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Say No to Preparation for Microsoft 70-480 Exam Without Practice Tests

Earning an IT certification comes with a lot of benefits for one’s career growth. These credentials are designed to validate your knowledge and expertise as well as give you a competitive edge in the workplace. For those specialists who want to advance their career in the field of IT, obtaining a ce

Career Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Earning an IT certification comes with a lot of benefits for one’s career growth. These credentials are designed to validate your knowledge and expertise as well as give you a competitive edge in the workplace. For those specialists who want to advance their career in the field of IT, obtaining a certificate is definitely a strong requirement. Every certification comes with some sets of exams. Depending on your choice, you may be required to take up to three tests.

The Microsoft 70-480 Practice Test Questions exam is created to validate the individual’s knowledge and skills in programming HTML5 with JavaScript& CSS3. The candidates for this certification test are the developers with a minimum of one year of work experience in developing with HTML5 in an object-based and event-driven programming model. The students should have an understanding of programming vital business logic for software platforms, various application types, and hardware with the use of JavaScript.

Prerequisites for taking Microsoft 70-480 exam

Basically, the candidates for this exam should have at least one year of experience in developing HTML5 using JavaScript and CSS3. In addition to this, they should have extensive knowledge and skills in a range of tasks. These include skills in the management of program events & flow; asynchronous programming; collections & arrays; decision & iteration statements; handling exceptions & errors; working with methods & prototypes; working with operators, expressions, & variables; and data validation & working with a variety of data collections such as JQuery.

Overview of Microsoft 70-480 exam objectives

This certification test is designed to measure one’s certain technical skills, which cover the exam topics that the candidates need to study in preparation for Microsoft 70-480. There are four broad tasks that will be evaluated during the delivery of the test. They are highlighted below:

  • Implement& manipulate document objects and structures: 20-25%;
  • Implement program flow: 25-30%;
  • Use CSS3 in applications: 25-30%;
  • Access & securedata: 25-30%.

It’s very important that you pay attention to the percentage associated with each topic area. It indicates the weight of questions that each objective contributes to the total exam content. This means that the subjects with higher percentages will likely have more questions thanthose with low percentages. Additionally, it is essential to know that each topic has a list of subtopics that break down the components of the exam content into bits. You can access these details on the official webpage of the certification test visit online at

Top resources for Microsoft 70-480 exam preparation

There are quite a plethora of resources for Microsoft 70-480 that you can find online. They include video training courses, study guides, practice tests, blogs, and braindumps. The great part is that you can always find tools that fit into your study budget. In fact, if you don’t have any budget for training, you can find some free materials that will help you effectively prepare for your exam. You only need to search carefully and be sure that you are using reliable resources for your preparation process. Basically, there are free and subscription-based study materials that you can explore. Let’s look at some training options that you can use for your Microsoft 70-480 exam preparation.

  • Study Guides

The books and guides are a traditional preparation option for any certification exam and they are still very effective these days. When it comes to Microsoft 70-480, there are many tutorials that you can find. The book resources cover a range of topics that focus on the content of thistest, including JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Microsoft recommends two official study guides for this exam. One of the books is Exam Ref 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3. It is designed to providethe students with skills and knowledge to demonstrate their extensive understanding of programming in HTML5 using JavaScript & CSS3. It’s for the advanced programmers who want to advance their career potential. Thisguide focuses on critical thinking & decision making expertise required to achieve success in the certification test and function in a job role.

The second official book is Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3. It is also intended for the experienced programmers and is designed to equip the students with skills and knowledge required for real-world job roles in the domain of programming. The guide focuses on developing applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is designed to help the test takers develop practical experience using a series of lessons, recommended practices, and exercises. Both books are available on Microsoft Press Store and Amazon.

  • Video Training Courses

If you prefer learning through an audio-visual method, then video training courses are your best option. The great news is that you can find a variety of well-delivered videos on the Internet. These video tutorials cover various topics and components of the Microsoft 70-480 test. Some of them are available for free and there are some that can be accessed through a paid subscription. The Microsoft Virtual Academy offers great free video courses on the exam content.If you are looking for a place to start your preparation, this is definitely a good platform for it. The video resources available on the official site include JavaScript Fundamentals for Beginners; Introduction to JQuery; HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals for Beginners; Developing HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3; and Adding Style to CSS.

  • Practice Tests

In fact, you are not prepared for a certification exam if you have not passed it using practice tests. It is very important that you invest some time in going through this great tool to enable you familiarize with the exam pattern and possible questions that will be delivered in your actual test. In addition to this, this resource help you identify your weaknesses in the topic areas and you can work to cover these knowledge gaps before the exam date. Examsnap offers access to a wide range of full-length practice questions delivered in a real simulated environment.


Before you use any of study materials highlighted above, make sure you go through the exam topics in detail. There are amazing resources available at your fingertips to help you understand these objectives but you have to choose carefully so you don’t use outdated data. Examsnap is definitely one of the top training platforms for your Microsoft 70-480 test.


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