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Monetary assistance is not the only answer to the sufferings of people living in a weak community. There are several factors that collectively contribute to the health of a community. Economic, social, educational, political, and spiritual factors together develop a community. To improve the living conditions of people surviving in developing countries or rural parts of the world, there is a need to adopt a holistic approach. The world needs a comprehensive approach that addresses all elements that a community needs to acquire stable ground. Miguel Torneire is a Lutheran pastor who is known for spending a lifestyle with a perfect balance between his religious beliefs and secularism. He founded Developing Our World in 2018. The organization focuses on holistic community development, which is a process whereby community members come together to take collective actions and generate solutions to common problems. Community wellbeing that depends on all spiritual, physical, social, economic, educational, environmental, athletic, and cultural factors, evolves from collective actions being taken at a grassroots level. Its scope could range from small initiatives within a small group to large initiatives that involve a broader community.

The Early Life

Miguel was born on February 17, 1979, in Nilópolis, a city in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was taken to Igreja Evangélica Luterana Cristo Rei in Itaguaí for his baptism on April 29, 1979. He was living with his parents and brother André, Miguel was just two years old when his mother, Eugenia Schulz Torneire, died of appendicitis in 1982. After his mother’s demise, his father, Jesuino Luiz Torneire, his uncles, and aunts decided to support the grandparents, Arthur Schulz Sobrinho and Argentina Eller Schulz, to take care of the kids. He and his brother André started living with their grandparents, which were a huge influence in Miguel’s life. His faith was confirmed on December 26, 1993, in the same church he was baptized in.

Developing the Foundation of the Missiological Theory

Miguel’s grandparents were devout Christians who were dedicated to serving their Lord. They were advocates of service to the poor in their community. Living with such dedicated Christians who were living by the words of the Bible and serving the poor introduced Miguel to the concept of service to the community and helped him develop an interest in Christian faith. To further strengthen his concepts, he went to Instituto Concórdia de São Paulo – ICSP to start his Bachelor’s of Divinity in the year 1997. After spending two years in this institute, he joined Seminario Concordia Buenos Aires in 1999, where he spent two years and had his first cross-cultural experience. He returned to Brasil to spend another year at ICSP before he was sent to Seminário Concórdia de São Leopoldo in 2003, where he completed his first Bachelors in Divinity.

His concept of service to the community strengthened while he was at Instituto Concórdia de São Paulo. The Institute helped him understand the concept in depth. The ICSP seminary’s forte and focus were in missions. It helped Miguel acquire the essential skills that helped him with his vision at Developing Our World. It assisted him in developing the mission theme from a practical standpoint. While spending his time here, he acquired some skills that helped with his vision at Developing Our World. He completed his Bachelor’s in Divinity on December 6, 2003. His grandparents, Igreja Evangélica Luterana Cristo Rei in Itaguaí, and Instituto Concórdia de São Paulo taught him the art of putting his faith in action by serving the poor and giving back to the community. It helped him develop his missiology of “holistic community development.”

Adopting Holistic Community Development As a Missiology

In the year 2003, Miguel went to Universidade Luterana do Brasil – ULBRA for his second Bachelors in Theology. While completing his second bachelor’s, he was ordained on April 25, 2004. In the same year, he left Guatemala to take the position of Pastor at Iglesia Evangélica Luterana El Divino Salvador, Zacapa, Guatemala. As the resident missionary, Miguel Torneire, helped the church adopt a comprehensive approach towards community development. As a lead pastor of this congregation, Miguel visited prisons, and he also led drives to feed the hungry with other church members. He designed a campaign for feeding the hungry and even equipped leaders for missions to serve the community.

Moreover, he worked with short-term teams from Central American Lutheran Mission Society – CALMS and other organizations with members of the congregation to teach Vacation Bible School and build homes for families of the community. Miguel went to Belize in the Mission Trip with members of his congregation to join the CALMS team down there. It was here that he practically stepped into service to the community and developed skills to lead short-term strategic teams.

Miguel developed a strong concept of holistic community development. He realized that the disturbance in this system is what makes it necessary for people to take a step towards holistic community development. Miguel Torneire, with his missiology of comprehensive community development, is working to keep the wealth circulated throughout the community and is addressing the root causes of societal issues that weaken the foundation of a community.

Establishing Developing Our World

Developing Our World by Miguel Torneire is a non-profit organization that is working to strengthen the community. The organization was founded on May 23, 2018, and since then is working to address the common societal issues for the sake of a community’s wellbeing. The fact that this organization combines social, economic, physical, and educational approaches with the spiritual development of the community makes Developing Our World a trusted and strategic organization. The organization deploys several short-term teams as well as programs that are improving the lives of people in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Malawi, Uganda, and Bangladesh. These programs include the Rural Leader’s Training Program, Nurses, Public Health Volunteers, and Mid-Wives Training Program, Teachers Training Program, and Sponsor a Teacher Program. Other programs that are aiding the organization’s holistic community development approach includes Sponsor a Leader Program, Small Loans Program. Developing Our World also focuses on building capacity through job creation, building homes for poor families, and partnering with individuals, churches, and organizations in the USA and around the world. Additionally, the organization contributes to improving hygiene in a community and also offers scholarship programs for kids.

Miguel Torneire set up this organization as an example for the world that charity is much more than just a guilty handful of coins in a box or a nudge of conscience. Through his foundation, he is helping people all around these countries and in the US, by utilizing the concept of holistic community development.

Invitation by Central American Lutheran Mission Society – CALMS and Working Under Steve Hughey

After serving his time in Guatemala, Miguel was invited to work at CALMS in 2009. Thus, he went to the United States of America. While serving at this mission society, Miguel got to be a non-resident missionary and completed his Bachelor’s in Theology at Universidade Luterana. At CALMS, he served as the Missionary-at-Large and Director for Central America. It was during this time that he got a chance to work under the guidance and supervision of Reverend Doctor Steve Hughey, who has more than 45 years of experience in the mission field. Steve helped Miguel to shape and develop his philosophy in missions, especially about holistic community development. Doctor Hughey was also a big influence on Miguel’s life to start a Master of Arts in Christian Outreach at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, where he earned his MA in 2013. At the Central American Lutheran Mission Society, he led many strategic short-term mission teams and oversaw the work in Guatemala. Miguel Torneire helped in expanding the work throughout Centro America.

In the US, while working in CALMS, he received a call to be the Assistant Pastor: Deployed as Missionary-at-Large at Gethsemane Church in Tempe, AZ, where he led mission-teams to Guatemala. Currently, Reverend Miguel is the Vacancy Pastor at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Centralia, IL. He lives with his family and works to empower the people in communities to take the lead to bring change as the Executive Director of Developing Our World. Miguel is dedicated to make this world a better place and works to implement his philosophical views to build broken and weak communities through a comprehensive approach.

Miguel Torneire is a Lutheran Pastor and Executive Director who is an advocate of adopting a holistic approach towards the development of communities. He is an active member of service to the community, and he teaches the world the importance of engaging in holistic community development.

Penny Black lives in London with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. When she’s not writing, she can often be found walking in the woods with her kids, or down by the river with her dogs.

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How to Pick the Best School in West Bengal For Your Kid in 2023?




The educational landscape, as a whole, keeps changing with time. The same goes well with the state of West Bengal. A vast array of school options are available in the state, and it can be overwhelming to select one out of the lot. Finding the best fit that aligns with your child’s unique needs, interests, and learning capabilities is paramount to boosting their academic and personal growth.

In this guide, you can find the essential factors to weigh the primary aspects in 2023 that the educational sector beholds. Learn how to select the best schools in Kolkata and the rest of West Bengal. Secure your child’s educational future by discovering the perfect match with a few easy steps.

Factors to Look Out for When Selecting a School for Your Child

While choosing a school, one should keep a few primary factors in check. Here are the factors that can make a huge difference while selecting the best schools in Darjeeling and other parts of the state.


The significance of location cannot be overstated when selecting the ideal school for your child. One of the most practical reasons to consider location is the daily commute. Opting for a school conveniently located near your home can significantly reduce travel time. It eases the morning rush and ensures your child arrives at school fresh and ready to learn. A shorter commute can also offer parents more time with their children, promoting a balanced family life.

Moreover, proximity to the school allows your child to participate in extracurricular activities and events frequently. Whether attending after-school clubs, sports practices, or parent-teacher conferences, being closer to the school ensures more accessible involvement in your child’s academic journey. Further, it enhances communication and collaboration with teachers and other parents.


The second crucial aspect to consider is the school’s offered curriculum. In West Bengal, you will find a diverse range of curriculums, including the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE). Each of these curricula possesses its unique advantages and limitations. So it is essential to conduct thorough research to pinpoint the most suitable school for your kid.

ICSE: This curriculum is regarded as an elite education board that strongly focuses on language acquisition, science, mathematics, and social studies.

CBSE: It is the most widely adopted board of education in the country. It is renowned for its keen attention towards mathematics and science, making it a most sorted choice nationwide.

WBBSE: This is a state-run board of West Bengal that primarily aims to shape every child’s future in the state.

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

Another essential factor while selecting a school is considering the quality of both faculty and non-teaching staff. The teaching staff’s qualifications, experience, and expertise are of utmost importance. Highly qualified and experienced teachers are better equipped to deliver effective and engaging lessons, catering to the diverse learning needs of students. Equally vital is the student-to-teacher ratio, as smaller class sizes often translate to more personalised attention and support for each student.

Apart from teaching staff, non-teaching staff contribute significantly to a school’s success. Administrative staff, librarians, counsellors, and other support personnel are essential in ensuring smooth school operations. They significantly provide comprehensive support to students and teachers to keep the educational institution running in the heartiest way.

Infrastructure and Facilities

When evaluating the best schools in Asansol or anywhere on the lands of the Ganges, one crucial factor that should not be overlooked is the infrastructure and facilities offered by the institution. A well-designed and equipped school environment enhances the overall learning experience. It is a primary necessity to provide a scope for the holistic development of students.

When considering the physical infrastructure, scrutinise whether the classrooms are spacious, well-maintained, and safe. The physical space is a critical factor in creating a conducive learning atmosphere. The availability of specialised facilities is also essential. Look for schools that offer dedicated laboratories for science subjects, computer labs with up-to-date technology, and well-stocked libraries that encourage a culture of reading and research.

Sports and co-curricular facilities are vital for promoting physical fitness and extracurricular development. A school with playgrounds, sports fields, and facilities for other extracurricular activities can encourage students to participate in physical activities. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a sound recreational space for the students.

Academic Performance

Assessing a school’s academic performance is crucial in making an informed decision about your child’s education. A school’s track record in academic achievements reflects its instructional quality and the success of its students. One key metric is to assess their board exam performance, be it CBSE or ICSE, and look for the overall academic score of the students. Compare the subject scores with national and state averages. Consistently high scores indicate a school’s dedication to imparting quality education and preparing students effectively. Choosing a school with a constantly excellent academic record helps in making wise decisions.

Fee Structure

It is not always true that the best schools in Kolkata and anywhere else have a hefty fee to be paid. One should stick to their budget while opting for a school as it is a long-term commitment and going beyond your limits can cost your child’s future. Understanding the fee structure of a school is a crucial step in the decision-making process. It allows parents to assess the affordability of the institution and plan their finances accordingly. While comparing fees, one should consider the value offered in terms of educational quality, facilities, and extracurricular opportunities.

Transparent and well-structured fee policies help build trust between the school and parents, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free educational journey for the child.


Whether in West Bengal or anywhere else worldwide, a few factors hold the most importance while selecting an ideal school as a parent. By prioritizing your child’s unique needs and learning styles, you can navigate various curricula, teaching staff, infrastructure, academic performance, and fee structures. Thorough research and open communication with schools will empower you to make an informed decision promoting your child’s academic growth, personal development, and overall well-being. Remember, the ideal school ignites their passion for learning, provides a nurturing environment, and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to win over the competitive academic world. So, choose wisely.

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Excellence in Education: The Best IB Board Schools in Pune and Bangalore




The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is renowned for its global perspective, academic rigor, and emphasis on holistic development. As the demand for international education grows, many cities in India have witnessed the rise of top-notch IB board schools. Pune and Bangalore, two prominent educational hubs, host several schools that offer the IB curriculum, catering to the diverse needs of students and parents. In this article, we will explore the best IB board schools in Pune and Bangalore, highlighting their distinctive features, academic achievements, and contributions to shaping well-rounded individuals.

Part 1: Best IB Board Schools in Pune

  1. The Symbiosis International School

The Symbiosis International School is one of the leading IB schools in Pune, known for its commitment to academic excellence and comprehensive development. The school’s approach focuses on fostering critical thinking, cultural understanding, and social responsibility. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a nurturing environment, Symbiosis International School consistently ranks among the best IB schools in the region.

2. Mercedes-Benz International School

The Mercedes-Benz International School is another prestigious IB board school in Pune, offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). With a strong emphasis on creativity, innovation, and character development, the school strives to create compassionate and responsible global citizens.

3. Victorious Kidss Educares

Victorious Kidss Educares is renowned for its child-centric approach and emphasis on experiential learning. The school’s IB programmes focus on inquiry-based learning, nurturing students’ curiosity and problem-solving skills. Victorious Kidss Educares’ commitment to the all-round development of students makes it a preferred choice for many parents.

4. The Lexicon International School

The Lexicon International School offers the IB Diploma Programme and prides itself on its student-centered pedagogy and supportive learning environment. The school encourages students to explore their passions and talents, fostering a love for learning and personal growth.

5. Vibgyor High International School

Vibgyor High International School in Pune provides a comprehensive IB education through its PYP, MYP, and DP programmes. The school is known for its strong emphasis on co-curricular activities, promoting a holistic development approach to education.

Part 2: Best IB Board Schools in Bangalore

  1. The International School Bangalore (TISB)

The International School Bangalore (TISB) is a renowned name in the education sphere, offering the IB curriculum alongside other programmes. TISB provides a vibrant and multicultural learning environment, nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking abilities.

2. Indus International School

Indus International School in Bangalore is known for its global outlook and focus on experiential learning. The school’s well-rounded approach to education, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, attracts students from diverse backgrounds.

3. Inventure Academy

Inventure Academy is celebrated for its innovative teaching methods and emphasis on fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. The school offers the PYP and DP programmes, providing students with a strong foundation for future success.

4. Greenwood High International School

Greenwood High International School is committed to academic excellence and holistic development. The school’s inclusive and nurturing environment creates a conducive atmosphere for students to thrive.

5. The International School of Bangalore (TISB)

The International School of Bangalore (TISB) is another prestigious IB school in Bangalore. The school’s dedication to creating socially responsible and globally aware individuals sets it apart as a leading choice for IB education.


The best IB board schools in Pune and Bangalore embody the spirit of academic excellence, global citizenship, and holistic development. These institutions prepare students to excel in an ever-changing world by fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of social responsibility. Whether it’s Pune or Bangalore, parents have the privilege of choosing from a range of outstanding IB schools that provide a transformative educational experience for their children. With a focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals, these schools continue to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

You can go to the website of Skoodos and look for various features and reviews of each of these schools and decide for yourself what to choose. Skoodos is a reliable online platform to help parents choose the best school for their children and bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school authorities. You must check their link to know more.

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USAII® Launches Groundbreaking AI Leadership Certification Program




Stamford, CT, July 19, 2023 – The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated AI Leadership Certification Program – Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™). A cutting-edge initiative designed to equip business leaders and decision-makers with the skills and knowledge required to lead in the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a world where AI technologies are transforming industries and shaping economies, the need for visionary and adept leaders is more critical than ever. The USAII’s CAITL™ Certification Program is designed to address this demand by equipping executives, managers, and decision-makers with the expertise to harness the full potential of AI for their organizations and society as a whole.

As an AI Leadership Certification Program, the CAITL™ certification offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide array of essential AI-related subjects. Participants will gain insights into cutting-edge AI strategies, ethical considerations in AI implementation, AI governance, and its implications on privacy and security.

“This certification program represents a significant milestone for USAII® and the field of AI leadership. Our aim is to foster a new generation of forward-thinking, responsible, and strategic leaders who can leverage AI to drive positive change and innovation across various sectors,” said Mr. Ajit K Jha, President and CEO, EdTechDigit Innovations, the worldwide logistics and marketing partner of USAII®.

Key program highlights include:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum: A robust and up-to-date curriculum designed by leading AI experts covers everything from AI fundamentals to strategic applications.

2. Live Masterclass: Seasoned professionals and renowned AI influencers will lead the masterclass, providing participants with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.

3. Real-world Use Cases: Participants will have the opportunity to learn with real-world AI use cases, allowing them to apply their learning and gain relative experience.

4. Self-paced learning: The program offers both online and self-paced learning formats, enabling professionals from across the world to access this transformative education.

Registrations for the CAITL™ Certification Program are now open, and interested business leaders and decision-makers can find more information on the USAII website (

About USAII®

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence certifications provider for aspiring professionals and leaders at any stage of their career, organizations, institutions, academia, or governments, looking to upskill and reskill their expertise in the ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence domain. USAII® provides self-paced, and the most powerful Artificial Intelligence certifications designed perfectly to empower the highly demanding skills of an Artificial Intelligence professional.

For Media Contacts

Team – Marketing and Communications

United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®)

Email: [email protected]

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