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Why Should You Care About Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement has become the buzz word across the industries at present. Many organizations have already adapted to it, and others are looking for it. Sales enablement is the need of the hour. According to experts, sales force enablement is a strategic, cross-functional discipline that is designe


Sales enablement has become the buzz word across the industries at present. Many organizations have already adapted to it, and others are looking for it. Sales enablement is the need of the hour. According to experts, sales force enablement is a strategic, cross-functional discipline that is designed for increasing sales results. It is achieved by providing integrated content, training, and coaching services for salespeople and sales managers.

Sales enablement aims at more wins, bigger sales, and shorter sales cycles. It has been observed that some organizations add sales enablement to their existing system without a strategic approach. This doesn’t lead to successful results. The organizations that take a holistic approach and invest in top sales enablement solutions or consulting can reach places.

Every organization must keep in mind that the right sales enablement needs a strategic investment from high levels of organization for being effective. The organizations must have a look at their operations, customer’s buying process, strategic goals, and their own sales process for creating enablement system that achieves the desired result.

Let’s have a look at some essentials of sales enablement:

  • Sales Enablement Should Be Cross-functional

An effective sales enablement system should consist of marketing, sales, human resource, and training functions at the minimum. Sales enablement plan must involve elements from each department, and they work together for creating alignment.

  • Sales Enablement Should Be Designed for Increasing Sales Results

Sales enablement is the key to boost sales and shorter sales cycles. When they are done well, they can transform average results into excellent performances.

  • Sales Enablement Should Be Designed for Increasing Productivity

It has been estimated that salespeople spend almost one-third to half of their time in actual selling. The remaining time is utilized in administrative tasks, searching for information, answering emails, and internal communications. Sales enablement aims to bring a change so that salespeople spend most of their time on actual sales by decreasing the need for non-sales tasks.

  • Sales Enablement Can Achieve This by Integrating Content, Training, And Coaching Services Into Sales Workflow

Most of the organizations have various marketing and sales content such as case studies, product sheets, and white papers. Similarly, many organizations engage their salespeople in training and offer them coaching opportunities. The role of sales enablement is to integrate these assets into the sales team’s daily workflow. This will help the salespeople to receive content, training, and coaching which they need as and when they exactly need it.

  • Sales Enablement Is for Salespeople and Frontline Sales Managers

We all are aware that sales enablement is created for assisting salespeople to be more effective. However, the role of frontline sales managers is neglected in many organizations. In an effective sales enablement system, sales managers must be offered the right tools, insight, and specific job-related training that they need for supporting, managing, and coaching their teams effectively.

  • Sales Enablement Must Be Aligned Along Entire Customer’s Journey

Aligning sales processes with customer’s buying decision processes is one of the most important things an organization needs to do for improving sales effectiveness. Aligning the sales enablement plan with the same journey makes sure that salespeople and sales managers have the required tools, training, and coaching they need for meeting prospects and help them in making a buying decision.

  • Sales Enablement Is More Powerful with Technology

For accomplishing every element of the sales enablement, the organization should be well-equipped with the right software solutions. Some organizations combine their sales enablement solutions with CRM, LMS, and other sales or coaching apps. When these are customized, it can be an effective way of managing sales enablement.

Sales enablement strategy basics

  • Intelligence

If the salespeople are not aware of what they need, they can be lost. You must ensure that they have proper access to the information on your products, competition, customers, updated pricing, etc. so that they can move ahead accordingly.

  • Content and Sharing

It is said that content is the king. For the salespeople to make a mark in the mind of a prospective buyer, they must share content that connects with the buyer’s interests. Not only that, but they also need the right tools to share that content. By the right tools, we don’t mean email; social sharing tools are crucial as well.

  • Prospecting

There is a lot more data out there, and it is you who needs to reach it. It has been observed that the world of prospecting tools and database is evolving quite fast. This means that it is essential for you to stay on the top and provide your staff with the best solutions, whatever seems right at that point.

  • Training and Coaching

Sales field is ever-evolving and changing, and thus the tactics, strategies, tools, and channels need to change almost every month to survive in the tough competition. Offering your salespeople with constant and regular training/coaching can be the only way to make sure that you can stay ahead of the fierce competition.

  • Tracking and Reporting

Sales enablement has a lot of similar responsibilities with marketing, especially when it comes to tracking and reporting. You need data to understand what is working and what is not and how to improve it. The approach needs to be as holistic as possible. The approach must also combine basic and core objectives.

By focusing on sales enablement, you can enable a large number of salespeople to achieve and exceed quota in a scalable, predictable, and repeatable way. It helps the entire sales organization to work together because there is no dependence on just a handful of salespeople who are high achievers.

It is recommended that using a holistic sales effectiveness platform with sales enablement is mind is useful as well as a lot easier. If you wish to empower your sales team with the right tools and strategies, connect with top sales enablement companies so that you can make the most of sales enablement practices.


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