hospital beds together.

Lori Helitzer, Glass’ aunt, told the Sentinel they were ‘no sit-at-home people,’ but ‘mobbies and shakers,’ who went to casinos all over Florida daily.

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